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Mike Gannon, of Full Service Aquatics and The Pond Hunter video series show you through a swimming pool renovation project which transforms and abandoned swimming pool into a pond and garden area. Watch the entire renovation process. This project includes a pond with waterfall and rockwork, landscaping installation, and hardscape installation. Visit www.loveyourpond**** for more information on water gardens, koi ponds, ponds, waterfalls, pond installation, water features.
4 Nov 2009
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Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics and The Pond hunter video series presents a time lapse video of an freshwater aquarium installation. From aquarium delivery and set-up to finished fish tank this video shows you the whole process. Enjoy the soundtrack while a 3 hour project is compressed into 5 minutes of viewing pleasure. Aquarium installation, fish tank how to, freshwater tropical fish, fish tank, marind fish, coral reef, saltwater fish tank
23 Jul 2010
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Mike Gannon of Full service Aquatics and The Pond Hunter video series brings you a pond in the deep of winter tranformed into a pond at the height of the season with fish, waterfalls, running water, aquatic plants. Enjoy this fun video! Visit www.loveyourpond**** to learn more about FULL SERVICE AQUATICS.
5 Nov 2009
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Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics and The Pond Hunter video series shows you around an installed water garden. How the pond was built and the materials used to create pond, waterfalls, filter system, and aquatic plants are all discussed in this pond video. check out more about ponds by visiting www.fullserviceaquatics****
7 Nov 2009
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Mike Gannon of Full serivce Aquatics and The Pond Hunter video series talks about an above ground pond installation created for a customer with a sloping back yard. This pond features a double waterfall going inot a large 40X25 pond with koi and goldfish. chekc out this video for some greats tips on ponds.
7 Nov 2009
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Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics and THE POND HUNTER video series brings you this pond video of a nice pond installation on a rainy day. Nice to music to listen to while checking out this pond that features assorted koi and pondfish, statuary, waterfalls. Enjoy and don't forget to check out www.loveyourpond****
8 Feb 2010
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Mike gannon of Full Service Aquatics and THE POND HUNTER video series brings you part 2 of a pond renovation project. This video covers the entire pond renovation porcess from tear out to completed project. Waterfall design and pond design are highlighted as well as proper pond filter system. visit www.fullserviceaquatics**** to learn more. Please subscribe to THE POND HUNTER! Thanks.
9 Nov 2009
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Join Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics and THE POND HUNTER video series in this presentation of a pondless waterfall. commentary by Mike on pondless waterfall design, filtration, and specs. This video featurea a multi-level, multiple cascae pondless waterfall complete with filtration system, submersible lighting and beautiful rockwork. Visit www.fullserviceaquatics**** to learn more.
12 Nov 2009
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Mike Gannon, of Full Service Aquatics and THE POND HUNTER video series spotlights a backyard pond installation highlighting some of the features of a backyard pond installation project completed for a customer. this project features waterfall and rockwork commentary and view of colorful koi and pond fish. To learm more visit www.loveyourpond****
12 Nov 2009
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This video produced by Aquascape Inc shows the proper installation of their Pondless Waterfall System. It will show the MicroVault & MicroCentipede and how to assemble them in the system. For more information, or to purchase an Aquascape Pond Kit, go to www.ShopTJB**** and select "Water Garden Supplies". We can provide you with everything you will need to install & maintain your own personal Aquascape Pondless Waterfall.
14 Nov 2009
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Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics. and THE POND HUNTER video series brings you to the official residence of the NJ State Governor, Drumthwacket. Here you will join him for the repair work being done to the Governor's official pond. In this video the pond will be torn out relined and restored to its former condition. Enjoy this quick tour from the "Official Pond Guy of NJ State" at the Governor's mansion. Visit www.loveyourpond****
20 Nov 2009
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12 Oct 2010
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