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Shason Enterprise ( *******www.shasonenterprise**** ) specialises in the export and trade of precision engineered industrial & engineering products such as gaskets, PTFE products, rubber products, jointing sheets, PTFE sheets, engineered polypropylene, PTFE tapes, engineered acrylic etc. Our product range includes spiral wound metallic gaskets, PTFE / Teflon components, metal nuts, bolts, fasteners, rubber sheets, ptfe sheets, engineered polypropylene, PTFE tapes, engineered acrylic, non-asbestos mechanical packing & sealing components and many more. All our products are manufactured from rubber, stainless steel, perforated steel, non-asbestos fibre jointing, and other heat insulation materials. Our clientele is spread across a variety of industries including automobiles, engineering, chemical processes, thermal power stations, oil refineries, cement manufacturing, pump & valve manufacturing, electrical and textiles.
12 Aug 2011
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"PTFE Fiberglass Belts and belting materials are accessible for applications that require unrivaled discharge qualities, porousness for quick drying, dimensional and warm solidness, and the dynamic quality. PTFE betls - *******www.bombinobelts****/product/ptfe-fiberglass-belts"
10 Sep 2016
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PTFE Coated Glass Cloth is an immaculate matrix of the excellent physical and chemical properties of both the constituents. Controlled making process and rigid inspection procedures give right quality of material that is capable of resolving a variety of problems. ptfe belts -*******www.bombinobelts****/product/ptfe-fiberglass-belts
27 Oct 2016
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PTFE Fiberglass Belts and belting materials are accessible for applications that require unrivaled discharge qualities, porousness for quick drying, dimensional and warm solidness, and the dynamic quality to stand up to the most thorough working conditions, so it can be use easily at home .
16 Feb 2017
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Ashvin Engineering Works For Ptfe Products, Peek Valve Plate, Gas Compressor Parts, Ptfe Manufacturers in India Etc. PTFE products are widely used in areas including Chemical Industries, Aeronautical industries, Battery Industries, Compressor Industries, Civil Engineering, Dairy Industries, Electrical / Electronic Industries, Engineering Industries. - Ptfe Manufacturers, Ptfe Products, Gas Compressor Parts, Ptfe Parts Manufacturers, Ptfe Parts Products, Ptfe Manufacturers in India.
7 Mar 2017
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PTFE Abrasion Resistant Tubes are special kind of polymers that have a large industrial use because of its reduced friction points and high resistance to chemicals..
27 Mar 2017
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PTFE Antistatic Tube has been used for multiple consumer and industrial application. It can be used not only to make rods and sheets but also tubes.
3 Apr 2017
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The PTFE Lined Marked tubes which is made up of special kind of plastic has a high endurance quality which is why it is used in most industries.
13 Apr 2017
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PTFE Braided SS304 perform brilliantly under challenging environmental and industrial conditions and hence its commercial usage is on the rise..
15 Apr 2017
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Applications of PTFE hose can be used in a number of industries like chemical area, Automative and Railways, and also in several general applications.
15 Apr 2017
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Glass fabric PTFE Belts is also very popular in textile manufacturing - from the high temp preparing of strands to chamber covers it does the occupation. Warm holding enhances confused procedures, including overlay to froth or different synthetics and with simple discharge points of interest.
11 May 2017
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Dầu nhờn khô PTFE, chất tẩy nhờn, xích sên thépHTP chuyên mua bán: Dây curoa trơn, dây curoa răng – MITSUBOSHI, BANDO, SANWU Dây curoa xe tayga, xe môtô – MITSUBOSHI Xích inox, xích thép – OCM, KANA, DONGHUA Keo dán gioăng, keo làm kín, keo khóa ren, keo chống xoay – LOCTITE, PERMATEX Vòng bi, bạc đạn, gối đỡ – NSK, FAG, VSKB Băng tải PVC, PU – BGR Dây đai dẹt, dây đai tiếp tuyến, dây đai truyền động – BGR Dây đai rèn niềng thùng, dây đai nhựa PP – HTPG Dầu mở bôi trơn, dầu chịu nhiệt – LOCTITE, WD40, RP7 Bánh xe, xe đẩy – HADO Dụng cụ cầm tay, điều khiển bằng tay – STANLEY, DEWALT Liên hệ: Bán hàng: Mr. Đạt 0938 454 791 – 0903 400 730
18 May 2017
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Looking for best PTFE Bellows Seal manufacturer in India? LEAK-PACK is a leading Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal supplier located in Gujarat.
26 Oct 2017
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Advanced Fluro Tubes is a leading manufacturer of PTFE tubing and one of the front runners in supplying world class PTFE Tubes and PTFE Hoses in India.
20 Mar 2018
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Aftubes manufacture and supply world class PTFE tubing to customers in the following industries, air conditioning, bakeries, bottle making and so on.
9 Jul 2018
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