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Scientists develop theories based on their findings. But in science, evidence that doesn't fit the accepted paradigms is being eliminated and we don't even learn about the facts. In most cases the evidence and findings just disappear from the public. In the history books there is no sign of pre-diluvian civilizations and the mystery of their disappearance. After the deluge almost all the knowledge was gone, but some of the old secrets survived as myths and legends, discredited as fantasies of a primitive being. The stories have been told all over the world for thousands of years. The keys of mythological symbolism gave access to the subconsciousness and helped some of the human beings to remember and to feel the truth inside. But these keys to the subconsciousness have also been used by the evil masters that reign on earth, to brand the blueprint of a new identity into the human mind. Earth is an amazing place. It always has been. A planet full of life, in all forms and colors. Like a big library, where all the information of life is stored. And yet, the human being feels imprisoned and doesn't value life. How can it be that humanity learned so much and yet understands none of it? Our history is full of secrets. A truth so important to uncover. Planet Earth and it's inhabitants have been controlled by secret rulers since thousands of years. This present time involves the rediscovering of ancient secrets, old structures and belief systems. Modern-day political and educational thinking are only parts of the mind control program that has been going on for centuries. Science and Religion walk hand in hand on the path of deception. They have been confusing and manipulating the story of Lady Gaia, the history of planet earth. The history of this planet shows that people have been penalized for free thinking. We live in the greatest tyranny this world can hold. A tyranny that reaches far and colonizes space. We are being unaware of it because we're being fed a story that is only a part of the truth. A dark shroud has been cast over our consciousness, a darkness so vast that many of us are truly afraid to live. But sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light. Only in the darkness light can be seen. Like a beautiful star in the night sky.