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Discover your hidden power of the mind to acquire wealth, wealth and success.
2 Feb 2010
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*******mindsecrets.lotbonus****/ - power of the mind - mindpower Are You Aware That The Secret To Unimaginable Success Lies In The Deepest Unexplored Recesses Of The Human Brain? "Discover A Revolutionary Breakthrough That Is Making The Dreams Of Thousands Around The World Come True By “Reprogramming” Their Minds - And You Too Can Benefit From This 100% Guaranteed Mind Blowing Resource!" Learn The Undiscovered Secrets To Success Locked Deep In The Human Mind That Have Been Kept From Mankind For Generations... “The ‘Voice’ Is Of Our Subconscious Mind, And It Can Make Or Break Our Chances Of Success.” Modern science refers to this “voice” as our subconscious mind. You see, scientific research has undeniably revealed that many dynamic thought leaders, scholars and other highly intelligent individuals share similar brainwave frequencies and display distinct peak brain states while engaged in mental tasks. The human brain is an extremely powerful tool. Einstein estimates that the typical person only uses 5% of his mind consciously. There is so much more undiscovered potential inside our minds... the other 95% that's controlled by our subconscious. So to "use" more of your brain, you'll have to learn to use your brain not just consciously, but also at the SUBCONSCIOUS level. Find out more! , click on the link at the start of the video description ---------------------------
14 Oct 2011
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*******www.MindMaximus**** Visit *******www.MindMaximus****/freecd.html for your FREE "Success Accelerator" CD
9 Jun 2009
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The power of the mind, how to unleash your mind power and attain your true potential.
31 Aug 2008
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*******www.KevinTrudeau**** Manipulating energy with your brain can allow you to bend the universe to your will and achieve true success and happiness. Kevin Trudeau, author of the best-selling natural health books, shares the techniques to harness the power of the mind on the new Kevin Trudeau CD programs. Watch this video to learn how you can forever change your life by manipulating energy.
29 Sep 2010
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*******www.KevinTrudeau**** Manipulating energy can help you control your life! Its true! Kevin Trudeau, Infomercial King and author of natural health books, isnt content to simply reveal revolutionary natural remedies for depression and natural arthritis treatment. Kevin Tredeau now reveals how to harness the power of the mind for wealth! Visit Kevin online to learn about manipulating energy.
11 Nov 2010
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*******www.KevinTrudeau**** The power of the mind is a potent tool to help you achieve wealth! Kevin Tredeau discusses manipulating energy for success and wealth! Visit the Kevin Trudeau website and learn to control your life through the power of the mind. Unlock Power of the Mind - Manipulating Energy - Gain Wealth
12 Nov 2010
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The first of a series of strange skills. Writing upside-down and backwards.
7 May 2008
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The second of a series of strange skills.Writing with the non-dominant hand. RIghty writing cursive with the left hand.
10 May 2008
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The third in a series of weird things you can do. This one involves a simple way to spin a coin, only using one hand, and another, novel way to do coin-spinning with one hand.
11 May 2008
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14 Aug 2009
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*******upgradinglife**** Dr. Michael J. Duckett teaches how to use your mind to attract to you whatever you want! It is amazing when you see the hand exercise.
1 Mar 2010
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