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This guy should have googled the results of this kind of proposal before going ahead with it. Oh well.
15 Nov 2009
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A man instantly regrets this disaster of a marriage proposal. Funny look on her face. For more visit *******dustinryen.wordpress**** . Please note this is a case study in viral marketing for a class and is not an actual commercial just an assignment for Full Sail University.
27 Sep 2010
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CP RAIL - DANGEROUS NEIGHBOURS! Is this why trains derail? CP Rail tells lies to neighbouring property owners and leave a partially collapsed culvert on an elevated curve of a busy rail line for over 18 months. CP Rail - BAD, BAD, BAD! See CP RAIL KILLER CULVERT vids to see the environmental distress caused by CP Rail engineering incompetence. A derailment here would be disastrous to all lifeforms and ecosystems downstream. CP Rail Profits trump safety and environmental concerns.
29 Apr 2008
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Failed marriage proposal caught on live television. Poor guy.
21 Oct 2008
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***********/network/100662101 This week, Tom sets out to find what makes the perfect Valentines Day. Uploaded for Malibu
16 Feb 2009
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Advice for men on what they should know on the engagement process, what others are buying and then the 5 key areas they must know, including the diamond clarity hoax, in buying the best value diamond engagement ring - sharing insights on what others in the diamond industry don't tell you! www.diamondseverlasting****
4 Jun 2009
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***********/watch?v=ohAd-d71mCI In front of their families, friends and thousands of strangers, Joel asks Bree to become his wife. Full video ***********/watch?v=ohAd-d71mCI
15 Mar 2013
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***********/watch?v=ohAd-d71mCI In front of their families, friends and thousands of strangers, Joel asks Bree to become his wife. Full video ***********/watch?v=ohAd-d71mCI
18 Mar 2013
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We can't get enough of this type of amazing PROPOSAL ||2018 I dont think Yve ever seen a fail army video. ViralVideo is the main viral video network channel devoted to showcasing the hottest Viral films from throughout the web. we adore videos and find the first-rate ones to share with you right here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer hints to a infant reacting to Katy Perry's darkish Horse. The ViralVideo team scours the net 24/7 to discover the today's tendencies and freshest videos. Subscribe to see them first!
20 Jun 2018
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Zuby playing with children
18 Feb 2019
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BY VICTORIA CRAIG You're watching multisource video political news analysis from Newsy. There's a four-letter word that’s getting a lot of attention in politics. J-O-B-S. Jobs...and how to create them. “I am sending this Congress a plan that you should pass right away.” (Video: CBS Early Show) “If we’re serious about creating jobs in this country, we’ve got to take real action.” (Video: Fox News) “This bill will serve as a blueprint to bring our country back economically, create jobs” (Video: WPLG) The Washington Post reports while there were many options on the table, none of them have hit the sweet spot. “There is a Senate Republican jobs plan and a House Republican jobs plan. There is a Democratic jobs plan and a progressive jobs plan. There is a new presidential jobs plan and an old presidential jobs plan... What Washington lacks is an actual jobs plan, with sufficient agreement from both parties to actually create jobs.” But with all the disagreement in Washington over what to do about jobs, the executive editor of CBS Money Watch**** argues the solution may not come from a Congressional jobs package. “We’re becoming a service economy. This has been happening for a long time. Health care is the most obvious service...there’s been a demographic trend, more people are getting older, going to need health care and if the Affordable Care Act comes online, that’s 34 million people who suddenly have health care, a lot of primary care physicians and nurses to take care of those people. “ But a writer for the Fiscal Times points out the downside to hoping the economy will fix itself-- saying the longer someone is unemployed, the more likely it is they’ll stay unemployed. “The long-term jobless are losing their skills and their employment connections, and are drifting further away from the labor force. The most effective policy in that case would be retraining for the unemployed and education geared toward growth industries.” And as MSNBC reports-- many of those who are unemployed are looking for labor jobs that are now harder to come by, especially in southern states. “...the region relied heavily on manufacturing and construction for growth and it was slammed by the downturn, especially in the housing market.” As debate goes on in Washington, many say the dispute comes down to a fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans. One analyst tells Bloomberg, that historical divide could be the reason America has yet to see a viable job creation plan. “We certainly need to set aside the partisan debate. But we have differences on views on what the economy needs now to recover and start to grow and create jobs. There is an ideological base, there’s partisan base to that, but there are fundamental disagreements over what the right economic policy is.” After President Obama’s most recent proposal failed to pass Congress Tuesday, Republicans rolled out yet another plan. Whether this one will make it through Congress...well, it’s anyone guess.
16 Oct 2011
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