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The importance of preventing nuclear proliferation. *******www.armsvault****
7 Mar 2010
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Akademos/Textbookx**** is offering a $2,000 scholarship for the best essay on nuclear proliferation.
11 Sep 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Terrorism takes backseat to economy in US It would not be wholly correct to state that seven years after the September 11 attacks terrorism has taken a back seat. Since the attacks the federal government has made only limited progress toward preventing a catastrophic nuclear, biological or chemical attack on U.S. soil and combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction abroad. The perpetuation of terrorism since then and manhandling of entire issue by US and its allies has posed serious threat to international peace as evident from subsequent events like 7/7 brutal attacks in London and elsewhere. The coalition forces seemed to have veered from their real target which comprised the elimination of Al Qaeda and Taliban forces. Instead, they are now fighting the drug trade which helps the militias retain their power and a resurgent Taliban to fight which the Bush administration recently took the decision to enhance the US troop levels. Although there has been no terrorist attack on the United States since 9/11 the threat of a new major attack is still very real. Both terrorism and economic recession are major challenges confronting US Nepal to end bonded labor The government decided to abolish the Haliya system the other day. This is an important step towards establishing social justice through abolition of the remnants of feudal system. The system is analogous to bonded labor and is a glaring example of the ruthless feudal relations that survives on exploitation and expropriation of the returns of labor. Held in debt bondage for generations those belonging to the lower rungs, especially untouchables and subalterns, are compelled to till and tend the land without being compensated for the labor. Once liberated and emancipated they should not be forced to till the land which is not owned by them as this is illegal and punishable by law. However, the decision needs effective implementation to ensure substantive improvement in the social and economic life of the bonded laborers. The abolition of the Haliyas system should be complemented by alternative means of livelihood so that the Haliyas can lead an independent and dignified life otherwise they might relapse into subjugation. Bolivia civil war threatens Brazil The situation is very tense in Bolivia, more specifically in the department of Santa Cruz, the richest and which has the largest natural gas reserves in the country. There is risk of having a civil war. The conflicts started because of a decision by President Evo Morales want to use the funds obtained from the income of gas in a social program, reducing the financial resources of the Departments. These Five departments in Bolivia, the richest, want to become autonomous regions, opening the possibility for that Bolivia is divided into two countries. Between yesterday and today, thousands of demonstrators took the streets of Santa Cruz and federal buildings are being invaded. There are rumors that thousands of Indigenous are going towards Santa Cruz to combat the separatist protesters. Moreover, these demonstrators attacked the gas pipeline that delivers natural gas to Sao Paulo state in Brazil, trying to force the Brazilian government to enter the conflict. For while Brazil seems to be very concerned about the situation but will not intervene in this situation, because it is clear the intention of the protesters is to overthrow a president who was democratically elected. Indian physicist, victim of racism Of the three main past and present physicists behind the landmark proton-smashing experiment in Geneva, the third man is the Bose of the Higgs-boson experiment - Satyendra Nath Bose so brilliant and yet so overlooked. It is Bose after whom the sub-atomic particle 'boson' is named. The $10 billion Large Hadron Collider experiment in Switzerland could not have happened without Bose and Albert Einstein. In 1924, Bose sent a paper to Einstein describing a statistical model that laid the basis for describing one of the two categories of the elementary particles that make up an atom of which one was boson. Einstein had already won the Nobel in 1921,the British scientist Peter Higgs who eventually came up with his theory of the Higgs boson is now widely tipped to win the Nobel. It is Satyendra Nath Bose who for some reason never won the medal perhaps he became a victim to institutionalized racism. In such a case the international community and the Nobel academy should make amends through immediate recognition of his work.
28 Jul 2012
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33 Minutes is a new documentary film about missile defense in America and why it is so critical for the security of the country in the coming days and years. Over 20 nations around the world currently have nuclear weapons. Nuclear proliferation is at an all time high. With so many hands on the trigger, it is essential the U.S. have missile defense technologies in place to protect the country from a nuclear attack. Find out more about the film at *******www.heritage****/33-minutes/. The site includes video commentary, footage and articles related to missile defense, ways to take action, an active blog, and more.
