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Welcome to my Channel Prank ON. As the name implies, we create prank and believe me it's gonna make you laugh harder.. Subscribe my channel and start you day with happiness.
Soundboard Prank Calling: Arnold Schwarzenegger Jack Black Forest Gump and Russian Spy Call Alcohol Anonymous. Today i found these prank calls on my other hard drive, they are kind of old since i made em like 3 months back or so, but i thought i would upload them enjoy. Will be doing more soon, so stick around. Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe ^_^ List of my websites:- *******www.myopenuniversity**** *******www.metatube***.cc *******chillaxgroup.blogspot**** *******blagets.blogspot**** *******counterstrikeguide.blogspot**** *******www.mypaktv***.cc *******sxeanticheat.blogspot**** *******www.anonymose***.cc
14 Mar 2009
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Http://www.funniest-videos**** This is the greatest prank call ever made!
1 May 2009
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i'm doing a little more prank calling to mcdonalds
8 Jul 2009
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A short video focusing in on the realms of takeaway and how pizza and takeaway restaurants suffer from prank calls,which are amusing whilst annoying. Focusing specifically on pizza takeaways and the the typical "do you deliver?" prank given to takeaways.
1 Aug 2009
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4 Aug 2009
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Short But Funny Prank Call
10 Aug 2009
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Visit *******PhoneFind.Notlong**** Find is Prank Calling You! Reverse phone number directory
12 Aug 2009
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Prank Call to Burger King by: SJB180 Promoted by: ow2lunch ow2lunchjapan Yahoo私の日本の電子メールアドレス: ow2lunchjapanyahoo***.jp Lee.flynn.webmastergmail**** ow2lunch AkA Leep Flynn
16 Sep 2009
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Prank Call to Quarters Bar B Q Promoted By: ow2lunch ow2lunchjapan Yahoo私の日本の電子メールアドレス: ow2lunchjapanyahoo***.jp Lee.flynn.webmastergmail**** ow2lunch AkA Leep Flynn
16 Sep 2009
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Prank Call To SubWay By: SJB180 Promoted by: ow2lunch ow2lunchjapan Yahoo私の日本の電子メールアドレス: ow2lunchjapanyahoo***.jp Lee.flynn.webmastergmail**** ow2lunch AkA Leep Flynn
16 Sep 2009
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Microsoft Prank call
28 Oct 2009
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Here's another prank call courtesy of roywoodjr****. This time Steve Brown calls a bakery to order a bizarre birthday cake. Audio from: *******www.roywoodjr****
29 Oct 2009
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