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A *******uswgo**** published video! Remember from prisonplanet they said Prime Time TV Networks would have control over TV Shows and can push pro new world order, pro big brother, pro Big government regime propaganda, you know what I mean pro cap and trade, pro forced government healthcare, pro mandatory community service for our president, and probably more. *******www.prisonplanet****/government-propaganda-to-infest-network-tv-shows.html Whether the due citizenship part is propaganda or not of the North American Union I just thought that since pro new world order (pro nwo) junk will be embedded into TV Show plotlines that they were promoting Canadas universal healthcare and the pro North American Union agenda. I may be wrong about certain scenes but how could I be since propaganda started infesting shows since Monday. Propaganda can be put in any TV Show and so I have to scrutinize which parts could be pro nwo and which parts were just regular plot lines. I may be right the way she thought the citizenship test was a pain and didn't want to have to be a certain way just to be an American. So it's like they want to unify both Canada and America into the one world government and the North American Union. I do think they were promoting Obamas healthcare plan by sending out a positive message about Canada's by those statements when one of the characters said "and they didn't even bill me!" so they are stating that universal healthcare is really free and no strings attached without mentioning how much taxes it would take and how many tax payers may decide to kill off a few old ladies or those that have cancer since chemo therapy is expensive.
23 Oct 2009
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The official trailer for LESSONS OF THE BLOOD by James T. Hong and Yin-Ju Chen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- www.lessonsoftheblood**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- www.zukunftsmusik**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- www.yinjuchen**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Synopsis: Focusing on the history and victims of Japanese biological warfare, "Lessons of the Blood" is a meditation on propaganda, historical revisionism, and the legacy of World War II in China. Lessons highlights how nationalism and the United States have influenced the Sino-Japanese history conflict, and how governments, ideology, and propaganda affect the reception and perception of historical truth. LESSONS OF THE BLOOD will premiere at the 2010 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
22 Feb 2010
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Former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan accuses President Bush of "self-deception." Arab media feels vindicated. Is the U.S. engaged in "political propaganda" and misinformation? Do you remember Al Sahhaf? Answers to these questions and more on Link TV's Mosaic Intelligence Report presented by Jamal Dajani. For more info, visit at
30 Apr 2009
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This Duck and Cover civil defense film is the original "nuclear attack safety film" that assures children protection from atomic bombs by getting low to the ground and covering up. A pillar of 1950s history, this hilariously ineffective nuclear survival technique has been satirically mimicked on countless occasions. The cutesy film features the animated character Bert the Turtle showing kids the classic “duck and cover” way to survive a nuclear attack. Bert is walking down the street, minding his own business, while the “duck and cover” theme song plays in the background: There was a turtle by the name of Bert and Bert the turtle was very alert; when danger threatened him he never got hurt he knew just what to do... He ducked! [inhalation sound] And covered! Ducked! [inhalation sound] And covered! A monkey in a tree then dangles a little piece of dynamite in Burt’s face, causing Burt to hide in his shell for cover, escaping the resulting explosion that takes out both the monkey and the tree! The film then switches to a live action family picnicking and the narrator advises children that when they see the flash of the bomb, they can survive as long as they crouch down and take cover. Duck and Cover is a riotous classic film exemplifying American governmental fear prevention and political propaganda.
10 Jul 2008
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This absurd 1950 U.S. Air Force-sponsored film purports to give its audience the facts about the dangers of nuclear fallout, radiation sickness and the effects of exposure of nuclear radiation on people. What it really does, however, is try to calm down a terrified populace by lying about the very real dangers of nuclear radiation. The narrator urges the audience to ignore reports they have read about the dangers of radiation. Using animation, the film describes the human body as a factory with workers in different body “departments.” This departmental system minimizes the risks of external and internal radiation contamination, asserting that the blast is much more likely to kill a victim than radiation. In the event of survival of the blast itself, the film appallingly suggests that waiting a mere three minutes before going back outside is time enough for the radiation to disperse! Other folksy methods like eating food after radiation exposure are proposed. And fear not if your hair falls out from radiation poisoning - it will grow back! Failing that, a toupee advocated. Delightfully ridiculous, Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation is a frightening piece of American political propaganda.
3 Dec 2008
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This political propaganda video about nuclear energy promotes a variety of now dated ideas about the promise of atomic power. According to the film, the Public Health Service and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission would like to inform the public about nuclear energy and the risks to health and life. Nuclear energy, produced by nuclear power plants, is being used as a source of heat, light, and power to cities, industry, and in the propulsion of ships. It is also used in agriculture and medical research. This is all a great catalogue of the history of nuclear power. There are three main categories of nuclear energy which are Aerospace Nuclear Reactor Test, Plowshare Program, and the Seismic Research Program. The Aerospace Nuclear Reactor Test is creating engines to propel rockets to outer space. The Plowshare Program is developing nuclear power to compete with oil, coal, and natural gas. The initial investment is high; however, can pay off in the long haul. They are also looking into how to use underground explosions for construction means. The Seismic Research Program is looking to improve methods of underground detonations. They are currently detonating with seismic readings all around the world to study the recordings. While doing all this, they always make sure to check if the local drinking water has been contaminated. They must see if there is any surface radiation. The Atomic Energy Commission has partnered with the Public Health Service, Weather Bureau, the Geological Survey, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and the Bureau of Mines. These groups are all working together to protect public health, and shockingly downplay the effects of nuclear radiation. The Atomic Energy Commission makes programs to inform the public, specifically the near the test area. They use any sort of media to get their message out there so the people are informed. Public officials, school administrators, and other groups and informed based on their specific needs. The commission is constantly monitoring for radiation. Ground crews are ready at a moment’s notice to scan the areas. Film badges are places all over towns to monitor each portion of town. They sample indigenous foods, soil, milk, and potable and other water supplies. The researchers specifically look at underground water supplies. They will monitor those for up to five years. Farmers are also informed about what might specifically happen to their livestock. The commission has been running tests for years now. They even allow a sample heard to live near the research area where fissions products are known to be. Sometimes a cow is sacrificed, and (unrealistically) researchers have yet to find any significant affects from radiation yet. This video, which expounds upon myths about radiation safety, is amazingly biased - but that's where its historical significance lies. This film is not a good source for facts on nuclear energy. It is, however, an excellent source for historical evidence of political propaganda and how governments can turn a blind eye to the dangers and harmful effects of radiation. Media misinformation at its finest.
5 Feb 2009
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