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******* It can be difficult for a small business to get the exposure they need to be successful. Besides the boring promotions such as passing out flyers, there are many more marketing tools that small businesses can use. Every marketing tool that is available is designed to increase customer retention while promoting public awareness.
8 Jun 2010
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The aim of public awareness from the new trap of cheating
18 Nov 2018
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We conducted a survey on how people avail basic legal services, and the results shout out how much we need to spread the word that this can be done easily, online. \Spread the word and help someone in need.
8 Dec 2017
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Back pain is a common problem in today busy life. Dr Kailash Kothari started a simple effective video series to create awareness about causes and treatment and symptoms of back pain.
10 Jan 2018
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A three-year campaign to promote public awareness around stroke is being launched by the Department of Health today. Stroke, a loss of brain function due to a clot or bleed in the brain, is the third leading cause of death and the single largest cause of adult disability in England. According to The Stroke Association, every year in the UK an estimated 150,000 people have a stroke - resulting in 67,000 deaths. Stroke accounts for nine per cent of deaths in men and 13 per cent of deaths in women in the UK, and three times as many women die from stroke than breast cancer. To view Multimedia News Release go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/quitefrankly/36913/
11 May 2009
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More Videos - *********** Mexico Diabetes Ad.
19 Apr 2008
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This is the one of the 5 spots that we made for the cencorship in Turkey. For more information: *******www.sansuresansur**** Director: Ilkay Kopan
10 May 2009
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Chief creative director Marco Versolato of Y&R Brazil created the first Brazilian film to support the 'tck tck tck: Time for Climate Justice'campaign. The promotion was launched by Kofi Annan, President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, and Bob Geldof at 56th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, last June.The campaign *******www.tcktcktck****/ urges people from around the world to become 'planet allies' and push world leaders to make fair and united decisions at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. Adaptation, a short animated film created by Y&R synthesizes Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and reminds the audience about the importance of adapting to our planet, rather than thinking the planet will adapt to our actions. Y&R worked with the production company Tribbo Post and the audio producer Somzera to create this film.
15 Sep 2009
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HEART ATTACK SUPER BOWL AD KICKS OFF KING PHARMACEUTICALS' SPONSORSHIP OF AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION'S HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE WEB SITE New Super Bowl 'Player' King Pharmaceuticals uses engaging and entertaining ad treatment with element of surprise to tackle major health issue Viewers called on to self-assess risk of heart attack and stroke on AHA Web site BRISTOL, TN/DALLAS, TX - January 30, 2007 / PRNewswire /- King Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. (NYSE:KG) is launching a three-year sponsorship of the American Heart Association high blood pressure Web site via a nationally broadcast commercial airing during Super Bowl XLI. The ad aims to increase public awareness of high blood pressure and other risk factors and the impact it has on a person's overall risk of serious cardiovascular disease by steering viewers to the American Heart Association's online high blood pressure risk assessment tool. Debuting a commercial during the most watched television event in the country is a first for King Pharmaceuticals, and the first time the American Heart Association has been included in a Super Bowl commercial. The 60-second unbranded spot will air during the second quarter, shortly before halftime. A 30-second version of the ad will also air during the post-game show. The full campaign includes a print advertising and online media component as well. The creative concept for the ad was developed by King Pharmaceuticals, with the American Heart Association providing feedback and input on overall messaging and the interaction of risk factors. Titled 'Heart Attack,' the spot uses an entertaining and engaging treatment that emphasizes the element of surprise to communicate the risks of uncontrolled high blood pressure, also called hypertension - a condition that causes or contributes to more than a quarter of a million deaths in the U.S. each year. 'We are extremely pleased to have found in King Pharmaceuticals a partner so committed to raising public awareness about the risks high blood pressure poses and its relationship to cardiovascular disease,' said Dr. Daniel Jones, President Elect of the American Heart Association and a member of the association's High Blood Pressure Research Council. 