3 Feb 2009
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“Now to North Korea, where an American nuclear scientists says he is “stunned” by their large new uranium enrichment facility.” (NBC) The latest bombshell regarding nuclear weapons was uncovered Sunday morning – as a brand new nuclear facility in North Korea was discovered. The facility was described as surprisingly advanced – and also equipped with hundreds of centrifuges. The leak has the media questioning what’s really going on in North Korea. HLN didn’t seem surprised by the facility and says that the U.S. knew this might be happening. “North Korea already has nukes based on plutonium. So the new facility suggests that it may also be trying to build uranium ones. A senior white official says that the U.S. suspected North Korea was doing this.” On Fox News Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard calls it another act of deception by North Korea – and says we the U.S. should be concerned. “They have managed to cheat and deceive once again, and construct a whole uranium enrichment facility, apparently unbeknownst to us. Maybe we did know about it, and haven’t talked about it, but there’s no evidence of that, which makes one worried about what else is happening in North Korea, and there proliferation of such weapons. And we’ve had a bipartisan failure in Korean policy for quite a long time.” And CNN echoes that fear – saying North Korea continues to violate NATO resolutions – while also not holding their word. “It is North Korea continuing on a path that is destabilizing for the region. It confirms, or validates, the concern we’ve had for years about their enriching uranium, which they’ve denied routinely. … It violates what they said they do in 2005, with respect to getting to the six party talks. So they are a country that we are routinely unable to believe they’d do what they say.” And South Korea’s JoonAng Daily says nobody should believe the North’s explanation for the facility – and that South Korea’s government is taking it very seriously. “But no one would believe North Korea’s explanation, as there is no need to construct a massive enrichment facility only to produce low-enriched uranium. The United States immediately sent Special Representative for North Korea Policy Stephen Bosworth to South Korea, China and Japan to deal with the situation, and our government is also paying close attention to that.”
23 Nov 2010
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"When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?'" Sydney Harris. "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't." Eleanor Roosevelt. Check out www.surbade**** for other work
14 Dec 2006
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Jim Puckett, owner of Parts, Inc., a warehouse distributor in Brentwood, Md., discusses what makes an ideal customer: it boils down to those who pay the bills, along with a few other factors. Puckett's comments were made March 6.
14 Mar 2008
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President Bush warns about Iran on his European tour, truckers on strike in France, Portugal and Spain, and the iPhone 3G is beautiful. Marta Costello hosts the gnooze (the g is silent)- today's top stories in about 3 minutes. Bloopers, t shirts and more at *******gnooze**** ! Music by Pistol Youth: *******www.facebook****/profile.php?id=19522968720 and Special Thanks to Lettuce for the t-shirt/logo design - *******www.lettuceoffice****
8 Dec 2008
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The US unemployment rate is at its highest level in 4 years, India and the US are closer to a nuclear cooperation deal and thousands observe a solar eclipse. Marta Costello hosts the gnooze (the g is silent)- today's top stories in about 3 minutes. Bloopers, t shirts and more at *******gnooze**** ! Music by Pistol Youth: *******www.facebook****/profile.php?id=19522968720 and Special Thanks to Lettuce for the t-shirt/logo design - *******www.lettuceoffice****
10 Mar 2010
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Official Website: *******www.IOUSAtheMovie**** Update - On Thursday August 21, 2008, an exclusive one-night event in select movie theatres nationwide: "I.O.U.S.A.: Live with Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson & Dave Walker" Find a theatre near you: *******www.iousathemovie****/events/l... I.O.U.S.A. will play in the following cities starting August 22, 2008 (check your local listings): New York Los Angeles Atlanta Chicago Dallas Miami Philadelphia Kansas City San Francisco Washington, D.C.
12 Aug 2008
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The international community realizes the time is nigh.
