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This was still in Washington... probably only 3 or 4 days into the trip. It was a very beautiful area... big skies... endless evergreens... slow climbing hills. I remember when logging and tagging this footage - just how much we captured here... I have tons and tons of wide open shots, tons of close ups of everything from Larry... to evergreens... to chipmunks :) forthousandsofmiles**** projectpedal****
1 Dec 2008
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It's been a year since sitting down and importing the first hour of footage into the computer... a lot has been checked off since then, but there's much, much more left to do before we're done. It's exciting... it's overwhelming... mostly the overwhelming part :P *******projectpedal****
24 Dec 2008
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I wish I had more shots like this... but sadly the crane was snapped in half during the trip :P but that's another story for another time :) projectpedal**** forthousandsofmiles****
6 Jan 2009
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There's something about this clip that is heavily nostalgic for me. I can remember so clearly nights from my past bicycle trips, laying in my sleeping bag on the grass... hearing the bugs... watching the sun sink behind the horizon as I tried to finish writing in my journal about that day when I'm watching this. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching. *******forthousandsofmiles**** *******projectpedal****
13 Jan 2009
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It's been a few weeks since our last video update :( it's always hard to keep up over the new years. But it feels good to do one of these, we've been keeping ourselves very busy since being back in LA. Here's a quick update on what's been responsible for my lack of sleep the last week :) *******projectpedal****
19 Jan 2009
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This is almost a cut & paste right from the first 14 minutes of the feature film - I just decided to pull the music out because I'd like to keep that a secret... or something like that. This is Larry watching the sunset on the Mississippi... he sat there are watched the sky for a long time on that bench. *******forthousandsofmiles**** *******projectpedal****
26 Jan 2009
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This was one of the rare days that the wind was to Larry's back - which also meant that I didn't have to fight the wind when working the crane. Most days it felt like trying to steady a massive sail with a camera on the end of it - but this day, the wind kept perfect pace with us, and I could move the camera almost anywhere without any real resistance. This shot is a snippet from the middle of a longer 360Ë? that follows Larry. But if I posted the whole rotation, it would be about 2 min... and that's not much of a teaser. *******projectpedal**** *******forthousandsofmiles****
18 Feb 2009
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This is the first teaser from the 16mm footage we took during the trip. This is probably my favorite shot out of all four reels... the speed and feel to it is very beautiful. All the 16 was shot with the intention of acting as a "memory" for Larry. I just wish I had more than the 15 minutes I have - it intercuts very powerfully next to the HD footage. *******forthousandsofmiles**** *******projectpedal****
5 Mar 2009
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A quick update on what I've been keeping myself extremely busy with the last week - keep checking back at forthousandsofmiles**** :) it won't be long before we launch the new site. And don't forget there's still a month left of voting for 64 Days in the Babelgum film fest! Winning would give us all the money needed for post-production! tminus.projectpedal****
5 Mar 2009
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Big announcement for us in this update - we launched our brand spanking new film site :) It was a total re-design from the original page and I spent weeks coding it and hope that people like it. You can check out the new FToM site at ForThousandsofMiles**** And as of today we have 19 days left on t.minus! You're allowed to vote for 64 Days on Babelgum once a day which could help us fund the remainder of post-production! :) tminus.projectpedal****
17 Mar 2009
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This was taken around out 9th morning of our trip - we're either on the far end of Washington or just getting into Idaho. In the background you can half see a group of female bicyclists that we ran into several times up until Montana. They had a pretty inspiring mindset about traveling - and one of the women would later email me on the memories from her ride, saying: "...It haunts me now like a dream that only exists in my head, separate from everything in my day to day 'real' life." I thought that was one of the most perfect and beautiful ways I'd ever heard a person describe the after effects of their trip. On a tech note - this shot was taken with the Fx1 and the SGPro adapter :) *******projectpedal**** *******forthousandsofmiles****
4 Apr 2009
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Larry shared a pretty personal and emotional letter recently - and I asked if he would mind my sharing it on the site. I realize that many people might find his words in the letter a bit strange - but that was half the point of me reading it... I'm curious how these feelings come across to other people. For me, the letter makes perfect sense, all the emotions seems right in line with what I went through... with what I'm still going through - but I know that won't be the case for everyone. projectpedal**** forthousandsofmiles****
16 Apr 2009
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MIX - *******mix.jetsetshow****, up beat battle - thanks to everyone who participated, mediamisfit had the highest score, flash game battle: qwerty warriors 2!, dance at your desk contest entries so far: terryann and nuffxz - add yours on youtube or MIX!,,, musicovery, musicmesh (thanks, ray!), worst album covers, john galliano's undefinable fashion show, optimus prime sneakers, project pedal, josh wolf is running for mayor of san francisco - video via chuck olsen, how-to tuesdays on threadbanger, j bigga
20 Jul 2007
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Just a video of Amanda and I hanging out working on Pedal stuff... another late night. Trying to get organized :)
9 Feb 2009
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It's been another busy week - I just finished getting the Netflix Competition and the Rooftop Films DVDs all sealed and ready to go for tomorrow! And I was about to export a new teaser, then sit down and get a few more thoughts down on paper for the film. I have to say the Netflix Competition is a long shot - more accurately; it's a really, really, really crazy long shot - but it feels good to enter and at least give it a shot. You never know unless you try. But I'm pretty excited and anxious about the Rooftop Film Fest. I don't know if it's possible, but I've wanted to attend for the last several years. And being accepted would be a great excuse to buy a ticket to NY!
9 Feb 2009
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