'Historically, it has been difficult to convince people of the seriousness of high blood pressure because they usually don't experience specific symptoms. In launching their sponsorship of our high blood pressure Web site with a Super Bowl commercial, King is providing a catalyst for the millions of people who don't realize they have high blood pressure or don't think they need to address it. The goal is to prompt them to take action to reduce their overall risk for serious cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke.' With the suspense and drama of a Hollywood action movie, 'Heart Attack' features a Heart Man going about his everyday business when he is ambushed by high blood pressure and his accomplices - high cholesterol, overweight and diabetes. When the villainous risk factors are done with 'Heart Man,' he is left with a clear understanding of the threat they pose, while the audience is asked, 'Is your heart at risk of an attack?' Viewers are then called to action to find out what their personal risk of a heart attack or stroke is by going online to www.BeatYourRisk**** (a web site to be launched on February 4th) and taking a short online quiz. The hope is that they will then discuss their risk profile with their doctor and take appropriate action to reduce their risks. 'With nearly a third of the 72 million adults who have high blood pressure unaware of the serious cardiovascular risks the condition poses if left untreated, we felt the scope of the problem demanded a stage with the Super Bowl's broad demographic reach,' said Steve Andrzejewski, King Pharmaceuticals' Chief Commercial Officer. 'At the same time, we knew we had to break through the clutter to motivate the audience to take the American Heart Association's online risk assessment quiz. We're confident the creative concept of the ad will make it a very effective means of spreading our message to the millions of people with uncontrolled high blood pressure as well as to the people who influence their health decisions.' The three-year sponsorship will involve a variety of joint national and local initiatives designed to send people to the sponsored high blood pressure area of www.americanheart**** to increase their awareness of the impact that high blood pressure and other risk factors have on their overall risk of serious cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. These initiatives will encourage people to take action to reduce those risks by speaking with their doctors about their risk profile. The ad is also a Super Bowl first for advertising agency Glow Worm, a part of Publicis Healthcare Groupe, while Publicis Groupe's Optimedia handled the broadcast media buy.
1 Feb 2007
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March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Every four minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with colorectal cancer. 55,000 people die from the disease each year and 150,000 people are newly diagnosed. Waging the battle against this disease requires educational and support tools to help patients and their families cope, allowing them to successfully continue their daily activities. To help raise public awareness about the resources available to patients and discuss the importance of early detection, the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) and the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) are teaming up to share information about living with colorectal cancer. They are designed to address some of the fundamental questions associated with living with this disease; choosing a health care team, knowing what questions to ask, obtaining financial and other resources for treatment and learning how to take control of your situation. One imperative recommendation is that anyone over the age of 50 should get a colonoscopy especially if there is a family history of colorectal cancer. More than nine in 10 new cases are found in people 50 years or older. If detected in its early stages, colorectal cancer is more than 90 percent curable. For more information, visit ccalliance****. Produced for Amgen, Inc.
25 Mar 2007
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Production By Military Practitioners Spotlights Service To Wounded Warriors The Occupational Therapy Department at Walter Reed Army Medical Center has produced a 90 second video to showcase some of the many rehabilitation services that are provided to wounded soldiers. As advances in battlefield medicine save more soldiers' lives than ever before, the science of occupational therapy is providing rehabilitation that allows America's wounded warriors to return to full participation in life. The video is the latest educational tool that the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) is promoting in support of Occupational Therapy Month 2007. "Critical work for our nation is being conducted by hundreds of therapists in Veterans Administration Hospitals, military facilities, private practices and community re-entry programs, says AOTA President M. Carolyn Baum PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA. "This video produced by the practitioners at Walter Reed will help focus attention on the important work being performed there, and the innovations in rehabilitation that will benefit all of society." Military practitioners treat a wide array of injuries including combat stress, traumatic brain injury, amputations and poly-trauma. Much of this video focuses on the rehabilitation provided in a therapy setting at Walter Reed called Fort Independence. The home-like setting features a living room, bed, kitchen and bathroom. Here soldiers relearn how to do everyday activities such as dressing, bathing, home maintenance and cooking a meal. Re-learning those activities of daily living fosters independence. "Occupational therapy must help our wounded warriors to recover, rehabilitate and live their lives to the fullest," adds Dr. Baum. "Community reintegration and enabling full participation will be critical to helping these individuals and their families rebuild their lives. We feel this new video will help raise public awareness of that important process."
13 Apr 2007
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Juan Manuel Carrion is an artist, ornithologist and environmentalist living near Quito, Ecuador. For many years he was worked to raise Ecuador's public awareness about need to preserve and protect it's natural environment and its bio-diversity.
24 Aug 2007
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