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Hi, ppl! I noramly go by the name Animebandfreak, but I didn't! My two major interests are watching and talking about anime and band. I am a member of my high school band. I paly the flute.
Pomegranates are one of the more difficult fruits to deal with. This is a fairly simple method for separating the part you eat (the seeds) from the rest of the fruit.
15 Nov 2006
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Ever seen a pomegranate? If not, here's your chance to get a quick introduction to this delicious and healthy passion fruit.
29 Nov 2006
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A cool way to deseed a pomegranate in seconds,U wont belive it,Its very easy.
25 Feb 2007
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Dr. Marcus Kypers discuss ingredient and properties of eXfuze ingredients mangosteen, acai, noni, fucoidan, seabuckthorn, gac fruit, goji berries, pomegranate, aloe.
24 Nov 2007
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An Israeli company claims to be the first to produce pomegranate wine.
28 Nov 2007
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Marie Oser makes Pomegranate Molasses, a luscious syrup with an intoxicating aroma that is simple to make and has endless uses in cooking. Yummy.
5 Dec 2007
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Dr. Talia Emery is in the kitchen with Marie Oser, chatting about pomegranates. Scrumptious Pomegranate Cranberry Bundt Cake- YUM!
13 Dec 2007
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In this episode of the Produce Picker Podcast I'll teach you how to cut open a pomegranate and avoid the mess that is usually associated with getting the seeds out of a pomegranate.
11 Jan 2008
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Yam Good Pom Tempeh and Stuffed Acorn Squash with Pomegranate Glaze from Marie Oser and the VEG TV kitchen.
15 Jan 2008
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Sabai (pron. Sa-bye) is wine, just prettier. A quality spritzer with a soft touch of sparkle, delicately infused with pomegranate. The secret to Sabai’s refreshing taste is pretty simple. We use premium wine produced in Thailand and spritz it with exotic fruits, for a uniquely gentle, yet satisfying flavour. Best served over ice in a wine glass, Sabai is the perfect playful drink to enjoy socially with friends, especially on long, summer evenings. The unique flavour is intriguing and playful yet the 5% alcohol volume ensures a night of prettier drinking. Are you sipping prettier?
1 May 2008
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*********** An animated TV commercial for Frutee Pomegranate drink. ***********
23 May 2008
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Digital imaging evolves intuitively, each level of image’s transformation inspiring the following mutation. This process ultimately leads up to the complete transmutation of the original element – as illustrated through the metamorphosis of the pomegranate into allusions to the body. Thus the evolution of a single digital image provides a unique experience that can only be obtained through computerized morphing features. The sole picture on which this animation is based unfolds into references to flesh and sensuality. The originality of this animation lies on the image-generation process, based on one single core picture.
9 Feb 2009
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HookahDomain Video Review: Starbuzz Pomegranate (Shisha Tobacco). Check out HookahDomain**** for more great Hookah & Shisha related videos and to join our community!
27 Sep 2008
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Want to know how to make a Pomegranate Martini? Shane bartender from Katra Lounge in New York City demonstrates.
1 Nov 2008
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