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It’s a practice so common in the horse world that it’s become a given: if a horse breaks or develops an infection in his leg, there’s nothing to be done other than put him down. That conventional wisdom, however, is being challenged by Riley, a female buckskin quarter horse living at Horse Haven at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Riley came to Best Friends with an awful hind leg injury; to treat her, specialists had to re-align her ankle joint and fuse her bones together with metal plates and screws. Eventually her body rejected the plates and she developed a severe infection. She needed a new solution and Best Friends’ was lucky enough to find a veterinarian with the answer: Dr. Ted Vlahos. In May, 2008, Dr. Ted transported Riley to his clinic in Sheridan, Wyoming, where he amputated Riley’s leg just below her knee and fitted her with a temporary prosthesis. Now, Riley has returned home to Best Friends, once again able to trot and wander the pasture. Each year, thousands of horses are euthanized for reasons very similar to those that necessitated the amputation of Riley’s leg. Nowhere has that fact been more apparent than at the racetrack, where Eight Belles, Barbaro and countless other thoroughbreds have been put down after breaking a leg. Riley now shows that horses’ lives don’t have to end that way, thanks to this advance in equine medicine. This procedure isn’t for every horse with a broken or severely infected leg, but many horses can be saved from a death sentence if people simply knew that the prosthesis is an option. Dr. Vlahos and two other veterinarians, Dr. Barrie Grant of California and Dr. Rick Redden of Kentucky, pioneered the procedure. For more information, please visit: www.bestfriends****.
13 Sep 2008
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prosthesis for animals
7 Aug 2009
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Rotationplasty procedure is used when a portion of bone involved with cancer is removed, while the remaining limb below the involved portion is rotated and reattached. This video depicts the process of being fitted for a prosthesis and learning to use it. So don't delay the treatment and start it as early as possible For medical consultation Call +91 9999950957 #Rotationplasty #Prosthesis #Treatment #Surgery #Top #HighSuccessRate #ExperiencedSurgeons #TopHospitals #IndiaHealthHelp
26 Oct 2017
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Treatment: (ED) Erectile Dysfunction Rigicon® offers the Infla10® Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPP) for men that need surgical intervention for the management of Erectile Dysfunction. Infla10® is indicated for patients suffering from chronic, organic erectile dysfunction (impotence) and are candidates for penile prosthesis implantation. Refer to Infla10® three-piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Instructions for Use for more detailed information. Infla10® is designed with years of experience in urology and with one thing in mind; an innovative device that offers safety and effectiveness for you and your patients: HydroShield™ Coating Infla10® incorporates a hydrophilic coating on all external component surfaces. The hydrophilic coating offers you the freedom to choose the aqueous solution. Hydrophilic coating facilitates the rapid and strong absorption of the solution on the device and may promote easier device implantation. Rapid-Pump™ Our innovative pump mechanism offers greater ease and speed for your patients when inflating and deflating the prosthesis. AdaptiveReservoir™ The reservoir is made of adaptive material that will easily take the shape of the implantation site offering post-op comfort for your patients. The reservoir adapts itself to the body instead of the body adapting to the reservoir. NarrowBody™ Cylinders Infla10® offers a portfolio of different dimensions to meet every patient’s anatomical need. Easy-Click™ Connectors All tubing connects easily without any additional assembly tools. Simply click to secure connections. ConnectSecure ™ Extenders ConnectSecure™ RTE provides a secure and rigid connection. Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. rigicon com
5 Mar 2019
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Treatment: (ED) Erectile Dysfunction Rigi10™ is malleable penile prosthesis offers easy to assemble for surgeons, comfortable solution for the patients. Rigi10™ with having Flexible Rod Technology™ (FRT) provides high flexibility more than 135 degrees and ease of use. For the Physicians Tailor Made: Sizing to each patient’s corporal length Easy Assembly: Connect Easy & Simple Adjustable Sizes: Extenders available for adjusting the length of the prosthesis. For the Patients Easy to operate when needing to simulate an erection Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. rigicon com
5 Mar 2019
