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Family Filter: is the world's leading supplier of high quality protein powder for athletic supplementation. Established in 1998 by Alex Rogers. can customize your protein powder. They are the only FDA registered and inspected company in the United States that can customize protein powder.
You learn about The Process of Protein Synthesis. I made it for school so it's filled with random jokes.
17 Apr 2007
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The fact that it is quite impossible for the functional structure of proteins to come about by chance can easily be observed even by simple probability calculations that anybody can understand. evolution falls into a terrible abyss of improbability even when it comes to the formation of a single protein.
25 Jun 2007
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Life without proteins is impossible. Not only the basic building blocks of the body, they also compose the enzymes and hormones that are vitally important to human life. These complex protein molecules are specialized for vital duties and reactions in the body, such as facilitating coordination and continuing the basic functions of life.
28 Jun 2007
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This week Healthy Helpings TV's host Michelle Koen has a hearty dish that packs a protein wallop! A most unusual recipe, this calls for lentils and eggs. Here's a little secret... you can leave out the eggs to use this lentil dish as the basis for a number of other dishes as well! See the complete recipe at www.healthyhelpingstv****
30 Jul 2007
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Il est impossible de croire en evolution pour quelqu’un qui connait la structure complexe et parfaite de la proteine. De milliers de possibilitées doivent se reunir pour pouvoir former une seule proteine. Parce que chaque proteine a une structure differente et parfaite.
27 Aug 2007
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Very funny clip about cleaning 'protein' (so thats what its called!) from clothes!
3 Oct 2007
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Home Protein Drink (after workout)
5 Oct 2007
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*******www.RenegadeHealth**** - So here it is... The eternal question. "Where do vegans, vegetarians and raw foodies get their protein?" In this video I explain two great sources of plant protein... Quinoa and Hemp Seed. Check it out... I think the biggest issue is that many raw foodies don't soak enough grain. Adding soaked and sprouted grains into your diet can be the key to lasting raw success whether it's 50, 70 or 100%.
21 Mar 2008
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22 Mar 2008
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*******www.yourhealthstartshere**** Where do raw and living foodist get their protein? The WHO (World Health Organization) says humans need about 5% of their daily calories to come from protein to be healthy. The USDA puts this figure at 6.5%. On average, fruits have about 5% of their calories from protein. Vegetables have from 20-50% of their calories from protein. Sprouted seeds, beans, and grains contain from 10-25% of their calories from protein. So if you are eating any variety of living plant foods, you are getting more than adequate protein. Numerous scientific studies have shown the daily need for protein to be about 25-35 grams per day. So if you ate 2,000 calories per day, and ate raw plant foods that had an average of 10% of their calories from protein, you would get 200 calories worth of protein, or 50 grams. This is more than adequate to support optimal well-being. Other studies have shown that heat treating a protein (such as with cooking) makes about half of it unusable to the human body. So raw plant food protein is even a better source than cooked plant foods or animal foods. There is still a huge, foolish, misguided idea that plant protein is not "complete". This is based on studies done on rats in the 1940's. This false conclusion was drawn before we discovered the bodies protein recycling mechanism and its ability to "complete" any amino acid mix from our bodies amino acid pool, no matter what the amino acid composition of a meal consumed. This false idea is still perpetuated by the meat and dairy industries, in an attempt to influence people to continue consuming their truly health destroying products. *******www.yourhealthstartshere****
27 Mar 2008
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25 Aug 2009
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BodySupps Presents Information on Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, Casein, Serious Mass, Pro Complex Gainer - www.bodysupps****.au
15 May 2008
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