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22 Feb 2011
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"As a dramatization of contemporary life and socio-cultural dynamics, "Electropia!" explores the political power of fantasy both in eroticized dreams of terror and violence, and fantasies of objectified selfhood. It addresses the fundamentally religious content and internal contradictions associated with mass media politics, celebrity worship and popular culture on the Internet. Electropia! is an i-Fantasy; where the lines between violence, commodity, desire and ecstasy are complicated and fetishized in a most visually stimulating and repulsively beautiful way." Director of Photography: Patrick Urbankowski Production Assistants: Tricia Nash Steve Greenberg Violet Nash-Greenberg Starring: Robin Giordani Alta Finn Rachel Zeiger-Haag Molly Edminster Felix Bernstein Gabe Rubin Ella Strauss Mariama Eversley Violet Nash-Greenberg Maya Eid Mabel Nash-Greenberg Costumes: Tricia Nash Hair and Makeup: Mabel Nash-Greenberg Animations: John Kahl Sound Design: Mabel Nash-Greenberg Evan Ricketts Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Mabel Nash-Greenberg
14 May 2013
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political commentary
29 Jul 2007
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Political Commentary: Mario explains leaving Iraq is easier said than done, and questions our integrity. More information at Pax Stereo Tv (
19 Jul 2008
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The folks at LoadingReadyRun gives us an inside look into political commentary.
9 Oct 2013
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Political Commentary trifecta with no fillers and no punches pulled Young Hass Number 9 aka Jean Richmond and Tomas Herazo form WTFU Network try to work out there political stances . In this episode is the political arena comparable to the music industry as they promote more antics then policy . Donald Trump and Tekashi 69 both have media wrapped around there finger and both have been know to cloak the real issues with side antics
2 Aug 2018
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