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Cool New Ad on Relaince Healthwise Policy, Enjoyyyy
13 Mar 2007
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La ficha policial de Paris Hilton...(un poco exagerada xD) Más videos en www.malrollo****
13 Jun 2007
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The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown- in a wide ranging speech on UK foreign policy- warns of possible tougher sanctions against Iran; and reconfirms that the USA is Britain’s most important bilateral partner.
13 Nov 2007
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How to create a lock out policy in vista. Shows you how to dissallow access to users that are inerting wrong passwords.
19 Dec 2007
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Is Ron Paul really an isolationist? Why does he keep talking about money when he talks about foreign policy? Does he really think we're responsible for 9/11? A condensed conversation about popular talking points and what you need to know.
8 Jan 2008
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Samantha Power, Foreign Policy Advisor to Sen. Barack Obama at TRNS Radio Row, for the New Hampshire 2008 Primaries.
16 Jan 2008
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But, you know, I don't want to go down that route. What I want to really focus on is this issue of national security, because I think you've repeated this a number of times. You are the person best prepared on national security issues on day one, and so if you're running against John McCain, that you can go toe-to-toe. Keywords: SC, South Carolina, Democratic Debate, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, National Security, Foreign Policy I fundamentally disagree with that. And I want to tell you why, because I believe that the way we are going to take on somebody like a John McCain on national security is not that we're sort of -- we've been sort of like John McCain, but not completely, you know, we voted for the war, but we had reservations. I think it's going to be somebody who can serve a strong contrast and say, "We've got to overcome the politics of fear in this country." As commander-in-chief... (APPLAUSE) As commander-in-chief, all of us would have a responsibility to keep the American people safe. That's our first responsibility. And I would not hesitate to strike against anybody who would do Americans or American interests' harm. But what I do believe... BLITZER: All right. OBAMA: Wait, Wolf, let me finish. I was listening to these folks quite some time. What I do believe is that we have to describe a new foreign policy that says, for example, I will meet not just with our friends, but with our enemies, because I remember what John F. Kennedy said, that we should never negotiate out of fear, but we should never fear to negotiate. Having that kind of posture is the way I think we effectively debate the Republicans on this issue. Because if we just play into the same fear-mongering that they have been engaged in since 9/11, then we are playing on their battlefield, but, more importantly, we are not doing what's right in order to rebuild our alliances, repair our relationships around the world, and actually make us more safe in the long term.
28 Jan 2008
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Speech by Diana Wallis MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Annual policy strategy 2009 [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original] Wallis_080311_092145_obog_en
12 Apr 2009
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*******www.eZs3**** eZs3 is a new online service that gives you full control over your own Amazon S3 hosting account, and allows you to quickly and easily create players to embed your media files on your own website. In the event that your Camtasia Studio Productions are not displaying correctly on your web page once they've been embedded, the first thing you should check is that the Access Policy is set to be Public Read. In the case of Camtasia Studio Productions, you need to ensure that all files uploaded as part of the production have Public Read set as their Access Policy. In this screencast tutorial, we show you the easy way to set the Access Policy of a Camtasia Studio Production using eZs3.
20 Mar 2008
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"60 seconds with... " Video Statement by Henrik Lax on Schengen policies improvements The historic opening of EU borders from this weekend when the Schengen area will be enlarged to include airports. Henrik Lax, (Svenska Folkpartiet) EP rapporteur on a common visa policies comments [Statement] [Language EN]
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.Farmland**** - Just four days before the 73rd anniversary of the first farm bill (May 12, 1933), American Farmland Trust (AFT) released Agenda 2007: A New Framework and Direction for U.S. Farm Policy, its policy recommendations to make U.S. agriculture competitive in the 21st Century. This policy framework is the product of more than a year of consultation with hundreds of farmers, ranchers, economists and policy experts. Unlike the 2002 Farm Bill or any proposed short-term extensions, AFT's policy recommendations enhance farmer profitability and competitiveness, expand environmental stewardship, advance rural prosperity and improve the health of consumers.
5 Apr 2008
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This is how you get into the Group Policy editor in windows XP professional. You can manipulate many different policies for security reasons, change settings in windoes, and much more.
6 Apr 2008
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Speech by Fiona Hall MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : China's policy and its effects on Africa Report: Ana Maria Gomes (A6-0080/2008) on China's policy and its effects on Africa [2007/2255(INI)] Committee on Development [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original] Hall_080422_223930_obog_en
25 Apr 2008
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Tomas Sinitzkis atlieka "Foreign Policy" kartu su pritariančiaisiais styginiais gyvai gimtadienio, o kartu ir paskutiniame koncerte L'Amour kokteilių bare 2008-05-09.
15 May 2008
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