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Here's a short video on how to get free polaroid pictures, everytime! I've taken 100's of photo's this way and never had to pay a dime. ENJOY! BTW: I usually go to Wal-Mart.
11 Apr 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - The first camera I ever owned was a Polaroid Instamatic. This was long before digital cameras were even manufactured. I didn't take many pictures with it, because film was so expensive. It was nice in the respect that it printed your picture instantly. So what do you do when you want or need to print instant pictures these days?
9 Jul 2008
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Various People in NYC I photographed on polaroid film then hand drawn on location.
15 Jul 2008
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Thelonious Club Ultimo show No bombardeen Buenos Aires (Charly Garcia) Polaroid (Fito Paez) Fondo monetario internacional ( Viuda e Hijas del rock and roll) Raros peinados nuevos (Charly Garcia) Jet Set (Soda Stereo) Wadu Wadu (Virus) Talisman (Fito Paez) Cleopatra (Los Twist) En vivo en Thelonious Club Alina Gandini & Hotelera Matías Mango Piano Marcelo Baraj Bateria Claudia Sinesi Bajo Chesi Mattano Guitarra Fernando Isaia Trompeta Temas del disco: "el rock es mi forma de ser" BOOKING AND MANAGEMENT: AGENCIA TANGENTE Frank di Pasquale 15-5247-0461 frankdipasyahoo****.ar NEXTEL ID: 54*171*3046 "El rock es mi forma de ser" Grabado y mezclado en CIRCO BEAT por GAFA Masterizado en PURO MASTERING por EDUARDO BERGALLO. Produccion ejecutiva: FERNANDO MOYA para OZONO PRODUCCIONES Vestuario: NOELIA MELONE Diseño Grafico: DELFINA ANDINO Fotos: NORA LEZANO - SEBASTIAN ARPESELLA Producido por: Productora COMO QUIERAS (no le importa el que diran) Direccion musical: ALINA GANDINI & MATIAS MANGO Estrellas invitadas: GUSTAVO CERATI (voz) CHARLY GARCIA (voz) FITO PAEZ (voz) ANDRES CALAMARO (voz) Tocado por: ALINA GANDINI (voz y piano) MATIAS MANGO (piano y hammond) MARCELO BARAJ (bateria) MARIANO OTERO (contrabajo) BERNARDO BARAJ (saxo) QUIQUE SINESI (guitarra) MARIANO (armonica) MARIANO LOIACONO (trompeta y flugel) MARIANA BARAJ (percusion) CLAUDIA SINESI (voz) GERARDO GANDINI (piano) Record Label: Ozono/ Sony-BMG Label Type: Major Label Sounds Like: Cantarock Revisited City: Buenos Aires Hometown: Buenos Aires Country: Argentina Albums: Website URL:
8 Nov 2008
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Here's an entry-level music phone that will make sure cell phone Polaroid fans get the phone snapshot they want. [*******www.chinavasion****/w5ay ]. Teens, fans of Asian drama and anybody in lurv have an affinity for the cell phone self portrait, taken with the now ever-present cell phone camera. It's hard to find a model that's got a camera in the front though and most people are forced to just twist their cell phone, take a stab with an unseeing finger and hope the unlocked cell phone gets the picture they want. Here's a colorful multimedia phone that should have them sorted. With two cameras (one at the front one at the back) They will be more than able to get a picture of themselves and whoever wants to be in the frame without guessing where they should actually be looking at. The EMO kids can even make an impassioned 'dear diary' video right onto their phone (although they might want to paint it black). It's a multimedia phone that's as cheap as chips (well in the entry-level market) and as colorful as hell with some nice multimedia features including the ability to watch movies in a vertical and horizontal format. Take a first-hand look at it at [ *******www.chinavasion****/w5ay ] or see more unlocked cell phones at [*******www.chinavasion****/index.php/cName/mobile-phones/ ].
8 Nov 2008
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This video has Paris appearances at BlackBerry Curve from AT&T U.S. Launch Party (together with Nicky Hilton) MTV movie awards 2008 Boost Mobile BBQ at the Polaroid Beach House
16 Jan 2009
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FEATURING: Ryan Beil FROM: Sunday Service (Vancouver, BC Canada) PROP: A Polaroid LOCATION: Back Alley, Vancouver, BC
27 Feb 2009
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3 Apr 2009
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Hint number 1 is to see things as shapes. I like to analogize drawing with assembling a jigsaw puzzle because in both you look for shapes to fit together Hint number 2 is to pay close attention to the edges of what you are drawing. Light and shadows can do funny things and in almost anything that you draw you will see a disparity between the qualities of each edge. Hint number three is to develop your drawing like a Polaroid photograph. Polaroid was the company that innovated instant photography. After pushing the shutter button the photograph would come out of the camera and develop before your eyes. What I want you to know about this is that every part of the photo would develop at the same rate and that is how I want you to try to draw next time. In other words, move the drawing tool around, dont get stuck in a favorite spot. Alright, lets slow it down. What you are seeing me do here is pay close attention to the form and the proportions. In other words, I am comparing the sizes of the different shapes and making sure that the placement of each line is correct. I am using vine charcoal a HB pencil and an eraser. I started out with the vine charcoal because it is easy to erase and move around. You will see later in this video that after I am satisfied with the placement of the charcoal, I will hatch over it with a pencil to keep it undisturbed. I am also trying to be aware of the edges of my shapes and I am especially cognizant of the highlight on the top because that will require me shading the areas around it and using the white of the page as a representation of the strong light. Now when I look back at my reference, I notice that the tone of the background is much darker than the white of the page. I use the side of the charcoal to darken the mid tone of my drawing. This step will make it easy to draw in the highlights with an eraser a little bit later. Now I am folding a piece of paper towel to smudge in the charcoal. You will get a very similar result with a blending stump (also known as a tortillion) but the towel will smudge the charcoal more quickly. To be perfectly honest, many teachers that I have had have told me not to use a blending stump, fingers or anything that comes in to contact with the surface of the paper. I partially agree. Oil from fingers when combined with pencil or charcoal leaves a stain that is tough to work around. Notice that my hand is resting on a sheet of paper. Artists call these slip sheets, but it is just a sheet of computer paper. I like working with the blending stump and the paper and this process works for my needs. It would be dishonest if I changed my process for the sake of making a video. Before, I mentioned the term hatching. Hatching is the short name for the drawing technique of cross hatching. It is simply putting a series of lines next to one another with a drawing tool. These lines usually follow the shape of the object that is being drawn. Once I am done adding pencil marks, I take the blending stub to burnish over my hatch marks. This gives my drawing a more smudged look and possibly my former art teachers a heart attack. I like to smudge the pencil and charcoal because it also gives me a surface that is smooth in tone. Hatching can be layered and I usually stop using the blending stump after the second layer. I once did ten layers of hatching in a pencil drawing. Lets recap and take this to the end of part 1. My focus, over the course of any drawing that I do from observation, is to see a simple pattern of shapes on my reference and to accurately render these shapes, on to the piece of paper that I am drawing. After I get the shapes aligned correctly, I attempt to build up tones with charcoal and pencil. When I am building the tones, I am very aware of the nuances of the edges of each shape, because they are usually different. My focus is also on building the tones of my drawing in a similar manner to how a Polaroid photograph develops. In part 2, I will teach you a way to add color to any pencil drawing. Thanks for watching the video and please let me know if this helped.
