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The scariest anti-littering prank. When junk comes alive... Street prank created by #CleanMyCity - a hilarious way to stop people from littering.
17 Sep 2019
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Spiking my boyfriend cup of coffee #prank
19 Sep 2019
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If you are a prankster and you think you can prank anyone and everyone, think again. Not everyone is that easy, some can prank you back.
23 Sep 2019
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This guy is pranking his grandma by making it look like he is shaving her head with a funny shaving prank app.
24 Sep 2019
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This has got to be one of the best ways to prank your friend in the bathroom. Wonder what happened after he did that.
28 Sep 2019
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If you have an over-abundance of beer cans lying around and you are in the mood for some fun, you can try this prank with a can of beer.
1 Oct 2019
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Pranks, even though being very funny, should not be taken too far like in this case. That was a well-deserved slap.
5 Oct 2019
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This old grandpa tries the good old falling cup trick and pranks another old guy. Fun is for everyone, regardless of their age.
9 Oct 2019
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Are you ready for some pranks? We bet you are! To prepare the best pranks you need to know more about the bears: - Helen is a nerdy witch. She knows how to bring thunder and what to put into your food to make you burst! - Lana is a ""dark horse""! She seems so little and sweet but when it comes to you - she can prank you inside out! - Greg is the one who knows it all. He can revive anything to life with his mixtures! - Kot is a party boy. But the more you party with him, the more you're bound to fall into his traps! - Max can come up with and build up anything.. anything that you'd better not use! READY Get ready with the pranks - choose items, think of how it might play out and collect what you need to take on a picnic. STEADY Getting to the picnic wwill not be easy, you will meet zombie vegetables on your way. Shut them, smash them, hit them - do whatever you want with them! GO The best show is waiting for you on a picnic! You need to punish the rest of Bears and prank them! Enjoy more than 20 prank animations! You are now ready for this! One, two, three..prank!
11 Oct 2019
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Halloween is for everyone, dogs included! These feeding bowls come with their own surprises to spook the dogs.
28 Sep 2019
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Guys share mardo is video ko sab jagah aur apne dosto ko bhi mauj dilaao.
30 Sep 2019
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It's high time people start getting back at those pesky Turkish ice-cream guys. Just give people their ice-creams already.
8 Oct 2019
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