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Val Smyth and The Prosperity Cast Network teaches captain and crew from The Master Key System. Visualization makes one remove obstacles andprepare to be successful. Barry Garner *******prosperitygutz**** barryggarneryahoo****
23 Jan 2008
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The third "The Prosperity Minute" tip is about going with the flow and law of attraction.
25 Jan 2008
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Come listen as we call in LIVE to today's regular 10:00 PM Prosperity Cast Business Briefing with Val Smyth. On tonight's call we are welcomed by fellow member: Wes Wyatt as he so faithfully takes introductions and introduces Val Smyth. You will want to take out a pen and paper before you press play on THIS video as you will want to take some notes. Val should be charging admission to HIS business briefings as he exposes much of his good methodologies on these calls... just different ones on different calls. Personally, I STUDY Val's "presentations" and have over the last decade because I find that these presentations are almost as much the one-off training as his paid trainings are, short of the tool sets and input of his other students which we enjoy and cherish as our continuing education. Come listen to our assistant, "Val Smyth", whilst he trains you basically to "walk on water" marketing and income wise. Be sure to get back with the person who introduced you to this video that they may assist you in purchasing your own "Prosperity Cast Network" and begin sharing it with others. See you in "Cancun" ~~Andrew organ Founder KACP-SuccessRadio
18 Feb 2008
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KARIEMPRIMM****, ASKYOURBARBER****, Val Smyths PROSPERITY CAST NETWORK and kariem Primm offer the most lucrative opportunity on the world wide web to earn large sums of REAL INCOME. Call Kariem primm and learn how in 3 to 6 months realize your dream.
27 Feb 2008
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www.KARIEMPRIMM**** - PROSPERITY CAST NETWORKS KARIEM PRIMM strolls $100,000 automobiles . Are you scared of this kind of success. Call Kariem Primm and learn how to create the reality you have always wanted. 3 to 6 months to real independence
3 Mar 2008
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www.KARIEMPRIMM**** kariem primm shares some of the mose cutting edge of Val Smyths Prosperity Cast Network. michael jordan, kobe bryant, and others have all benefitted from great coaching. why shouldnt you. call KARIEM PRIMM at 330-957-5519
5 Mar 2008
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www.KARIEMPRIMM**** , KARIEM PRIMM with Val Smyth takes Prosperity Cast into the studio. Watch out Clive Davis, Quincy Jones, Russel Simmons, Sean Jean Combs. call 330-957-5519 to get plugged into the most progressive and effective marketing online.
8 Mar 2008
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www.KARIEMPRIMM**** Kariem drops another jewel on procrastination. Val Smyths Prosperity Cast Network ushers in a new mastery of Web 2.0 and marketing concepts. Call kariem and learn more. Dont PROCRASTINATE! 330-957-5519 KARIEMPRIMM****
9 Mar 2008
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www.KARIEMPRIMM**** PROSPERITY CAST NETORKS Kariem Primm simplifies the process of social networks. Val Smyths Prosperity Cast Network and Web 2.0 amazing Marketing Mastermind Group. Call Kariem 330-957-5519 KARIEMPRIMM****
10 Mar 2008
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Darren Spain interviews Val Smyth with the Prosperity Cast Network, PCN, and MLM Guru
9 Feb 2009
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Wealth and Prosperity Affirmations through video and audio. Practive the Law of Attraction through this video and audio presentation. More free videos at *******
28 Apr 2008
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A wise man with The Prosperity Cast Network once said, "Documentation beats Conversation." If you are seeking to lead others in business online, ask yourself, "Am I documented?" Google your name and find out what the internet says about you. Always remember, "Content is King!"
22 Mar 2008
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