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neewpall takes you on a tour of third-party programs for the iPhone.
2 Apr 2008
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What exactly is a "Pop Waffle"? Well, you can't eat it and you probably won't find it on any breakfast menu. Pop culture gormandizers Erika Brooks Adickman and Adam Chase have taken their loves of celebrities, entertainment, blogging, and Crayolas to create animated mini webisodes of weekly pop culture goings on. The pair use stop animation, the latest indie music track, and a marble notebook to produce each edition. We asked Erika some questions about Pop Waffle and pop culture and she was kind enough to make us our very own Pop Waffle episode! Take a look at our interview below and check out the Pop Waffle site to see some past Pop Waffles. Oh, and would you mind passing the syrup?
19 Jan 2010
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My friends and I did this short films, it was a school work. This is our first movie we have done, so there is some mistakes. The story is about an assassin who falls in love with the person he/she (we haven't indentifed the gender of the assassin) must kill. Quentin Tarantino has been one of our muses.
15 Mar 2009
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my kiddos
30 Mar 2009
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Mossberg answers Reader Mail. Violently. Also he drinks a fair bit.
16 Jul 2009
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GET A FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD OF THE DIRTIEST DRUNK (IN THE HISTORY OF LIQUOR) Check out ******* ABOUT THE STANFIELDS: Meet The Stanfields, a maelstrom of rock 'n' roll, Celtic and bluegrass. Hailing from the gritty post-industrial towns of Nova Scotia, The Stanfields play every show like it's their collective last night on earth. Their kitchen party harmonies, thunderous rhythm section, high-octane stage show and genuine chemistry have won over audiences clear across the nation. CONNECT WITH THE STANFIELDS: Twitter: *******twitter****/thestanfields Facebook: *******
17 Jul 2010
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Atlantic Records has announced the forthcoming release of P.S. I Love You Music From The Motion Picture, the original motion picture soundtrack to the Warner Bros. Pictures/Alcon Entertainment romantic comedy/drama. Due in stores on December 4th, the album features tracks from a diverse range of top artists, including James Blunt, Paolo Nutini, and the one-and-only Pogues. P.S. I Love You, the film, is slated to open in theatres nationwide on December 21st. P.S. I Love You Music From The Motion Picture is highlighted by "Same Mistake", the second single from James Blunt's acclaimed new Atlantic album, All The Lost Souls. "Same Mistake" will be featured in the upcoming ad campaign heralding the release of P.S. I Love You, with the Grammy-nominated troubadour slated to perform the song on a number of high-profile TV programs. P.S. I Love You Music From The Motion Picture also includes tracks from such acclaimed singer/songwriters as Nellie McKay, Chuck Prophet, and Lava/Atlantics own Toby Lightman, as well as from modern rock outfits like Fueled By Ramen recording group The Academy Is, and Atlantic recording group NEEDTOBREATHE. *******www.psiloveyousoundtrack****
27 Nov 2007
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Visit *******WatchDirect.Weebly**** Stream Movies Online Netflix has rewritten the rules of the online movie-rental game , video on demand from the new york times. Streaming movies: an encore presentation by david pogue disney announced today that for the first time, the company will stream its full-length movies online the films will first air on abc as part of the network s weekly. Disney to stream free movies online learn about the power on free steaming movies and market your own video online cheaply by richard l naran , sep 6, 2007 learn about the power on free steaming movies and. Tvokay - tv streaming - largest video link collection on the web streaming free tv shows, anime, cartoons, movies and flash games online largest and latest collection on the web watch it now. Welcome to movieflix - movies, streaming movies, download movies watch anime online watch the latest anime series and anime episodes stream full anime episodes online, anime movies, and anime series all free. Watch movies online for free full movie downloads disney to stream free movies online the walt disney co announced tuesday it will begin streaming some full-length movies on disney****. Stream movies online online streaming movie videos are dedicated to the clips of movies and their hosted trailers as brought forth by the production houses these videos are highly popular as they are. Watch anime online - anime videos, anime series, anime episodes watch full length movies online choose from thousands of titles and watch your favorite action, comedy, drama and horror movies streamed in real player or windows media player. Disney to stream full-length movies online - podcasting news watch-movies**** - archive, large collection of free full length movies watch video online, download stream content movie times, bootleg, trailers, reviews, soundtrack.
6 Jul 2008
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ALVINA PICTURES presents; music:Pogues - Love You 'Till The End
15 Jul 2008
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This week, your phone is your wallet, twittering house plants, and New York Times Tech writer David Pogue.
11 Nov 2008
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Neste videocast você curtirá trechos da Macworld Expo 09. Em especial, a dança de Matt Harding com o público de David Pogue na Macworld Live!, além da minha própria dança com ele.
