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*******princepoppycock**** The man behind the prince of absurdity known as prince poppycock see the many many faces or prince poppycock. He is destined to become a superstar see the man behind the many faces of prince poppycock.
9 Sep 2010
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from concept to final edit, this video was completed in 12 hours. More videos for the Mounted Insanity Cannon are in production!
1 May 2007
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"how did the gator get the roped tied to the kid so fast" - Funniest comment I've read yet! DO NOT READ: For those wanting to know the truth behind the video, here goes. One day after a flood I was looking into my privately owned lake and noticed an alligator stalking our 3 pet ducks that were swimming. I tried at many attempts to catch the alligator without success. My mother convinced me that I need to kill the alligator in order to save the ducks, and I did. Being the active environmentalist that I am, I wanted to do something with the carcass so that its death was not entirely in vain, and thus the raggedy video was made. Now, posthumously the alligator is a youtube celebrity!
28 Oct 2008
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