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This policeman is trying to stop a car by clinging on to its bonnet. A risky move, but the car finally stops.
26 Jul 2019
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How drunk does a person have to be in order to kiss a policeman? Guy just randomly kisses a policeman on the neck and receives a slap.
3 Aug 2019
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Easy steps on how to avoid arrest by the cops. Just crack jokes and make the policeman laugh and you're all set.
8 Aug 2019
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When you’ve almost been mugged, you may want to get in touch with the authorities. Not guitarist Adrian Belew, who instead returned to the studio to tell his King Crimson mates about a dangerous encounter, which is retold in “Thela Hun Ginjeet.” “I walked down one of the streets, and there was illegal gambling going on,” Belew recalled. “It was done by a group of Rastafarian guys — pretty tough looking — and [they’d] gathered around me. They thought I was an undercover policeman — I had short hair at the time. They were about to kill me; I don’t know how I talked my way out of it. I ran into the control room, and was telling Robert [Fripp] the story. Meanwhile, he had whispered to the engineer to record it, and that’s what you hear on the record.” The song’s curious title is an anagram of “heat in the jungle.” To celebrate their 50th anniversary, King Crimson are releasing 50 rare or unusual tracks from the archives. Starting on 13th January, the date the band was formed in the Fulham Palace Café in 1969, these tracks will be released one a week for the remaining 50 weeks of 2019. Each track will be introduced by a commentary from David Singleton, King Crimson manager and producer. King Crimson will also be performing 50 concerts in their 2019 Celebration tour – playing in the UK, France, Germany, Poland KC 50 #2 : Terrifying Tale of Thela Hun Ginjeet (commentary) 00:00:00 (track) 00:01:58
11 Aug 2019
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It should be seen ! ! ! Russian policeman smokes MARIJUANA through burbulator. Very FUN ! ! ! ROFL =))))
2 May 2007
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russian policeman has a real "heavy" work: it's hard to stay on feet...
3 Sep 2007
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Policeman in balconies of gulf
29 Dec 2007
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clumsy retired policeman
9 Jan 2008
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Policeman vs. Fireman
13 Jan 2008
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policeman sleep
21 Jan 2008
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An efficient and entertaining trafic policeman in the streets of Ramallah.
18 Dec 2009
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Stupid policeman in Lithuania streets
15 Mar 2008
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This is the funniest Retarded Policeman Episode. Brought to you by *******tinyurl****/6fls2e
22 Oct 2008
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Nalts appears on "The Retarded Policeman" by Mediocrefilms: ***********/mediocrefilms It's one of my favorite web shows, and we taped it in LA last July. Sxephil, CharlesTrippy, DaveDays, and WhattheBuck also appeared. But Mediocrefilms decided to save the best for last. ;) Here's the "behind the scenes," in which I pitched Cory MrSafety to help me get cast on the show. He made me humiliate myself in NYC to prove I could act. You'll perhaps recall his pitiful acting in this episode of Retarded Policeman: ***********/watch?v=_8ibV8dVuto If you're not familiar with this series, you should know that Ponce (the actor playing the policeman) is one of the kindest people I've met, and acts willingly despite his limitations. He actually fed me my lines during the taping! :) Thanks to MGM and Jawharp1992 for the music used here, and SMPFilms and MediocreFilms for the use of Mean Kitty and Retarded Policeman soundtrack (which is actually sung entirely by creator Greg Benson). Thanks Ponce and Greg- this shoot was one of my finest hours of online video, and I took great pleasure in delivering the burger that Trippy saw get pulled out of Ponce's butt in the assbergers/ass burgers episode. Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Nov 2008
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