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*******www.ColonixReview**** - I'm 10 days into my review of the Dr. Natura Colonix herbal colon cleansing system and things were pretty normal when I first got up this morning. However, when I went to the bathroom after taking the Colonix fiber powder drink, I passed a very strange looking (as in, scary.) stool. This was about 6 inches long and 'rope like'. Visit my blog for more photos, and stay tuned for more updates as I continue my review of Dr. Natura's Colonix colon cleanser.
14 Nov 2007
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*******www.ColonixReview**** - Day 32 of my Colonix review and again, not much to report today. I've had a pretty normal day so far. Month one of my Colonix cleanse has been great and I've had no negative side effects other than some minor cramping which always went away as soon as I went to the bathroom.
1 May 2008
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*******InternetSponsoringNow**** If you look around the internet and the MLM industry, there has been a ton of interest surrounding the AliveMax business, the newest "big thing" in the industry. What really is the truth inside the company and is all the interest justified, or is it all just smoke and mirrors? Taking a step back, what does AliveMax claim to be all about as a company? Having only been founded in April 2009, they claim on their web page that they ""... we are passionate about making a positive impact on both your health and financial well being. " While that sounds all well and good, what really does AliveMax sell for profit? When you look into it, the company is a nutrition based one, with a very different product line. Unlike many other competing companies who promote vitamins or juices, their particular form of nutrition is given in the form of an oral spray. The company says that this give a much higher, 98% in fact, absorbtion rate of the nutrients. The AliveMax products are sold in 3 different assortments, a multivitamin, anti-aging, and vitality sprays. If you really look at it, AliveMax does have quite a number of great products. All right, lets take a comprehensive look at the AliveMax opportunity. When you look at it, the compensation plan has seven seperate ways to make money, ranging from: anging from: welcome bonus, retail profits, fast start bonus, dual team building cycle bonus, matching bonus, infinity and leadership bonuses. All that is great, but this looks just like a pretty normal MLM industry payout plan. In summary, is AliveMax a fraud? No, absolutely not. It looks like a really good business opportunity with a generous compensation plan, along with a really original product line. Time will only tell though whether or not the consumer will support yet another nutrition company or not. But, as is the case with any MLM opportunity, the real deal for the AliveMax opportunity will be the marketing that its distributors do. The marketing really determines any business success, not the excellent products or compensation plan that is offered. If you are an AliveMax business builder, I highly suggest you learn how to effectively market either the business or product in order to be really successful. Learn something like pay per click marketing, electronic magazine ads, or video marketing. This is what creates prospects, leads and downlines. If you really want to learn how to grow your AliveMax business, read below and click on the link for more information. Kurt Henninger went from a Fortune 500 Manager to full-time Network Marketer.
14 Dec 2009
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Girl eating ice cream. Sounds pretty normal no? Well, there is more to the story. There is something about this lady eating that ice cream and you will only get it when you finally see it. It's hilarious!
29 Jun 2017
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Humans have an awkward knack of getting satisfied from things that look pretty normal. This is one such example of getting strangely satisfied.
29 Jul 2017
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The dodgeball game was pretty normal until the guy came up with his historic defensive plus offensive shot which knocked accurately his opponent.
24 Jun 2018
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Birdie Harrelson is back with a recipe for carrot cake cupcakes, for when you’re trying to eat like you’re in the Middle Ages. And that’s not a dig on carrot cake, which actually dates back to the time period when it was popular among lower class bakers. Cannabis expert and comedian Ashlee Belzo joins Birdie and the MagicalButter machine to show how the cake now finds popularity among the higher set. The two have a spirited discussion about the right way to pronounce “pecans” (yes, the one you just said in your head) and demonstrate how to make two dozen 10 to 15mg cupcakes. “I’m a pretty normal cupcake,” Birdie explains as the two share the flavor they most associate with, “Pretty vanilla.”
17 Apr 2019
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