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Our premiere music video. Come for the music and comedy, stay for the greatest animal band rockout since the Country Bear Jamboree Here is the lyrics of the song : ...and rock - it's a lonely world. ...but true - you get all the girls. ...but trust me, I am quite alone. sitting atop my brand new rocking throne (willis: what's it made out of? luke: mahogeny. willis: oh, ok.) your tears... (ryan: tears...) send them my way tears (ryan: tears...) mail them express and tears (ryan: tears...) mail them to me postage stamps cost thirty-three cents (ryan & luke: thirty-three x3) (ryan: "the price of love") rock out rock out rock out rock out (ryan: [audible grunting noise]!) (willis: let's go!) watch out, cause here we come we're two virgins and we're ready to strum string in hand, and song at heart we're taking this right off the charts. so ryan, ryan ryan (ryan: yes) ryan, (ryan: yes), ryan (ryan: yes). I'm a great man, right? (ryan: this is it.) are you a great man? (ryan: this is it.) this is a great moment. (ryan: i'm...i'm great.) we're both great. you better hold on to your seat 'cause we're rockin with this brand new beat we don't want money, and we don't want cash we're doin' it for chicks, we're doin' it for ass (ryan: ass) cause we're two virgins with two guitars rockin out like it's for a green card on a raft to the proverbial rock we're two, two migrants from the country rock. ok if I was a gazelle in the serengeti, in the serengeti they have gazelles, and you were a lion, would you be able to catch me with my speed of rock, the speed of rock that I have with my gazelle-like feet? (ryan: as a lion? ...[heavy breathing] most definitely.) we'll lay you down with our sweet sweet voice we'll ring your eardrums until they're moist we'll provide an aural feast because we're musical beasts lay you down with my great guitar it's not extinct like the dinosaur as you can see, we're not that skilled but we're blastin', blastin' athletic builds 'cause we're two virgins with two guitars (ryan: ah oh!) rockin out like it's for a green card (ryan: ah oh!) on a raft to the proverbial rock we're two migrants from the country rock
14 Jan 2007
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Welcome... Come one, come all to the place where bloggers reside. Our little igloo in the middle of frozen winterland that is cyberspace. Basically, I love to blog and if you do too... I'd love to wrap a proverbial wing around you, read your words and offer you a beakful of debate.
13 Feb 2007
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Bruno the amazing swimming American Staffordshire Terrier Pitbull will swim all day long. An incredible pet pitbull dog video, it is incredible what happens! The American Staffordshire Terrier should give the impression of great strength for his size, a well put-together dog, muscular, but agile and graceful, keenly alive to his surroundings. He should be stocky, not long-legged or racy in outline. His courage is proverbial.
5 Mar 2007
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MCN Senior Road Tester has chosen his keys from the proverbial bowl and out came number 33. That is the number Neeves will be racing in the inaugural Henderson R1 Cup series, which launched at Croft Circuit last week. The round will be supporting the British Superbike Championship at all 12 rounds and all riders will ride standard Yamaha R1’s with sporty bodywork. Check out the video as Michael Neeves and #33 are introduced to see if it’s going to be the perfect partnership in the R1 Cup this season. Check motorcyclenews****/sport after each round to see how Neeves gets on throughout the season.
29 Mar 2008
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Here's an interesting thought ... Consider this: If I was a complete "MLM Dork" for almost 5 years in networking and then I hit the proverbial "jack pot", only one thing could have changed everything for me .... Better or newer information in a different approach to this industry .... Cya later :-) Debra NEED ME? 651.356.6519 morrisonmarketingyahoo****
13 Jun 2008
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While you were writing "J-E-T-S" on that Packers Jersey, someone was having the Best Night Ever! Go long with Leslie Collins as she gives you the best, most danceable TV moments from the So You Think You Can Dance finale! That's right - all SYTYCD, all the time (for 3 minutes at least, on this little embedded web player). We here are are glad that Mr. Favre has arrived at his new home, a proverbial Washington Wizards for this point in his career.
