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PRØHBTD is a modern cannabis lifestyle brand that rebels against all forms of prohibition and showcases art, music, video, fashion, travel, food and street culture.
Get ready for a recipe of a lifetime! Brandin LaShea and Mildly Interesting's Razzle Dangerously deconstruct all your favorite fast foods to create the ultimate munchie meal on this episode of Pot Pie.
13 Sep 2018
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Razzle Dangerously sits down with writer/director/New Yorker Eli Morgan Gesner talk through chemtrails, flat Earth theory and the science of skateboarding. Gesner breaks down how irritability acclimation helps him be a better human and explains why true capitalism has been corrupted. Join these two students of life get face tattooed on Mildly Interesting.
19 Sep 2018
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Check out Dr. Whitney Moore, a Very Legitimate Scientist™, and her human petri dish, Mike Glazer, review the Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer on High Tech. The Switch heats up in seconds, is compatible with flower or concentrate and comes with lots of flashing lights. Join the fun and watch the upscale gravity bong make Glazer go bananas in the lab.
20 Sep 2018
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Join chef-host Brandin LaShea and Suicide Girls Paper Mashay and Michelle as they cook up a dreamy shrimp pasta while they burn pre-rolled Lit Club Forbidden Fruit. The ladies try not to get sidetracked appreciating Old Bay and skrimp—until it’s time for a “Bad Bitch Season” dance party! Watch Paper Mashay’s new single hit the kitchen hard on Pot Pie.
21 Sep 2018
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Mildly Interesting welcomes Taran Killam to discuss Betty White mixed media art, Rams football and alien sex, and he gets personal by explaining how he works through white privilege by playing Dungeons & Dragons and why he likes Jar Jar. You can see him in the film Night School and the ABC series Single Parents, but this is the only place you can catch Taran in a very special musical moment.
25 Sep 2018
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Welcome to the new age as Dr. Whitney Moore reviews the Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel with her fickle probe, Mike Glazer. The Mighty Vaporizer fits in your pocket and comes with a generously sized chamber for herb, concentrate and/or oil. Clearly a win for Glazer, the device is from the future for the present, and you can catch it all on this old-timey episode of High Tech.
3 Oct 2018
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Join the greatest clip show host ever, Tyler Lemco, as he gets down with guests Maddox, comedian Kash Abdulmalik and A Little Advice podcast host Christine Little. The gang rips on internet fanfare with the help of Pearl Pharma flower, and in no time, tap their inner Missy Elliott. Catch the humor and individual disgust with these first-rate web videos of excited twerkers and quite possibly the worst love song ever sung, all on High with Ty.
4 Oct 2018
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Razzle Dangerously welcomes comedian and totally unprofessional ghost hunter Andy Kozel to Hangar 51, a.k.a. the PRØHBTD magical lair of fascinating conversation. Comparing notes on serial killers and the Purge, Kozel guides Razzle down a spooky internet rabbit hole. Do residual hauntings differ from inter-dimensional hauntings? Are EVP readings credible? Find out on this Mildly Interesting.
9 Oct 2018
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The honorable Dr. Whitney Moore reviews the Green Tank Cartridge Series with her professional public safety investigator for hire, Mike Glazer. The hi-tech GT Spectrum and GT Poly cartridges are made from organic tempered glass with a three-tiered anti-leak locking system and produce a superior vapor output. Clouds so thick, chemtrails don’t stand a chance. Join this very legitimate scientific team in their dabratory on High Tech.
10 Oct 2018
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Tyler Lemco laughs at the worst videos on the web with a Pearl Pharma flower assist and guests writer/director Amir Mo, singer/comedian Lia Richardson and writer/producer Steve Borzachillo. Lemco shares war stories from his mayoral run along and with extreme BMX parkour and bad grandpa videos. Watch out for questionable minivan driving on this epic High with Ty.
11 Oct 2018
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Razzle Dangerously welcomes Snowfall series co-creator Eric Amadio and his homegirl Scout the dog. Amadio processes his appreciation for Kanye West via the comfort Yeezy shoes provide him and recounts his family's Italian-American gangster roots. All this and more common knowledge on Mildly Interesting.
18 Oct 2018
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Razzle Dangerously sits down with chef Michael Voltaggio to dissect how many ways you can use sous vide in a sentence. The legendary Top Chef winner and Guiness World Record holder reveals his darkest culinary secrets and gives Razzle free cooking lessons—don’t scramble the eggs first—all on the latest Mildly Interesting.
24 Oct 2018
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Tyler Lemco entertains in all things clip show related with guests chef Josh Elkin, comedian Lauren Ashley Bishop and actor Mike Klimkowski, a.k.a. Joel Osteen. That’s right, join the gang as they get high with Jesus and Pearl Pharma flower. Lemco delivers web pizza delivery style, and Bishop teaches us to always ask what kind of coke you want… in Arkansas.
25 Oct 2018
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Doctor in the hizzouse Whitney Moore reviews the Green Tank M7 Disposable Series with test co-pilot from outer space, Mike Glazer. This is your brain in a pen, a one-stop-shop vape pen you can dismiss like last night. The "suck joints" rate high for Glazer. The changeable LED light makes anything possible. Get customizable with it, or the swamp vagrant will get you, on High Tech.
30 Oct 2018
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