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Ye Part of speech part 1 Jis hum pehle sekhenge ke noun kya hai or uske bad two kinds of nouns Common nouns and proper nouns Thek hai tu chale start karte hai leken usse pehle agar ap ne hamara channel subscribe nahi Kya tu subscribe karke barabar main mujood bell icon bhi press karde with all notifications ta ke ap humari future main ane wali her video ki notification hasal kar sake Tu sabse pehle hum sekhenge ke noun kya hai What is the noun? Definition: A noun is a word that names a person, a place, a thing, an animal, an idea, etc. Kisi bhi cheez ke name ko hum noun kehte hai Jese ke Person: Ali, teacher, uncle, father, girl Place: Karchi, park, city, school, hospital Thing: Bike, fan, milk, table, computer Animal: Dog, cow, chicken, bear, spider Idea: Love, thought, anger, truth, hope, etc. Ye the nouns jo ke main khali examples ke torpe batae or ye nouns hai ye bhot sare hai uncountable hai Ab chale Common noun and proper noun sekhte hai A common noun is the name of any unparticular, unspecfic person, place, animal, or thing Common noun ase naamo ko kaha jata hai jo koi cheez ya jaga ya koi janwar ka name khas na ho unparticular, unspecfic A proper noun is the name of any particular and specfic person, place, animal, or thing, etc. Proper noun ase naamo ko kaha jata hai jo kisi bande ya bandi ka , ya kisi jaga ka naam, ya kisi janwar ya cheez ka naam khas ho particular and specfic Jese ke Common nouns: boy, doctor, car, hotel, Proper nouns: Salman, Doctor Ali, Honda, Taj Hotel Or ek baat ka khayal rakhye ga ke common noun khali ek hi surat main capital letter se start hoga jab wo sentence ke starting main aye jese ke Common nouns are usually not capitalized unless when it's come at the starting of sentence School education is very necessary for all children. Children go to school every day. proper nouns are always capitalized doesn't matter wherever it's come Karachi is big city. I live in Karachi. I went to Karac
31 Aug 2019
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If Bullguard antivirus is not working properly then, in that case, it I advisable that you get the software removed from the system and then again conduct a reinstallation of the software. If you still need more information than for that to connect with the team of experts. The experts are available at your service all the time and with all the needed skills.
12 Sep 2019
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For more about Proper Garage Door Installation and Repair is Important for Everyone’s Safety - Garage Door Repair Canada -please visit Garage Door Installation website's
17 Sep 2019
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This guy was given one job: To hit the drum on the proper beat and he couldn't do that and ended up hitting another guy in the orchestra with a stick.
4 Sep 2019
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Now that's what's called a proper shot! This kid just threw the basketball at a kid coming on a bike. We can only guess what happened after that.
7 Sep 2019
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During summers, it's very important to maintain proper hydration. Look at this dog being a total lazy pooch and drinking water while lying down.
22 Aug 2019
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America Dental Clinic: Toirac Maria D DDS offers comprehensive dentistry for the whole family. We put emphasis in teaching our patients proper dental care and recommend dental treatments that will enhance your smile. You’re probably asking yourself “Where can I find cosmetic dentistry near me?” We’re here to answer that question for you. Call 305-485-8427 today to make your appointment with one of our dentists and learn more about cosmetic dentistry. Address:- 3631 Southwest 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33165 Phone:- (305) 485-8427
24 Aug 2019
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Thousand Oaks Chiropractic care focuses on restoring proper function of the central nervous system. This can be responsible for pain, stress, headaches and other symptoms. After a thorough examination, methods such as a chiropractic adjustment are executed to realign the spine. Chiropractic care can decrease inflammation, improve mobility and reduce muscle spasms.
24 Aug 2019
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What you will do if your Amazon account has been locked and you did not receive an email notification. The e-commerce platform has another potential to make sellers able to earn money. But the proper implementation of the rules and regulations is necessary at all costs for the positive result.
24 Aug 2019
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Is there account sign-in issue? Do you get errors while changing the password? If yes then consider yahoo customer service to fix all the technical worries. No matter what issue is there. You’ll get a proper solution from the team technical professionals. Feel free to contact our team of techies.1-844-409-2999
24 Aug 2019
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CVD-level executives are responsible for strategic planning, employee empowerment and ongoing motivation of the employees and they have the ultimate power with any decision-making process. Our CVD Level Mailing Lists are Customized in a proper way that you can target each C-Level Executives in a better way.
24 Aug 2019
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Epson scanner error 11 continues to appear on your printer, it means Driver is not installed properly. Follow the steps to fix Epson error code w-11 yourself.
26 Aug 2019
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