30 Oct 2010
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Machias Seal Island is a summer home to thousands of puffins. It is located in the Gulf of Maine, between the American town of Cutler, Maine and the Canadian Province of New Brunswick. In this photo collection, I've tried to capture different puffin scenes, from a posing couple to the proverbial puffin with a fish in his beak. To a photographer, this colorful bird is truly one of the most prized subjects ever. These images, as well as hundreds of other photos, are available as Fine Art Greeting Cards on my website. Each greeting card is handmade from original photos that I took all over the world, and is printed on 100% recycled paper. *******www.CardsBySergio**** Use a beautiful and unique greeting card to write your thoughts to a special person in your life. Or buy a bundle of cards as an elegant, affordable gift for someone you care for.
26 Oct 2008
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Network Marketing Solutions for those serious people that want to Succeed but just Can't figure out how to make money. Are you a Multi-level marketer that's totally frustrated with the mlm industry? Did you make that proverbial promise to yourself that you would stop looking for work from home? Has the sound of residual income dissipated in the wind? Before you...«
30 Nov 2008
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To be sure... you'd have to do a whole bunch of pissy DNA testing which would be a pain in the proverbial thesarseus. If I were you, buddy, I'd just sit there and laugh at "Hero Lloyd." What a dick. I'm not your buddy, guy. EITHER
23 Dec 2008
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Carnevale di Ivrea has been through several iterations in the 400 years since its founding. Ivrea, Piedmont today features an exciting orange throwing festival and battle rooted in the middle ages when feudal lords twice annually would give beans to the people who were of course all poor due to the Lord's largess. The people would then ceremoniously toss the beans out the windows and into the streets giving the lords the proverbial middle finger. Sounds fitting in today's environment of $1.2 trillion deficits. Maybe even a lesson in there for we post-modern sophisticates. If your Italy travel brings you to Torino consider a stop in Ivrea, where the people took control of their town in a renaissance of public and civic spirit and pride and re-engineered their carnevale to represent freedom from the shackles of the past and a celebration of the towns new urban identity.
9 Feb 2009
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If Los Angeles had an official food, it would undoubtedly be the taco. And to feed LA's incessant need for 24/7 snack-sized meat-filled tortillas, there are seemingly thousands of mobile taco delivery vehicles (aka "taco trucks") across the megalopolis, each with its own interpretation of the classic dish. For those on a budget, taco trucks make for cheap, recession-friendly but delicious eats—usually not much more than a buck per item. And for food lovers everywhere, the lively online and offline discussion among aficionados shows that taco truck culture is about being part food critique and part political activist with just a little bit of hungry thrown in. Highland Park, in the northeast part of the city near Eagle Rock and Mount Washington, is the city's proverbial taco capital, and that's where we start this episode of Good Food. Join our host, Evan Kleimain, to learn about the most common taco flavors—from the classic "al pastor," to the more adventurous cabeza (beef head and cheeks) and lengua (tongue). Then we head west to Venice Beach with Eddie Lin to sample the ultra-trendy Kogi truck where the Shin-Manguera family and chef Roy Choi bring gourmet Korean-inspired tacos to hipsters across LA, and still at only $2 a piece. Applauded for both their stellar menu as well as their high-tech savvy, you can get up-to-the-minute location data on the Kogi fleet at *******twitter****/kogibbq/. Or go to *******www.kcrw****/goodfood to learn more about this episode and taco truck culture in Los Angeles. Dive into food culture with Evan Kleiman, accomplished chef, restaurateur and host of KCRW's weekly radio program Good Food, to discover great but little-known restaurants, explore dining trends, meet dynamic food personalities, and learn about the politics of consumption. Created by 60Frames and KCRW. Hosted by Evan Kleiman. Good Food is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at *******www.60frames****.