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Treatment: Monorchism, Congenital Anarchism, Cryptorchdism, Orchiectomy, Other conditions or procedures. Testi10™ is designed with high quality silicone to experience natural feeling for the patients. Testi10™ is being used for missing one or two testicles due to monorchism, orchiectomy, congenital anorchism or similar procedures. Natural Design High Patient Satisfaction Size Options Testicular Prosthesis aids the restoration of natural appearance for the people who are missing one or both testicles. Natural&Soft Texture and shape designed for natural testicle feeling. Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. rigicon com
5 Mar 2019
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*******painfreefast**** This guy recommends chiropractic adjustments to anyone wanting to take take care of themselves. He was hit by a car and has a knee replaced and it gives him comfort.Dr Joe practices in Charleston/Mt Pleasant,SC
7 May 2010
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For men facing erectile dysfunction that has not been cured with more conservative treatments, the surgical placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) is an effective, permanent solution. Similarly, severe urine leakage can be corrected with an artificial urinary sphincter (AUS). These medical problems often coexist in men who have undergone treatment for prostate cancer. In this surgical video, urologist LeRoy A. Jones, MD shows how both prosthetic devices can be installed during a single 90-minute outpatient operation. To learn more about the penile prosthesis or artificial urinary sphincter or about Dr. Jones, visit urologysanantonio****. This video was filmed in 2009 in San Antonio, Texas as is provided for educational purposes with the express consent of the patient.
23 May 2010
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*******www.nucleusinc****/medical-animation This 3D medical animation shows a total knee joint replacement surgery of the right knee. The animation depicts the following surgical steps: the incicion; exposure of the arthritic knee joint (chondromalacia); removal of the femoral condyle surface; removal of the tibial plateau; placement of the femoral condyle prosthesis; placement of the tibial plateau and patellar joint prosthetics; comparison of a post-surgical x-ray; and closure of the surgical incision with drainage tube in place.
16 Dec 2010
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Feierabend orthopaedy technics in Munich offers individually adjusted insoles, medical bandage, compression hosiery made out of high-tech material as well as orthopedic shoes. Feierabend Orthopädie Technik GmbH Gollierstr. 70c, 80339 Munich Tel: +49-89-503073,, ******* insoles, sensomotor, orthopedy, prosthesis, orthotics, bandages, adjusted shoes, diabetes, scoliosis, compression goods, exercise, analyses, pressure measurement, foot scanning, shoes
7 Dec 2011
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Many women choose to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. For others, a prosthesis is the preferred option. Dr. Joseph Disa, a plastic surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center discusses some of the pros and cons of breast reconstruction and prosthesis.
11 Apr 2012
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*******www.ottobockknees****/ Quentin’s two passions are family & boxing, keeping him very active. As an amputee, he chose the Harmony system to help eliminate the comfort and fitting challenges of perspiration and his prosthesis.
14 Feb 2013
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CNC & CRLAB Hair Replacement System is a non-surgical, dermatologically tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair seamlessly exclusively available in Pastels Salon, Dubai. CNC 3D Hair Prosthesis System is suitable for both men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning.
20 Feb 2020
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Here is the first body-powered artificial thumb for amputees. Here you can see how the device can be used to lift an object
11 Feb 2008
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*******www.peggyknight**** Care for a Vacuum Hair piece is very easy. In this short video Peggy Knight shows you how
29 May 2009
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*******www.mctplaw****/joint-replacement/zimmer-durom.php Representing patients across the county with failed Zimmer Metasul Durom hip replacement cups due to loosening. On August 11, 2008, the Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA Law Firm filed the first lawsuit in the United States on behalf of a patient with a failed Zimmer Durom cup. For years the Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA Law Firm has represented patients across the country in lawsuits against hip and knee joint replacement manufacturers to obtain compensation for patients over the device's defects. If you believe that your Zimmer Durom acetabular component (hip cup) failed because it was defective, we will be glad to review your information to determine if we believe there are sufficient grounds to pursue a lawsuit against Zimmer, Inc..
20 Oct 2010
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