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Tamang Kelsang is born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He performs in the band Temple'z Of Doomz, and also tours as "DJ Beatbox Prodigy", a name which is derived from the band "The Prodigy". He is a fan of "The Prodigy", and evidences this with tattoos. Musically within Temple'z Of Doomz, Kelsang contributes scratching and background noise, as well as occasional bassist. He is also considered by many to have be the most noisy behaved member of the band, especially during their early tours. Outside Temple'z Of Doomz, Tamang Kelsang has made a following in Nepal as a jungle musician, under the DJ Beatbox Prodigy, and is currently signed to the record label Graffiti Music. He collaborated with "The Suiciders" vocalist Suvan Yolmo on a song called "Bato" A remix of the track also appeared on the Anarchy Cuties mini-album "Hello Bit" and 2010 album "For The Helper'z". As of August 2010, he is touring with his side project, "Anarchy Cuties". He is the drummer of the band. Kelsang went on tour with his side project, his last tour date was on March 6th, 2011 at a music venue called Early Tour, located in Boudha ,Kathmandu. He stated,"This is the best stop on the tour, I loved the crowd reaction. It really made me feel like I got back to my roots." He was also noted saying that he will be touring with his side project for a year. Then Later on, September 23rd, he joined the band "Blossom Of Hope" again as a drummer. He is now touring with the band.....
A very young kid playes like hell on a guitar!!!
29 Sep 2007
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Taken from dj nush cd megamixes ( non profit remixes ) for privet use.
8 Feb 2008
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Watch this amazing before and after video of a mean Pit Bull transformed to a friendly tail wagging pet in less than one day.
19 May 2008
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Voodoo People remix courtesy of Pendulum
3 Jul 2008
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His cat walking on midi synth
5 Jul 2008
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Peepal Prodigy is a top CBSE syllabus school in Coimbatore. We nurture creativity, innovative skills & best quality education to nursery & pre school students.
Amazing 4 year old girl shows her Taekwondo skills by attempting to break 4 wooden planks with a Spinning Backkick!! (Or maybe a Roundhouse kick) It's soooo cute!!! (FOR ALL MY VIDEOS VISIT: *******oraclevid.blogspot**** )
11 Sep 2008
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Everybody smile))))
12 Dec 2008
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Me playing "Breathe"
16 Dec 2008
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Baby playing Keyboard. Young Talent. Though it doesn't play actual notes, you would sure like it. It was just 7 months old when it tried to play keyboard.
15 Mar 2009
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See My Channel For More Videos!
1 Apr 2009
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omg this is crazy
19 Apr 2009
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16-year-old baseball phenom Bryce Harper has made the Sports Illustrated cover- and sparked debate over thrusting kids into the limelight. *******www.newsy****
2 Nov 2009
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