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Lots of Poker chip tricks, Shuffel, Thumb Roll , Twirl,Pickover, 4 Wing Butterfly! etc etc
19 Dec 2008
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This dude demonstrates some of his poker chip skills. I thought I was getting good at this but this dude puts me to shame.
2 Sep 2008
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Learn Butterfly Poker Chip Trick How to Tutorial
16 Apr 2009
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Cheapest offer of zynga texas hold'em chips - *******www.highrollerchips**** Use these as fb poker chips or as myspace poker chips or as twitter poker chips or as hi5 poker chips
17 Apr 2009
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Players in Zynga's popular online Texas Holdem Game can now buy facebook poker chips and myspace poker chips at prices up to 80% off of Zynga's prices at the FacebookPokerStore (*******www.facebookpokerstore****) They can also browse dozens of great Texas Holdem articles to polish and hone their skills to help them compete against other facebook poker players. The Facebook Poker Store *******www.FacebookPokerStore**** Cheap. Fast. Reliable.
30 May 2009
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One of the biggest and most reliable facebook poker chip sellers is the Facebook Poker Store *******www.FacebookPokerStore**** They sell chips for every social networking site including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Tagged, and iPhone's live poker application. Their prices are more than 80% cheaper than Zynga's prices and the chips are transfered in a private room within minutes of buying them. They also have a huge Texas Holdem Strategy sections with contstantly updated articles and poker-odd calculators. Feel free to check them out for yourself and good luck playing! *******www.FacebookPokerStore****
19 Jun 2009
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Admit it, you love showing off to pretty girls at the texas holdem poker tables on social networking sites with your big stack of facebook poker chips. It's ok, its human, we all do it. There are no magic cheats for facebook poker or hacks for texas holdem, and there are no bots that actually work (most are viruses that steal your login information), so stop searching for them on google. The only way to increase your stack is to buy facebook poker chips or win facebook pokerchips. Here are some tips to help you play a little smarter and win a stack of facebook chips that will make you a star: -- Stop calling with crap cards hoping to land the magic flush or straight. Sure, there were those few times that you folded 7 - 2 suited and it turned out that you woulda flopped the flush, but the odds are against it every time. Would you invest in a stock if the odds of it going to 0 were 85%? So why would you go all in with junk cards when the odds of you losing are 85%? Players in texas holdem do it all the time. They're called donkeys, and while they may burn bright for a few hands with a lucky streak, they always go home broke. Keep an eye out for them, they're the ones begging for chips the next day. --Going all in isn't as intimidating as you think: When a donkey is up against a wall, he usually tries to bully his way out by raising a huge amount of facebook poker chips or going all in because he thinks it will scare everyone out of the pot. It might, except for the times when someone else has a great hand and they're just waiting for some dope to raise with a big bluff so they can go over the top. Bluffing is a key part part any texas holdem poker strategy, but bluffing correctly eludes so many players because they do it so often and at the worst points. --High pocket pairs are extremely valuable...PRE flop. And thats when the chance to make your move is. After the flop, with each successive card that falls your pocket pair becomes more and more worthless as others are allowed to draw on their flushes, straights, sets, full houses, or whatever else. I've seen people hold AA until the river and never raise a single chip hoping to suprise everyone at the end. The joke usually ends up being on them as other players turn over their flushes and straights. Stay focused and remember not to be a dope when playing. Oh and by the way, make sure the pretty girl you're trying to impress in poker isn't really some hairy guy from lebanon trying to scam free chips from you.
4 Dec 2009
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18 Dec 2009
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6 Dec 2009
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Click this for Free Zynga Poker Chips *******
15 Dec 2009
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The truth about the hundreds of facebook poker cheats and hacks out there that claim to increase your facebook poker chips overnight with the click of a button. These are all scams being spread by hackers and phishers out there who want only to break into people's accounts and steal their facebook poker chips. Please show this video to your friends and pass the word about these scams so players will stop losing their facebook chips to these thieves.
14 Jan 2010
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20 Mar 2010
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