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Reconfigure Windows Vista Startmenu Power Button
18 Oct 2007
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This video shows you how to put your computer in standby, shutdown, or hibernate when you press the power button or sleep button on your computer, or when you close the lid of your laptop.
24 Feb 2007
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Make the Vista power button in the start menu do more than just put your PC to sleep.
2 Nov 2008
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A guide on removing the power button on a Power Mac G5. Visit *******www.powerbookmedic****/mac-repair.php for more repair guides.
20 Nov 2009
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This video shows you easy steps to use the virtual power buttons with vCloud Director on a VM.
1 Jun 2012
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Some strange behavior from LED TV.
23 Apr 2019
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The guy was about to connect with the Xbox; he pressed the power button when it asked to press any key to begin, made me speechless.
6 Mar 2018
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This computer here is probably the wackiest creation ever! The way it gets switched on is amazing.
23 Oct 2019
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A guide showing the settings for hibernation by closing the notebook or pressing the power-button on a pc.
17 Dec 2006
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FREE mp3, lyrics, chords and more below: What should you do with your iPod when it dies? Watch and find out! Thanks to Iresq**** for all the iPods and for helping make this video possible! *******www.iresq****/ Thanks to iJustine (*******tastyblogsnack****) for collaborating with us on this! And thanks to Brookers (***********/user/Brookers) for the cameo! Get the free mp3 here: *******www.rhettandlink****/blog/2008/02/18/deadipodsong Chords: Verse: G F# C B Am D; Bridge: Em Am; Rap: C B Am Lyrics: within every electronic device there lies a seed dormant and waiting to be...released somewhere between 18mos and 2yrs it will sprout...and begin to choke the life out and if you’ve got an iPod, you know exactly what we’re talking about you pressed the power button and what happened was nothin’ iTunes won’t even see it now you wish you’d warranted it the Doom Seed has germinated your iPod shall not be resuscitated! now you gotta figure out whatchoo gon do with your dead iPod write a eulogy and bury it in your backyard even though it’s broke you can pretend like its not to avoid conversation with strangers at the bus stop use it as a weapon if you’re being attacked... you know what, on second thought, scratch that. tape it to your body, call it a bod-switch put it in a hoagie, call it an iPod-wich a paper weight is lame unless there’s a fan on your desk, and even in that case, a man hole cover works best. or keep it simple ‘cause less is more; put it in a shoebox in the back of a drawer then 50 years from today your grandkids will find it and say: “you listened to music on this!? you mean when you were a kid, you didn’t have music uploaded directly to your brain?! and you’ll say “nah, we just had iPods.”
20 Feb 2008
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This is a fan test which also helps with cleaning dust inside your ps3, dont be paranoid if its loud its ment to do that , Turn off your ps3 Turn off the power in the back via the power button Hold the eject button keep holding it. While holding the eject button, turn on the power switch in the back of ur ps3 Done!!!! It Only works with the 40Gigabyte Version, maybe 80Gigabyte to but i dont think it works on 60Gigabyte beside you have Linux installed on it!
16 Apr 2008
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The portable speaker system consists of: 1. Two (12 volt) computer speakers 2. One 'Amplifier' that came in the original speaker case 3. One rechargeable, 12 volt, lead acid battery (7 amps) 4. One power switch 5. Two shoelaces that act as handles so I can carry it around with me 6. A massive amount of bright red duct tape 5. And last but not least, one very stylish USPS cardboard box What you'll want to do once you have all the materials is to take apart the computer speakers so you're left with 2 speakers and an "amplifier". Then arrange your battery, speakers, and "amplifier" in the box using a massive amount of super glue and duct tape. Cut and strip the power wire that came with the computer speakers. Hook up the DC connector from the computer speakers to the battery. Solder 2 more wires to the battery and have them going outside the box so you can charge the battery later with out opening the box back up. Also, cut a few holes for the volume/power button/audio line. Once that is all done, charge your battery and you're ready to go!
6 Aug 2008
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