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Easy to do pub trick where you make a cigarette follow your every move, all by itself. This cool pub trick is easy do magic and should impress your mates. Plenty more easy free pub tricks can be found at *******www.howtodotricks****
19 May 2009
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Cigarette trick where you challenge a friend to see who can smoke a cigarette down the furthest without letting the ash drop off. Easy secret is explained in the video. More bar tricks are revealed at *******www.goodtricks****/barmagic1.html
22 Nov 2009
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see more at *******
16 May 2011
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Swedish exchange stop over in Kuala Lumpur.. time for a beer and pub tricks.. the flaming nipple.. hope hyou enjoy..
16 Jul 2007
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This is the quarter trick from pub trick revealed
23 Sep 2007
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A cool pub trick with money bills where two bills, one on top of the other perform what looks to be the impossible. Try out this cool pub trick for yourself. Plenty more free bar magic is available at *******www.goodtricks****
10 May 2009
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Very cool pub trick where you use your magic powers to make an ordinary beer bottle stick to a vertical wall. Very cool pub trick to learn. Lots more cool magic secrets to do at *******www.howtodotricks****
20 May 2009
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Imagine an invisible device that would allow you to easily flatten many brands of bottles within your bare hands; followed by the ability to hand the flattened bottle out for examination! What would your routines look like if you could take one brand of beer or soda and instantly change it for another: A green bottle is seen to have morphed into a brown one and then is immediately handed out for examination! Another brilliant creation from pub tricks master - Alex Lourido
19 Jun 2009
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A coin is smashed right through the base of a can. A future street magic classic! Watch as a can with drink is poured out and a coin appears to be smashed right through the base of the can. The coin is then found in the can. Be one of the first to get this great trick and impress people at home, work, school or the bar!
19 Sep 2007
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this is a cool trick you can do in a pub or where ever you want you will impress everybuddy
28 Sep 2007
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Blues Brothers Ul
8 Jan 2008
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MagicTricks****** is proud to introduce to you the fantastic, brand new release from our star creator - Alex Lourido! CAPtivated was officially launched at the 2009 Blackpool Magic Convention and it was one of the hottest and most talked about tricks of the whole convention. It was a COMPLETE sell out within less than 2 hours of launching it!
20 Jun 2009
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