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Azione di guerrilla marketing per il brand Samuela Gioielli organizzata dall'agenzia Agade Communication di Vicenza. WWW.SAMUELAGIOIELLI.IT WWW.AGADECOMMUNICATION.COM
23 Jun 2009
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Live in an area where parking spots are hard to come by and whatever spots are available are pretty inaccessible? Get this.
14 Aug 2019
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The U.S. economy is wrapping up twenty-five years of some of the strongest, smoothest growth in its history-a performance so sweet economists have given it a name: “the Great Moderation.” So why have so many of us, even those making hundreds of thousands of dollars, arrived at the new century with a gnawing sense that events are moving against our families and ourselves?
26 Jun 2008
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The president faces a choice, Cornell West says. He can be a masterful, Machiavellian politician like Bill Clinton or a great transformative leader like Abraham Lincoln. *******bigthink****/cornelwest
10 Nov 2009
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If you ever have a dog and want it to defend you in precarious situations, make sure you train him in this manner, just like this smartly trained dog.
29 Nov 2017
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Do not wear your stress like a badge. Street-smart stress tips based on acclaimed book 400 Ways to Stop Stress Now and Forever! by stress relief coach G. Gaynor McTigue. Visit www.pickmeupbooks****
23 Sep 2007
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*******instantnewsfeed.webs**** watch the crash happen here
23 Dec 2008
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Parlare con te mi fa venire in mente quel famoso sketch del bravissimo Carlo Campanini che si rivolge ad un Walter Chiari col nasone, orecchie e occhiali finti dicendogli: "Vieni avanti, cretino!" Così con te, Fornero: "Vieni avanti.. cretina!
13 Nov 2012
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Our Philadelphia Travel Video vacation trip takes you through the Old City of Philadelphia, ten or so blocks from Front to Fifth and Vine to Chestnut Streets. The Travel Video shows Phillys unique, exciting mix of boutique shops and dry goods stores. This Travel Video vacation trip introduces funky galleries that share space with furniture emporiums from another era. The Philadelphia Travel Video shows us hardware stores selling hand-operated meat grinders snuggling up to whimsical vintage clothing studios. Travel to Philadelphia with our Travel Video and see seemingly abandoned warehouse suddenly become a cafe with a couple of tables perched precariously on wooden pallets. The Travel Video takes us into Philadelphias famous markets and the Travel Video lets us hear the deep, mournful Blues sung by a couple of shoe shine guys. You can hear them in the Travel Video and hear the famous cheese steaks sizzle on the grill. The rest of the Travel Video is full all the fascinating city has to offer, like Ben Franklins home and museum and some terrific eateries. Come on our vacation trip, our travels with this special Philadelphia travel video vacation trip, and then contact us for personalized itinerary information to the City of Brotherly Love.
7 Feb 2007
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San Precario, sant dels treballadors i resposta social al mon precari on vivim!
16 May 2007
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Si è svolto l’incontro con i lavoratori precari della provincia di Matera.
2 Apr 2008
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Ls Precaris se van de marcha el 1 de mayo. Terrassa. Estación de la Renfe a las 17horas Madrid,Malaga,Milano,Roma,Lisboa,Paris,T okyo, Berlin,Aachen,Viena,Copenhagen,Hanau,Ham burg, Helsinki,Maribor,Napoli,Palermo, y muchas otras ciudades.... Para reclamar nuestros derechos!!! Derecho a la cultura libre y al copyleft Derecho a una vivienda digna Derecho a la libertad de movimiento y a la ciudadania global Derecho vivir la sexualidad libremente Derecho a decidir libremente sobre el cuerpo de un mism Derecho a la renta básica Derecho a los Derechos
4 May 2008
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Modern Love follows an L.A.-based film producer turned writer/director whose obsession with his directorial debut takes him down a precarious path. It is a dark, comedic tale revolving around ideas of power and control in Hollywood; and what happens when those in power become obsessed with their own creation.
14 Sep 2008
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Spaced: The Complete Series is available of DVD July 22nd! Spaced revolves around two idle twentysomething flatmates - immature skateboarding would-be comic artist Tim (Simon Pegg), and moody, responsibility-shy Daisy (Jessica Stevenson), and their self-induced lack of success in employment, relationships and life in general. Together with their oddball assortment of friends and neighbors - Marsha, Brian, Mike and Twist, they exist in a world perched precariously on the edge of normality. Check www.bbcamericashop**** for more information and to purchase this great set.
14 Mar 2009
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The Song "The Magic Man" recorded live boot legg in the audience by Kieth Stack and Joe Del Signore (Joe Grooveydude)in Torrance California at Wilson Park Gazebo, Sept. 1, 1990. 'Magic Man' is one of G.e's best known early songs (it appears on 1988's Global Warming cd),..and it is captured here with guitarist Phil Keegan in all his glory along with lead vocalist Clark Hagins, bassist Rick Carmody and Drummer Mike Valencia...On this afternoon in the South Bay, Greenhouse Effect performed along with 6 other bands to an increasingly drunken and hostile crowd...but G.e. carried on nonetheless with power and energy. This performance definitely lacks the usual tightness of a G.e. gig as normally Clark Hagins was the drummer but during this phase of the band, they were going increasingly "alternative metal' sometimes sounding sorta like the Red Hot Chili Peppers,...a sound that Clark Haggins did not like !! G.e. appears here somewhat funky, loud and clumsy drunk but they would sober up quickly as the afternoon went by to play other tracks like "Precarious", Number One, Virus O'Syrus, Waiting for your love to fail,3/4, and Coke Snortin' love boys, in a pretty solid performance.....The Lyrics to Magic man by Greenhouse effect; "My mothers a school teacher, she pulls in about $300 a week - my mothers in charge of shaping..tomorrows reality,.. the magic mans' a ballplayer he pulls in millions ,...the magic mans in charge of puttin' a ball in a hole,..?? " More Greenhouse Effect lyrics at; www lyrics mode com -----------------------------
15 Sep 2008
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