3 Mar 2009
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In a joint defense agreement, the two nations agreed to form a joint military force and share equipment. But critics of the plan don't trust it.
5 Nov 2010
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Elizabeth does a guest appearance on her friend Ophelia’s interview show, and says the U.S. decision to promote nuclear energy to various Middle East regimes “may ultimately be regarded as one of history’s most imprudent acts.”
10 May 2011
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Get Website traffic and top search engine rankings in as quick as 24 to 48 hours for free. There is a perfect storm raging on the Internet right now with the convergence of broadband access, inexpensive equipment and software and the proliferation of Web sites that compress and host your video for free. Learn more at *******www.trafficgeyser****.
14 Dec 2006
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BSA Launches Educational Video to Expose Dangers of Online Auction Shopping and Provide Consumer Tips Washington, D.C., (November 15, 2006) /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) reveals that consumers are concerned with the safety and security of online auction shopping, particularly as it relates to the purchase of software. In the past 12 months, nearly one-third of online consumers have purchased software from a retailer site. The growing demand for software and the anonymity of online shopping has created a potential environment for fraudulent sellers to peddle pirated software. According to the survey, one in five U.S. consumers who have purchased software over the past 12 months has experienced some kind of problem. Of those who had issues, 53% received software that was not what they ordered, 36% reported the software did not work, 14% immediately realized the software was pirated and 12% never received the product. "The Internet is proliferated with individuals selling pirated software to unsuspecting consumers, and consumers who purchase software or any other product from online auction sites or through email promotions run a high risk of receiving a pirated good," stated Neil MacBride, BSA's Vice President of Legal Affairs. "It's pertinent that consumers are aware of the dangers of shopping at unknown websites or auctions sites and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from these risks, especially during the busy holiday shopping season." To help individuals avoid purchasing fraudulent software online, BSA has developed a 5-minute educational video -“ including rare interviews with a convicted software pirate sentenced to six years in federal prison; a victim of online auction software fraud; a high-ranking Department of Justice official; a BSA spokesperson; and helpful tips on how to prevent against consumer fraud. The video educates consumers about safe online shopping while alerting potential sellers of the serious legal consequences to software piracy. In addition, there are several risks involved with users purchasing pirated software: they may not receive upgrades, technical support, manuals or documentation if the software purchased is pirated. There is no assurance of quality or reliability of the software, and consumers expose their network to viruses and security breaches. Purchasing on an unofficial website allows your personal information to be sent to an unknown person, inviting a potential criminal into your lives. According to Danny Ferrer, the convicted software pirate featured in the BSA video, "When someone came to our site they would make their purchases online, with either a credit card or a debit card, which means that now, the person you are buying pirated software from has your credit card or debit information." Ferrer, 36, is the former owner of www.BuysUSA****, a large for-profit software piracy website which was taken down in October 2005 by law enforcement agents. Ferrer admitted that he defrauded customers out of more than $4.1 million of copyrighted software resulting in losses to the copyright owners of nearly $20 million. He is scheduled to begin his sentence on November 20.
6 Dec 2006
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Further info: www.EveryStepYouTake**** With an estimated four million surveillance cameras, Britain is by far the most-watched nation on earth. How could this come about in George Orwell's mother country? Why haven't other nations copied the schemes if they really are as successful as the Home Office and the police are saying? Is there a real effect in crime reduction or has CCTV only been introduced for the people's 'peace of mind'? Are there any vested interests in the proliferation of CCTV? Trying to answer questions like these, the investigative documentary "EVERY STEP YOU TAKE" digs deep into an entirely British phenomenon: nation-wide video surveillance. It features formal interviews with police chiefs, CCTV managers as well as experts in the fields of surveillance research and data protection. Investigative research uncovers secrets that will make every responsible Briton worry. For news and updates check www.EveryStepYouTake****. The film will be released in February 2007, check for air dates and/or Internet viewing opportunities on our website.
4 Jan 2007
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