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A number of scientific studies have found Prozac and other pharmaceutical drugs in streams, rivers and even the drinking water in some places. There pharmaceuticals can not be filtered out through the wastewater treatment plants and so are simply dumped in the environment and eventually make their way into the wild life. The effects of these drugs on the wild life has included retarded development, reproductive problems, male fish developing female genitalia and inhibited growth. Traces of Prozac have been found in the liver, brain tissue and muscle tissue of fish. Please visit Natalie's website at *******www.nutritionbynatalie**** To find out more about orthomolecular psychiatry visit, *******orthomolecular****/index.shtml This video was produced by Psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth ***********/psychetruth *******www.livevideo****/psychetruth *******www.zoesofia****
17 Oct 2007
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jusT mTs frag vs prozac nuke terrorist side easylan tour
4 Jan 2008
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Song in which the singer freely admits losing his lady is definitely not cool...and that in the name of "better living through chemistry", he's going to join the Prozac Generation.
3 Jul 2008
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Here's another old-school Sunspot video, performing the song, "Prozac Girl" for James Madison Memorial High School's Arts Week in 2001.
2 Dec 2009
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I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC OR THE CLIPS! I just put music and clips together. music: michael andrews feat gary jules - mad world the clips are from film prozac nation (2001) starring: christina ricci as elizabeth wurtzel jessica lange as sarah michelle williams as ruby jason biggs as rafe anne heche as dr sterling and jonathan rhys meyers as noah enjoy ;)
26 Jan 2011
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Teenagers and their families discuss what it is like being on psychiatric medication, and how these drugs affected them. Learn how they really feel when given the opportunity to speak out. In addition, learn how our schools are contributing to this epidemic.
29 Oct 2009
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Clip Review: Christina Ricci sitting topless on the side of a bed as the camera pans around her nude body and shows us her great breasts and then giving us a hint of bush peaking out from between her legs. file size: 21,02 MB Clip Stats: duration: 0,42 min resolution: 1280x720 For A to Z All HDTV Celeb Nude Clips Visit *******hdtvcelebnudeclips.blogspot****
23 Jun 2010
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With a tiny hint of Stevie Nicks in her voice, Gina Gershon debuts her music with her first single, "Pretty Girls on Prozac," off her first album "In Search of Cleo." Gina's blasé tone matches the mellow song about exactly what the title says, pretty girls on prozac.
20 Nov 2007
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medicine loop videos
30 Apr 2009
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To tide you guys over this week between Road Manias, let's take a little trip in the Wayback Machine all the way back to the Aughts, all the way back to April 26th, 2004 at a a live performance for the 2004 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards. Picture Northern Lights Theater at Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee, WI. Picture a good deal of Milwaukee's music scene all dressed up, hanging out and getting lit up in one place. Picture a ton of old ladies smoking cigarettes and seducing the one-armed bandit. Picture us- young, fresh-faced, and beautiful. And yes, we did bring a different set of clothes to go between the stage and the ceremony. We also included some of the footage of our deep and poignant acceptance speeches for Rock Band of the Year!
11 Jun 2010
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click here *******
19 Apr 2011
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19 Apr 2011
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