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Dick Alexander and The Good Economy take a look the current tax policy and the tax policies of the candidates in the 2008 Presidential election.
11 Oct 2008
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The Good Economy takes a look at the healthcare policies proposed by John McCain and Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential campaign.
11 Oct 2008
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The Good American Economy takes a look at the education policy positions of the two Presidential candidates in the 2008 election. It is suggested that Pre-K education is an integral part of Barack Obama's education plan, while the Republicans and John McCain ignore Pre-K and Head Start spending.
20 Oct 2008
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Will Obama's Foreign Policy Different from the Status Quo? Every election year, our candidates promises "change/reform" to the american ppl. In fact, president Bush ran in 2000 promising "a humble foreign policy, no nation-building and no policing around the world." And i remember 2006 midterm election where the Democrats took control of the House and Promised to the American ppl that they will end the war in Iraq. And here we are 2 years later, nothing has changed. Throughout history, we've done coup d'etat, assassinations and invasion all acorss the globe. Whether it's democrat or republican presidents, there always seems to be a nation that we are willing to invade and murder innocent lives through collateral damage. I think we live in the United States of Amnesia; ppl don't remember what their candidates has said during the campaign, and once they are inaugurated, the status quo remains the same. 2008 election was nothing but the same election where politicians are given to give u an illusion that you have freedom of choice. And Once again, Nothing has changed.
20 Nov 2008
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Video Statement by Jean Marie Beaupuy MEP (ALDE-ADLE) about the book presentation "Bâtir de villes durables" on regional policy [60 Seconds] [Statements] [Language FR] 081118-ALDEASTATEMENTS-Jean_Marie_Beaupuy-Book_on_regional_policy
21 Nov 2008
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*******www.ProtectYourOnlineAssets**** - I’m sure you’ve noticed that most websites include links to their “Privacy Policies” near the bottom on their home pages.
12 Dec 2008
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www.operativatacticapolicial**** En los sistemas de intervención policial no ha habido nunca unos protocolos claros sobre técnicas y procedimientos en las intervenciones que se les presenta en el día a día a los policías en el ejercicio de sus funciones. Se ha tratado, e incluso se sigue buscando en algunas escuelas de formación de policías, el aplicar las artes marciales y los deportes de contacto al trabajo policial, lo cual creo que es un error. Las artes marciales y los deportes de contacto tienen como finalidad el buscar un fuera de combate del contrincante, un K.O., ya que se ataca a puntos vitales: hígado, bazo, plexo solar, cara, senos carotideos etc.…. Se trabajan técnicas de golpeos, presiones y proyecciones que pueden ser potencialmente mortales. El riesgo en los gimnasios y las competiciones deportivas se tienen asumidos y son cubiertos por licencias federativas, en las intervenciones policiales los riesgos no están asumidos y tiene que ser controlados, teniendo que dar conocimientos de los resultados a la autoridad judicial. Por otro lado las condiciones que se presentan en la labor policial son muy dispares, pueden ser en la calle, en un domicilio y en definitiva no son para nada comparables a las condiciones de un gimnasio. José Carlos Vera Jiménez, el cual tiene una gran experiencia y conocimientos sobre la materia, ha realizado un estudio sobre las necesidades del policía a pie de calle en una sociedad democrática y con el estado de derecho en el que se encuentran los ciudadanos.
12 Feb 2010
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*******www.recognizedexpert****/blogger/ Privacy policies are very important. These help instill a sense of trust in your visitors, customers as well as advertisers. This video will show you how to get a free, easy to add privacy policy. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Jan 2009
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Conseco Life Insurance Company has underfunded some of the "Lifetrend" policies. If you received a notice to make a premium payment to offset a "shortfall" in your insurance, please contact me at www.RandalSFord****
1 Feb 2009
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Speech by Metin Kazak MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument [on behalf of the Group] [Language FR original] Report: Konrad SzymaÅ?ski (A6-0037/2009) [2008/2236(INI)] Committee on Foreign Affairs Kazak_090218_210030_obog_fr
20 Feb 2009
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New judicial Policy in PAKISTAN 04 MAY 2009
6 May 2009
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******* Cancellation and Rescheduling terms, conditions and policies are explained by Fighter Combat International for air combat and aerobatics in usa. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 May 2009
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GPO (Group Policy Objects) Import & Export Software For Gpos Management . GPO ExIm In GPMC, you can only Export or Import the whole GPO settings. GPOExIm give you the granular level Export, Import, Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove control over the GPO. GPO (Group Policy Objects) Import & Export Software For Gpos Management . GPO ExIm is a simple tool used to tailor the existing settings in GPOs and Backed up GPOs in your domain. Administrator can Export, Import, Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove any GPO settings (like individual script,individual software installation msi etc) between GPOs and Backed up GPOs. GPO ExIm supports the following settings GPO Policies: Registry, Wireless Networks, Folder Redirection, Remote Installation, Scripts, Security, Internet Explorer Maintenance, Software Installation, IP security, Public Key, LanSvc Networks, WLanSvc Networks, Policy-based QoS, Software Restriction, Windows Firewall,Network Access Protection Client Management GPO Preferences: Drive Maps, Internet Options, Start Menu, Regional Options, Network Shares, Services, Environment Variables, Files, Folders, Ini Files, Windows Registry, Shortcuts, Data Sources, Devices, Folder Options, Local Users and Groups, Network Options, Power Options, Printers, Scheduled Tasks Features: Configured settings display: GPO ExIm displays available GPOs in a domain with their configured settings and thier values in a same window. Export/Import Users can Export/Import a particular setting(scripts,software installation etc) from a GPO to a Backed up GPO and vice versa. GPO Tailor Helps to Cut/Copy/Remove a particular setting(security,folder redirection etc) between two GPOs or two Backed up GPOs. Focused Settings View Users can view a particular GPO settings in detail to focus the setting of their interest. GPO Testing Made Easy Administrators can Export only the settings of their interest to the test domain. Test that settings in the test domain. Import that settings to the Production domain. Reduces Number of GPOs Helps to reduce the number of GPOs in the domain. You can have only one GPO for a scope/target, instead of having a GPO for every settings. Limitations: Users desire to work on Backups, should have enough privilege in creating a temporary GPO. We create a temporary GPO(JiJiTempGPO) and clear it after the operations with backup are complete. We donot directly support migration on a cross domain data manipulations. To perform cross domain operations, GPMC can be used to export and import the whole GPO. Any Individual Manipulations can be then done in test domain through GPO ExIm. Ex: Production and test domain live example. Export production GPO and import it in test domain through GPMC, which supports migration. Individual Data Manipulations can be done in test domain through GPO ExIm. After testing the manipulated GPO, import it to production using GPMC.
21 May 2009
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Exchange 2007 provides a no cost option for securing Windows Mobile devices through the use of Active Sync Policies. In this video Gordon Ryan steps through the process the of creating a policy and assigning it to a user.
18 Jun 2009
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24 Jun 2009
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The British Foreign Secretary, Mr.David Miliband, has been further explaining the relevance of foreign policies to various communities during a regional visit in Wales.
24 Jul 2009
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