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Thi is a prank studio channel and here You can see all type of prank like Comedy prank, real prank, stupid prank, adult prank, everything, and every type of prank we upload daily basis. Prank Studio is the good and real entertainment channel.
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Prank Wave
It's high time people start getting back at those pesky Turkish ice-cream guys. Just give people their ice-creams already.
8 Oct 2019
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Statue Prank
15 Sep 2019
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Are you ready for some pranks? We bet you are! Meet the LOL Bears - Helen, Lana, Greg, Kot and Max! They are fun, they are cool, they are FIRE! What do they love most? To prank each other! Today they are going on a picnic! They packed their cases, got on a bus and left but... they forgot one bear at home and he is still sleeping! And when he wakes up, he will be not pleased at all! He will be in the mood to prank others! And you are chosen to perform those pranks! READY Get ready with the pranks - choose items, think of how it might play out and collect what you need to take on a picnic. STEADY Getting to the picnic will not be easy, you will meet zombie vegetables on your way. Shut them, smash them, hit them - do whatever you want with them! GO The best show is waiting for you on a picnic! You need to punish the rest of Bears and prank them! Enjoy more than 20 prank animations! To prepare the best pranks you need to know more about the bears: - Helen is a nerdy witch. She knows how to bring thunder and what to put into your food to make you burst! - Lana is a "dark horse"! She seems so little and sweet but when it comes to you - she can prank you inside out! - Greg is the one who knows it all. He can revive anything to life with his mixtures! - Kot is a party boy. But the more you party with him, the more you're bound to fall into his traps! - Max can come up with and build up anything.. anything that you'd better not use! So you already love them, don't you? Immerse yourself into the bears' life with their habits, houses, pranks! Drive cool cars and play minigames! You are now ready for this! One, two, three..prank! #pranktime #lolbears
26 Sep 2019
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The revenge of the junk. Street prank by #CleanMyCity & #CleanMyMac X. When you drop litter it may come back at you. This funny video was created as part of #CleanMyCity urban cleanup project.
16 Sep 2019
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This guy waiting for the fish to bite the hook got pranked when the other guy just came in front of his face.
17 Sep 2019
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This is the channel you get funniest videos
That moment when you are sleeping and you get pranked like this. We can only assume what happened after that.
19 Sep 2019
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This guy decided to prank both the cat and the woman carrying the cat. The expressions are priceless.
24 Sep 2019
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Even with the loss of one leg, this guy tricks around with a football flawlessly and even pranks his friend. Inspirational.
27 Sep 2019
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Even though this is a prank, it can be quite hard to do anything(including fishing) without a bunch of rules being thrown at you.
1 Oct 2019
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This has got to be the meanest prank possible! What if someone has a heart condition and the fright causes them to have a cardiac arrest?
2 Oct 2019
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The guy really should not be doing something like that. The girl was so happy about her braids and the prank made her sad.
4 Oct 2019
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How many more broken chairs and cameras will people need before they realize that stupid pranks like these aren't worth it?
9 Oct 2019
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