21 Apr 2009
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Sunday, May 31, 2009 ******* Earlier this month, Verizon introduced the Mi-Fi service, which allows for up to five Wi-Fi connections from pretty much anywhere the carrier has 3G coverage. The speeds average between 700 Kbps and 1.4 MBps, divided by the number of devices connected at any given time. New York Times technology columnist David Pogue called the service “amazing” in a recent review. Brooke Crothers wrote on CNET that device is "one kick-ass router." Earlier this week at D: All Things Digital, the tech conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, Andy caught up with Verizon spokesperson John H. Johnson for a chat about the new product. Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer
8 Jun 2009
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green is the scene, a deadly embrace, jump, jump, jump, dubliners and pogues, video picks - www.myinboxnews****
17 Mar 2010
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Direct download for free here: ******* Browse and download other ebooks for free here: *******freeebookworm.blogspot**** "With multitasking and more than a 100 other new features, iPhone 4.0 is a real treat, cooked up with Apple's traditional secret sauce of simplicity, intelligence, and whimsy. iPhone: The Missing Manual gives you a guided tour of everything the new iPhone has to offer, with lots of tips, tricks, and surprises. Learn how to make calls and play songs by voice control, take great photos, keep track of your schedule, and much more with complete step-by-step instructions and crystal-clear explanations by iPhone master David Pogue. Whether you have a brand-new iPhone, or want to update an earlier model with the iPhone 4.0 software, this beautiful full-color book is the best, most objective resource available. Use it as a phone -- learn the basics as well as time-saving tricks and tips for contact searching, texting, and more Treat it as an iPod -- master the ins and outs of iTunes, and listen to music, upload and view photos, and fill the iPhone with TV shows and movies Take the iPhone online -- make the most of your online experience to browse the Web, read and compose email, use social networks, or send photos and audio files Go beyond the iPhone -- learn how to use the App Store, and how to multitask between your apps, organize them in folders, and read ebooks in iBooks Unlock the full potential of your iPhone -- with the book that should have been in the box." iPhone The Missing Manual - 4th Edition free eBook download
8 Sep 2010
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*******AlternativeChristmasSongs**** What is the best alternative Christmas song of the year? We think we've heard it and it has the nostalgia of The Pogues, the harmonies of The Beach Boys, the soundscapes of Radiohead and the optimism of Ron Sexsmith. The song is 'Branch in the Spokes' and was written and performed by Matteo Scumaci (Electrical Lines). Have you heard a better alternative rock Christmas song this year? *******AlternativeChristmasSongs****
4 Nov 2010
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BY ANDREW HOWARD You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Movie-streaming website Zediva has been called a clever end-run around studio copyright claims. Hollywood is less than impressed. Six of the biggest film studios are now suing the Santa Clara-based company. CNBC explains why Zediva’s unique approach has the studios crying -- ‘thief”. DAVID POGUE: “In California, they actually have a building filled to the ceiling with DVD players. One movie in every DVD player. When you hit play on the website, you are actually operating a physical DVD player in California and they are just pumping you the signal. I can change soundtracks, or turn on subtitles. They don’t let you see the outtakes or features yet, but they are working on that. You can watch on and off for two weeks instead of 24 hours and you pay only two dollars to watch a movie or ten for ten bucks.” Zediva considers itself a “renting” service, so it doesn’t pay royalties or fees to the movie studios. A Mashable blogger writes, building a company on a legal loophole? Not a good idea. “Through this convoluted scheme, the company thought it could avoid negotiating contracts and paying any money whatsoever to the film studios, since physical DVD rental stores don’t need studio agreements to run their businesses.” A reporter for CNET adds - loophole startups hardly ever work - and this one - definitely won’t. “Lots of better loophole-business models have come along that appeared to have a better claim on legality than this operation. Most of those were sued into oblivion. I'm not a lawyer but I'm predicting this one is headed to a permanent injunction and forced shutdown.” As of now - Zediva’s website is closed to new members- claiming registration is “temporarily full.” But it looks like the company will fight to stay in business. According to The Wrap... “Zediva has previously saidthat it is not obligated to pay licensing fees to movie companies because it is streaming DVDs not sharing files. Under the First Sale Doctrine, Zediva says it can rent or re-sale the discs it owns.” But a PC Magazine blogger writes- good luck with that, Zediva. The movie industry is tired of what it deems “copyright schemes.” “In recent years, Hollywood has moved aggressively to block what it sees as unauthorized use of its content, even if the services that did so were supposedly consumer-friendly.” So is Zediva a great way to watch movies? Or -- is it a rip-off artist? Follow Newsy Newsy_Videos for multisource tech video news in your stream. Get more multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
9 Apr 2011
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