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*******filipinotravelagency**** - Puerto Galera has been attracting tourists for many years. It is actually a town located at the northeastern section of Mindoro, Philippines. In truth, tourists flock to the neighboring towns of Sabang and White Beach and not to the actual Puerto Galera town. All of these towns, however, including the actual small town of Puerto Galera are all generally lumped together and referred to as Puerto Galera. Here you will learn what to expect, so you will be able to prepare for your trip.
25 Mar 2011
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In my videos I try to give travelers, business people and people living in the Philippines tips and information. In this video i’m going to answer a question some travelers ask me… "Is there a Puerto Galera Airport?” The answer is YES...well sort of... There’s a seaplane going back and forth from Manila to the islands around the Philippines, one of the destination is Puerto Galera. You can visit airjuan website for more info about the schedules and destinations. Puerto Galera is voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and when you arrive here by plane, well that's just awesome and its pretty cheap too. Its only about a hundred dollars and a 20 minutes of flight time, you’ll be in paradise. When you arrive here come visit us at BADLADZ, we have two awesome locations for you. Right on Muelle Pier is BADLADZ Dive Resort only a few minutes away from where the airplane drops you off. You can also visit BADLADZ Beach Resort, just another 5 minutes and you’ll be in a completely different atmosphere on the beach, out of town, quite, clean and of course a beautiful view anywhere. Cheers, Sean
4 Mar 2017
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BADLADZ Beach Resort is the best resort in Puerto Galera in terms of location, things to do and overall value for your money. We are a family owned and ran resort, restaurant and spa. We have great reviews on TripAdvisor and other various online travel agency sites like Agoda and Expedia. There are plenty of fun and relaxing activities to do at the resort itself as well as around the Puerto Galera area. There are a lot of activities onsite at the beach resort such as: - Enjoying a Massage at Our On-Site Spa - Various Spa Treatments in Our On-Site Spa - Swimming in a Pool (children's pool too) - Walking on the Beach - Swimming in the Ocean - Relaxing in a Hammock Next to the Beach - Sunbathing in the Beach Side Lawn - Hanging Out at the Poolside Bar - Enjoying Excellent Food at the Restaurant - Exercise in the Fitness Area There are plenty of activities offsite too. Things like: - Scuba Diving - Snorkeling - More Beaches - Mud Karts - Go Karts - Paintball - Shooting Zombies - Mechanical Bull - Ziplines - Waterfalls & Natural Pools - Shooting Range - Golf - Mini Golf - Riding Motorbikes - Nightlife in Sabang or White Beach - ...and more The beach resort is in a quiet location just a few minutes out of Puerto Galera Town and a 20 minute ride away from Sabang or White Beach making it a great central location for your holiday in Puerto Galera. We invite you to come join us. Cheers, Sean
9 Mar 2017
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This is a www.ScubaMagazine**** HD video we produced as apart of a review we did of El Galleon Resort in Puertoa Galera, Philippines
20 May 2009
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In my videos I give travelers, business people and those living in the Philippines tips and information. I have here a new video and it will take you to the beautiful White Beach in Puerto Galera Puerto Galera is well known because of its abundant dive sites and beautiful tourist spots surrounding the island, and one of the most popular tourist spot here is the White Beach. White Beach is just a quick 15-minute tricycle ride from Puerto Galera proper, making it a very accessible choice from any BADLADZ Adventure Resorts Property. Puerto Galera itself is only a 3-hour trip from Manila, making both Puerto Galera and the White Beach a popular destination for tourists. Many of our guests love to go scuba diving all day at the BADLADZ Dive Resort or relax by the pool at the BADLADZ Beach Resort, then spend their evenings enjoying themselves at White Beach. Some of our guests like to spend the day at White Beach, then relax with a cold beer at the BADLADZ Beach Resort. Come visit us and enjoy here in Paradise. Cheers, Sean
6 Mar 2017
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Have you ever been to the Monkey Beach Dive Site in Puerto Galera Philippines? If not, let me show you one of the most beautiful scuba diving site there is. The Monkey Beach. In this video you’ll see the awesome scenery underwater and understand why this is a perfect place to go scuba diving in Puerto Galera. The Monkey Beach dive site in Puerto Galera has a gradual slope to 18 meters in a sandy bottom, you will find a 20 feet long yacht laying on her port side and home for Anthias, Damselfish, Snapper, Batfish, Moorish Idol, Gobies and Basslets. Wrasses, Trigger, Puffer fish, Cods and Lionfish are also common in this area. Scorpion Fish and Nudibranch can also be seen along the hull. When the current is present, there are Sweetlips, common Jacks and Emperor Fish patrolling the area hunting for their prey. In mid-water, there are school of Fusiliers and Long Jawed Mackerel swimming randomly that makes this dive site more alive. Here at Monkey Beach a short drift over densely populated hard and soft coral reef can be done where, Banded Sea snake, Moray Eel, and Green Sea Turtle can also be part of your dive while cruising along. Generally, the current flow can be from east or Westside of this dive site bringing you further without exerting effort while kicking. If this is a site you would like to visit, BADLADZ Scuba Diving goes to this location as one of our dive spots in Puerto Galera. Cheers, Sean Book today at BADLADZ Adventure Resorts ===================================== BADLADZ Scuba Diving Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera 5203, Philippines Mobile +63 998 989 8485 Land Line +63 43 287 3184 ====================================== BADLADZ Dive Resort Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera 5203, Philippines Mobile +63 939 914 8819
