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*******www.20daypersuasion**** - It's fascinating how color psychology can influence anyone's actions and behavior. In this video, you'll discover some amazing ways to persuade people and skyrocket your profits using the power of color psychology.
19 Jan 2009
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*******budurl****/7l9g A testimonial from Tony Robbins World Authority on Leadership Psychology. If Tony Robbins trusts this guy - you should check him out for yourself. Watch this video - especially if you are looking to get more Google rankings, online web traffic and generate leads for your web site.
14 Nov 2008
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*******DCincome**** How to leverage the social psychology of social networks like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and many more. I highly recommend picking up Robert Cialdini's book "Influence," as he goes through the 6 psychological factors that influence people to for sales or anything else.
30 Dec 2008
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Associate Professor Jacqueline Mattis answers questions about doctoral study in applied psychology.
6 Dec 2008
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Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology Expert and IIR Executive Development course instructor, Sue Langley introduces 'Positive Pyschology' as a method of enhancing your personal and professional life, revealing the three piece puzzle to understanding and using positive psychology for profit. For more info,contact +61 2 9080 4050, edinfoiir****.au, or visit: *******www.iired****.au Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Dec 2008
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What is the secret to coaching...women? J.V. volleyball coach, Loyal Frazier, gives us a few tips on the science behind the psychology of coaching female athletes and how it differs from the "side of guys." Look at it as a challenge!
19 Feb 2009
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MindMatters Psychology Practice provides child development support services for children at *******www.mmpp****.sg/child-development.html. They also provide an Autism Test for children at *******www.mmpp****.sg/giftedness-testing.html
23 Jan 2009
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Tennis psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn at *******www.sportspsychologytennis****, helps tennis players improve their mental game and performance. Tennis Confidence Video 1 explains why tennis players under perform in competitiion compared to practice. Boost your inner game of tennis with sports psychology for tennis players.
18 Feb 2009
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Mindfulness health psychology: get over yourself.Hippocrates Health Institute points out that even though he is an expert in nutrition and biology, he spends 75% of his effort teaching health psychology. esteem*******www.hippocrateshealthlifestyle****/
6 Mar 2009
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*******www.ServiceWealth**** Are you ready to succeed in your home business? The psychology of network marketing will share how to really get you where you deserve to be
9 Mar 2009
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*******www.newwebsitemarketing**** To be a successful entrepreneur, it is imperative that you understand and use sales psychology. Internet Marketing gurus have this ability honed to an art form.
25 Mar 2009
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Video Games. Movies. Charades. These and other party games are pretty played out. So let s look to a new avenue for fun...Unethical Psychology Experiments. They're good enough for borderline sociopaths, so why not you?
28 Mar 2009
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Psychology quotes on relaxing music. More at
11 May 2009
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POR FAVOR HAZ CLICK AQUÍ PARA LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL: *******www.metacafe****/watch/2865844// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made this video for a course in education, where we had to pick a topic from our career and choose a group to the one the video will be focused, with a motivation objective. Well, being a psychologist, I chose the "Emotional Intelligence" topic, and decided to focus it to students of psychology and senior students, as a way to show the pleasure of psychology that many could have, and to show some interesting topics in the work of a psychologist. The music I used if from very talented people, to the ones I am very thankful for their permission to use their pieces in the video. Here I give you the links for their web pages so you can give them a visit, highly recommended: [oove] Heartbeats - broove broove.newgrounds**** HOT Fiery Anger - JinNJuice jinnjuice.newgrounds**** I Envisioned You - Phyrnna (HalcyonicFalconX) halcyonicfalconx.newgrounds**** Kriz: ReMotion - Kr1z kr1z.newgrounds****
21 Apr 2010
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An interview with Doug Treen, author of "Psychology of Executive Retirement from Fear to Passion," published by iUniverse.
21 Jul 2009
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MindMatters Psychology Practice provides child development support services for children at *******www.mmpp****.sg/child-development.html. They also provide an Autism Test for children at *******www.mmpp****.sg/iq-testing.html
24 Jul 2009
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