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Poor Man
14 Feb 2008
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New research by the world bank shows international migration helps reduce poverty in the poor countries where the journeys begin. and, in a finding that surprised researchers, showed migration often benefits girls. in pakistan, girls in migrant households stay in school an average of two years longer, and children in migrant households are less likely to work, all because of the extra money sent back from abroad. The money that the world's approximately 200 million migrants send home is not the only benefit. ideas also cross borders, in morocco, as emigraton rose – mostly to low fertility countires in western europe - birth rates fell, and migration can promote entrepreneurship. These mass flows of people are not without social costs…and migrants often face abuse and explotation. but researchers argue that migration is a key part of globalization along with trade, and international money streams comes the flow of people. and they say migration is not going away. if anything, it is likely to increase.
15 Apr 2010
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The poor aren't lazy. In this video I meet 30 kids who were forced to choose between either putting food on the table or getting an education. They are able to study part-time (for two hours each day) because local community members in this rural village pooled their money to form an informal school. The school teacher teaches these children English, Bengali, and Math all for a salary of $15 a month. For more information about what I'm doing in Bangladesh, check out my blog at: the video, one of the kids said he sells "paan". Here is some info on what that is: request, I am including a link for more information on Bangladesh: is a small country with over 150 million people (half the population of the USA) in South Asia. It is not Mexico (!?). The music in this video (in order used) are: "How Far" - Jamison Young "Love" - The Umbrellas "Goodbye to Spring" - Josh Woodward "Thinking of You" - The Umbrellas Music by Jamison Young and Josh Woodward are used under a Creative Commons license. You can download their music for free at: Jamison Young: Woodward: by The Umbrellas is copyright of The Militia Group. Used with written permission. This video is free for you to use and share under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA).
14 May 2008
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8 Apr 2009
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Very poor!the puppy broken two legs is still crawling,unintentionally shooting on the road.Finally, the puppy was put to the hospital.
30 May 2008
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5 May 2008
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the most poor of housebreaker
3 Jan 2009
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5 Jun 2008
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Poor Chicken Poor Poor Chicken
9 Feb 2009
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my friend goes for a hunt in the woods with is assistant and camera man to hunt the poor people
20 Jul 2008
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poor man's chrono of an echo 1 g36c
17 Oct 2008
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Poor people drink soda pop that has similar names to the real stuff.
29 Aug 2008
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