19 Jul 2009
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Durante la nostra mostra AROUND THE WORLD – Viaggio nella fotografia italiana d’autore, Maurizio Galimberti ha interpretato Cesare Cremonini con i suoi straordinari mosaici di polaroid. E’ stato un evento davvero elettrizzante e pieno di energia. Tutto il team di Artistocratic ringrazia di cuore Maurizio e Cesare per la passione e l’entusiasmo che hanno messo in questa performance dando a tutti noi l’opportunità di assistere alla fase creativa dell’opera e contribuire così alla nostra missione di avvicinare un pubblico sempre più ampio alla fotografia e all’arte. Grazie anche a tutti coloro che hanno partecipato. Vi invitiamo a registrarvi sul nostro sito per rimanere in contatto con noi e partecipare alle nostre iniziative. Enjoy the new art experience on www.artistocratic****!
13 Oct 2009
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*******www.on3fotos****/destin-photographer Taking photographs is enjoyable and simple and understanding just a few basics of photography will allow you to snap great shots without much experience. You can use any type of camera such as a Polaroid, digital, or SLR to take quality shots. Photography is a wonderful hobby to pick up whether you are just taking pictures of friends and family, or want to take beautiful pictures on vacation. Simply consider the following advice.
18 Jan 2012
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Alexis Dos Santos' vivid, seductive second feature UNMADE BEDS is a lyrical tale of two solitary expats crossing paths in the cosmopolitan art-rock milieu of a sprawling East London squat. Axl (Fernando Tielve) arrives in the UK to look for his long lost father and instead is adopted by the bohemian Mike and Hannah who introduce him to gigs in English pubs and free spirit living. Vera (Deborah Francois) is a Belgian heartbreaker who strikes up a charming romance with X Ray Man until a failed meeting sets her on a quest to recapture traces of time they spent together by taking polaroids. An idiosyncratic and atmospheric anti-romance, Unmade Beds has screened competitively in 2009 at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals and at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Featuring music from Plaster of Paris, (We Are) Performance and Tindersticks as well as many more, Unmade Beds is this year’s coolest paean to good music, bad hangovers and lost love.
17 Feb 2010
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In this tutorial by James at *******www.dreamweavertutorial****** we will be installing a custom image gallery with a layered alpha transparent polaroid effect background image. Tutorial EXERCISE FILES link: *******
13 Jun 2010
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Brilpunt is de opticien van uw keuze. U vindt ons terug in Wondelgem en Brugge St Andries. U kan bij ons terecht voor u brillen, zonnebrillen, glazen, contactlenzen, lensproducten en aan een zeer goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding en een uitmuntende service met een degelijke garantie. 1 visie: Allerbeste kwaliteit leveren aan de beste prijzen. Brilpunt biedt u de beste merken van brillen aan: van Guess tot Ray-ban en van Davidoff tot Replay. Een greep uit ons assortiment: Serengeti, Persol, Rudy Project, Iceberg, Jaguar, Fred, Ferre, Columbia, Dutz, Kinto, Escada, Mexx, Guess, Rodenstock, Replay, Davidoff, Just Cavalli, Timberland, Chipie, NafNaf, Polaroid, Bikkembergs, Look, Kappa, Burberry, Exté, Chez Colette U geniet steeds van de maandelijkse promo's en /of extra kortingen. Cadeautip: schenk eens een cadeaubon van Brilpunt!!! Kortom, bent u op zoek naar een opticien in Wondelgem of in Brugge St Andries, dan bent u bij Brilpunt op het juiste adres!
3 Jan 2011
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27 Apr 2011
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Track List: free downloading source: *******crs-place.blogspot****/ 1. Do It Now Remember It Later 3:23 2. If You Can-t Hang 4:10 3. Who Are You Now 4:17 4. Four Corners and Two Sides 3:18 5. A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son 3:42 6. Fire 3:47 7. Tally It Up, Settle The Score 3:35 8. Your Nickle Aint Worth My Dime 2:48 9. Postcards and Polaroids 3:14 10. All My Heart 4:39 11. Let-s Cheers To This 3:40
12 May 2011
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