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Dr. Warren Levin Speaking about his book signing "Prime Example" at the "International Association of Whistleblowers" (IAW) Caucus in Washinton DC, the "East Coast Dean of Alternative Medicine" at 901 G. Street Northwest, Washington, DC 2001 202-727-1111
17 Sep 2011
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Dr. Warren Levin's legal battle, Prime Example. This is the story of the case fought and won by Dr. Warren M. Levin on behalf of patients seeking Integrative and Complementary Medicine. It is told by the attorney who defended Dr. Levin in a grueling, 14-year battle with the State of New York as it attempted to rid itself of all physicians practicing such medicine.
7 Oct 2011
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A prime example of why protective gear is necessary for high-speed sports. The fact that this guy gets up immediately is amazing.
6 Aug 2019
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A prime example of why you should know your surroundings before committing to some silly act. That's one bath he won't forget.
12 Aug 2019
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$1 billion investment in technology helps to bridge the "Digital Divide" between industrialized countries and the developing world Story: The World Economic Forum, Davos, 24-28 January 2006 January 24-28th, Government, academic and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos will discuss how to bridge the mammoth "Digital Divide" between western society and developing countries of the third world. The digital revolution has established broadband Internet in well over 60% of industrialized countries, but below 1% in the rest of the developing world. One of the new and much discussed initiatives is installing Wi-MAX in remote regions of the world. WiMax is a long range wireless technology that provides high-speed Internet links without the necessity for telephone lines and cables. The goal is to make the Internet a truly global information tool,not one reserved for developed countries. In Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, India and China, the digital transformations are underway. Intel has already installed these high-speed Internet links and computers into classrooms and medical clinics in several small communities. A few are in some of the most remote inhabited places on Earth. Intel is donating one billion dollars over the next five years to transform underdeveloped communities to help improve the health, education, and business skills of its residents. Two prime examples are in Egypt and in the middle of the Amazon River. Working with Egypt's government, business and education leaders, Intel installed a state-of-the-art WiMAX network to connect two public schools, a health care center on wheels, a municipal building and an e-government services kiosk in the small rural town of Oseem. Intel also donated and installed computers in the mobile health center and PC labs at the two schools where students and teachers can regularly connect to the outside world for the first time. The Internet is a great technological advancement because it helps us learn and advance," said Khaled Mohamed Ragab, a 14-year-old student at Oseem's BORTOS School. "We can also talk to the rest of the world and meet new friends on the Internet." Healthcare workers can now remotely diagnose patients too, access training programs and receive advice from specialists hundreds of miles over video links using an advancement called Telemedicine., And, children in schools now have access to the vast knowledge resources on the web. The World Economic Forum in Davos is focusing on emerging economies as they start to integrate more rapidly into the global network and Intel's $1 billion investment in under-developed communities reflects this trend. "The next billion Internet users will be from rural areas like Oseem," said Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, who toured the village to explore how similar programs could be replicated in other regions. This issue has led Barrett, who also chairs the United Nation's Global Alliance for ICT and Development, to 10 developing countries from the Amazon to Africa in the past 100 days. "Technology has expanded what is possible for the people of Oseem," said Mr Barrett. "Intel is committed to support Egypt's leaders in accelerating access to technology so its people can get better health care, education and work skills." Intel's investment over the next five years is part of its World Ahead Program that aims to infuse under-developed communities with technology to help improve their education, healthcare work and business skills. Produced for Intel Wimax
29 Jan 2007
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Lincoln's leadership qualities were evident in his close supervision of the victorious war effort, especially in his selection of Ulysses S. Grant and other top generals. Historians conclude that he handled the factions of the Republican Party brilliantly by bringing its leaders into his cabinet and forcing them to cooperate. In crisis management, he defused a war scare with the United Kingdom (1861), he outmaneuvered the Confederacy and took control of the border slave states in 1861 – 1862, and he managed his own landslide reelection in the 1864 presidential election.Antiwar "Copperheads" criticized him for refusing to compromise on the slavery issue. In contrast, the Radical Republicans, a strongly Abolitionist faction of the Republican Party, criticized him for moving too slowly in abolishing slavery. Yet despite his detractors, Lincoln successfully rallied public opinion through the powerful rhetoric of his messages and speeches; his Gettysburg Address is remembered as a prime example of this. At the close of the war, Lincoln took a moderate view of Reconstruction, seeking to speedily re-unite the nation through a policy of generous reconciliation.
8 Aug 2007
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This is a prime example of why women should not be out there amongst the action. She accidentally shoots her gun, missing the poor guy barely inches --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
11 Sep 2007
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A prime example of why we need to stop these corporations. They are running wild and controlling all our freedom. Please forward and help spread the word.
31 Oct 2007
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Dem Hoodstarz knows how to party and put on a great show! It doesn't get better then seeing DEM HOODSTARZ performing one of their hit tracks, Video Vixen, LIVE! Dem Hoodstarz (sometimes Tha Hoodstarz or just plainly Hoodstarz) are two bay-area rappers, from East Palo Alto, California, Band-Aide and Scoot Dogg. The group is a prime example of the Bay Area's Hyphy movement. They gained recognition throughout the Bay Area with their hit single, "Grown Man On", produced by San Jose's Traxamillion. Their first album is called "Hood Reality". They both started in two different groups. Band-Aide started with a group known as Neva Legal consisting of partners, G-Boyee and Mr. Macntosh. Scoot Dogg was in a group started by former rapper Chunk known as Totally Insane. Both Scoot Dogg and Band-Aide are from the Bay Area. Scoot Dogg comes from Midtown East Palo Alto and Band-Aide comes from the Eastern part of Menlo Park. Together the two have started their record label Lawless Records and released the album Band-Aide & Scoot. Lawless Records also consists of rappers The Block Boys, Hood Felons, G-Boyee and Young Bunk. View the artist's official sites: more music, interviews, and artists, visit us at: produced by: Lightbulb Entertainment
18 Jan 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Audi has been on fire lately, and is making clear that it its products are as good or better than anything else coming out of Europe. They are achieving this by delivering handsome cars that really perform. The Audi TTS is a prime example.
12 Feb 2008
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Steel manufacturing has been a vital American industry for decades, and here in Steel: The Hardest Metal in the World, viewers are treated to an eye opening look at the history of steel production. In this exacting promotional film detailing hazardous working conditions, first the liquid pig iron is heated to 2600 degrees, and then sent down a chute to be formed (this is what pig iron is used for, mostly). After cooling, the iron hardens into steel ingots. The ingot form is then rolled into elongated sheets by the steel mill workers. This entire process is being watched by inspectors to ensure the quality of the product, though it illustrates unsafe working conditions in the 1900's. Not entirely automated, there are men inside the factory that must manually work machines in these adverse conditions. Afterwards, the steel is cut by a secret metal that is tougher than steel. In fact, it cuts through adamantine steel as if it were cheese, generating a lot of heat in the process. Steel: The Hardest Metal in the World is a prime example of historic cases of unsafe working conditions in American factories.
14 Jul 2009
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Prime example of the undersea test the nucleus bomb in 1946
20 Sep 2008
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