2 Apr 2009
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Obtained A Mortgage Between 2000-2007? Lender Foreclosing? Behind On Your Mortgage? Lender Not Working With You? Upside Down On Your Homes Value?Interest Rate Adjusting? Victim Of Predatory Lending? Have An "Exotic" Mortgage? English Not Your Primary Language? A "YES" Answer To Any Of These Questions Means You May Have A Legal Case Against Your Lender! Quit getting pushed around by the banks, you don't have to take it! Fight back with a forensic mortgage loan audit from Home Loan Auditing. Banks are receiving their bailouts, now receive yours! Federal and State laws require ALL mortgage loans MUST comply with fair lending laws and regulations. Any violation(s) found in your mortgage may be used against the lender, giving YOU the proverbial "BIG STICK" when negotiating better terms for your mortgage.
19 Apr 2011
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*******www.HannahWaterman****** Hannah Waterman's Body Blitz DVD: Ex-Eastenders star Hannah Waterman is the weight loss story of the year and now shes revealing the secrets of her astonishing transformation in her new fitness DVD. Papped on holiday in a bikini last April looking as Hannah puts it like the proverbial beached whale was all the incentive she needed to get herself in shape. Shes now lost nearly 3 stone in weight and dropped from a size 16 to a slinky size 6. She admits she was so fat people thought I was pregnant, but it wasnt a baby it was too many cheese sarnies and glasses of wine! So hows she done it? To find the very best scientific way to lose weight, Hannah went to Loughborough University the countrys leading centre for sports science and worked with their weight-loss expert Martin MacDonald. The DVD focuses on interval training and is divided into short bursts of intense exercise followed by a rest period. According to Martin MacDonald All the latest scientific studies show its the most efficient way to burn fat. In fact its 4-5 times better at burning fat than normal aerobic exercise. Cardio Blitz involves short (10 second) bursts of intense exercise i.e. skipping, running on the spot) interspersed with active rest periods doing moves like squats and lunges. Box Blitz includes intense intervals of high speed boxing moves (speed-ball, upper-cuts) broken up with slower toning moves like press-ups and sit-ups. Tone Blitz mixes up short intervals of high energy burpees (like the old school bunny hops) with toning moves using weights (like lunges and sit-ups). Belly Blitz involves 10 minutes of abdominal exercises followed by a 5 minute stretch and cool down The DVD also comes with Hannahs Six Meals a Day Diet. So as Hannah says With this DVD you get to exercise less, eat more and still lose weight cant be bad!. Just visit *******www.HannahWaterman****** today and begin your own success story!
25 Nov 2009
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Would you know if he did, if God really spoke to you– would it be booming from the heavens or just in your head? If it was in your head, how would you know if it was God or wasn’t? Is God speaking right now but we’re just not listening? And if God does tell you something…what would you do about it? Meet Parrish. He’s a regular guy, owns a coffee shop. He happens to be shooting the breeze with his buddies at the neighborhood Chinese buffet, talking about the dents in golf balls and such, when the discussion develops into a debate on whether or not God still speaks to people. When his friends skip out and he is left alone, Parrish tells God he's “all in.” Ready to listen, do what he’s told, and see what happens. Only moments later, back at his table, he opens his fortune cookie to find a surprise -- instead of a proverbial statement, he reads a directive from God... *******waterbrookmultnomah****/catalog.php?isbn=9781400073443
15 Dec 2009
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Hey , whats up. Masum Ahmad here for mashflmdesign.wordpress**** . And welcome to another exciting After Effects Animation. Today I am going to show You these Glass Orbs. I don't know what they are. But perhaps they could hold a Galaxy and that Galaxy could be protected by Tom Cruise somehow. Any way I don't know if they work or not. But it's always exciting to show You all my exciting animations. If You are creating some sorts of actual glob for news promo or something like that than this animation is idle for You. Well I hope You will enjoy this animation. And be sure to check out the blog at ( *******mashflmdesign.wordpress****/ ). My name is Masum Ahmad and I will see You next time. Actually I will see You proverbially after 14th February in 2010. .... .'s like the future. Maybe I can use this as a crystal ball. aah.. Never mind. By the Way follow me on Twitter *******twitter****/mashflm & *******twitter****/mashfilm
17 Feb 2010
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