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EPK for the Chick Corea & Bela Fleck album "The Enchantment" due in stores and everywhere you can purchase music via download 5/22/07.
17 May 2007
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*******henhousestudios****/ In 1988 Adam Rudolph began his association with the legendary Yusef Lateef and they have recorded 14 albums including their large ensemble collaborations: "The World at Peace" (1995), "Beyond the Sky" (2000) and "In The Garden" (2003) with Rudolph conducting his Go: Organic Orchestra. Since the 1970's Rudolph has been developing his syncretic approach to hand drums in collaborations with masters of cross-cultural and improvised music such as Sam Rivers, Pharaoh Sanders, L. Shankar, Fred Anderson, Don Cherry, Jon Hassel, Wadada Leo Smith, and Omar Sosa. Hen House Studios is a record label and documentary film company in Venice, California. First made famous by their unique concept to record musicians for free in exchange for the right to film them, Hen House has grown to a premiere, web based multi media company featuring music videos, CDs, DVDs, and podcasts all produced by the studio. Hear the Music and See the Stories. ©2007 Hen House Studios . All Rights Reserved.
6 Feb 2010
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Shakedown Street is a song by the Grateful Dead. It was written by lyricist Robert Hunter and composed by guitarist Jerry Garcia. It was released as the title track on the album Shakedown Street in November of 1978.
16 Feb 2011
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Robert Scott Fitzgerald Fusion/Rock drum soloing in summer of 2011. Recorded on his quick set up rehearsal kit with a yamaha dd55 run through a roland brain.
24 Nov 2011
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"Chemtrail Jane ." Fox is guarding the Hen House. Music piece by Music Medic based on the Chemtrail conspiracy theory. Sylph cloud creatures seem to be eating the chemtrails. These creatures have the ability to transform Chemtrails into ordinary clouds. They exist? Just recorded this music piece. Started off fairly normal but then the song took a turn in a strange direction like I had no control over where it wanted to go. So I followed. I had been seeing a lot of chemtrail spraying in Hex County lately. Reports of Barium and Aluminum in the Chemtrails to try and stop Global Warming. Others says it's the NWO conspiracy to deplete the population. Regardless I keep my gas mask close by and put it on when I see those planes overhead spraying the region. The song seem to want to go there. It became a Jazz Rock Phantasm song for the ongoing Rock n roll Phantasm Opera except this turned out more Beatnik Jazz with psychedelic overtones. Give a listen. It's strange. Please don't get mad. - Lenny..........
20 Oct 2017
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eomega****/omega/workshops/dbacdebf696b191635aa0f68749f095b/ Grammy-nominated David Darling is an internationally acclaimed cellist and the cofounder and artistic director of Music for People, a nonprofit organization that promotes self-expression through music and improvisation. MFP was founded on the belief that music is a natural creative expression available to everyone. Darling developed his style in part through his use of a solid-bodied, eight-string electric cello and introduced electronic effects into his playing with the use of an echoplex and other devices. Darling does not label his sound as New Age but describes it as music "that doesn't have the busyness of progressive jazz, that has a meditative quality."
9 Jun 2009
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