9 Mar 2017
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Have you ever thought about doing the Discover Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera on your holiday? If you want to try scuba diving but not enough time or you’re not ready for a PADI scuba diving course, then discover scuba diving is a great way to “get your feet wet” (pun intended). BADLADZ Scuba Diving offers a beginners level dive called Discover Scuba Diving. We offer this program to ages as young as 10 years old and you can dive to maximum of 12 meters. The discover scuba diving program is quick and easy way to plunge into the water and see hundreds of different fish in a healthy coral reef just 5 minutes from our Puerto Galera dive center. We are located at Muelle Bay which is awarded as One of the “Most beautiful bays in the world” and is a few meters from docking area we launch from. Cheers, Sean
10 Mar 2017
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Are you looking to arrange group diving in Puerto Galera? Here at BADLADZ Scuba Diving we specialize in organizing group diving trips. We can tailor our group support to make it fit your group's size and needs. Weather you are a group leader, a company or a group of friends looking to have a memorable holiday, we can arrange a fantastic trip for you. This right here is a video of group from Russia who took a group diving deal with us. See how they enjoyed their experience. Cheers, Sean
11 Mar 2017
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I make videos of tourist spots, things to see and things to do here in the Philippines and particularly around Puerto Galera. Now we are going out on the beach, getting our feet wet and have some fun. There are so many spots to choose from to hang out here in Puerto Galera. So to cover it all we are going island hopping. The destination for island hopping is the Boquete Island where the Haligi Beach is located and the San Antonio Island where you can see the Long Beach. The beaches of these islands are very clean and have crystal clear water for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a little bit more excitment, try snorkeling. There's a lot of fish here to look at. After a swim from the beach, you can head back to BADLADZ and swim more in the pool. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and come visit us here in Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro Philippines. Cheers, Sean
13 Mar 2017
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Want to experience living in the Philippines? Want to go scuba diving and go swimming with sharks wtihout a bloody affair? Then look no further than Badladz Resorts, the ultimate traveling reprieve you can get! Travel in the Philippines and book your stay with us, where you get to experience great sea breeze, delicious Philippine food, great hopitality experience, and even get to see rare whale sharks if you came at the right time! Don’t know how to swim but want to go scuba diving? No problem at all, we have scuba diving lessons and scuba gear to get you ready in no time to say hello to the sharks! When you come and see us at Badladz in Puerto Galera, these are the exact steps you'll take to get here, including how much you should pay for every single thing. Take a look! It's easy to get here, and when you arrive you'll see that it's paradise. We can't wait for you get here! Tags: Puerto Galera, Beach, Diving, Travel. Cheers, Sean
17 Mar 2017
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I created a couple of videos and blog post giving directions how to get to Puerto Galera but this time its other way around. I will take you to a tour how to go from Puerto Galera to Manila airport. After having fun with us here at BADLADZ, you’ll need to ride a tricycle going to Muelle pier. From the pier you’ll need to ride a ferry boat to Batangas port and from there you have to take another tricycle and you’ll be in the bus terminal. The bus can take you to Manila with in one hour and a half. Once you arrive in manila terminal you’ll need to ride a taxi to your designated terminal in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. So there, thats how you get from Puerto Galera to Manila Airport. Have a safe trip. Cheers, Sean
18 Mar 2017
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The MV Alma Jane Express is a 60 ton, 32 meter steel-hulled cargo ship built in Japan in 1966. In March 2003 it was deliberately sunk off of small La Laguna Beach at 30 meters off the shore, creating the ultimate wreck diving site in Puerto Galera and to teach Nitrox courses. Sitting upright on the sandy bottom, the Alma Jane is now host to a large variety of marine life. Be sure to scout the bottom terrain for stone fish, mantis Shrimp and hermit crabs. Sweetlips, batfish, snapper, common jacks can be seen here also. Along the hull, you will find scorpion fish, lion fish and some nudibranch. Occasionally you will also find octopus, cuttle fish or moray eels hiding underneath the lower curve of the hull. Diving at the bottom of the Alma Jane Wreck dive site also gives you an amazing view of silhouette of the ship, especially the bow. MV Alma Jane Express, is one of the most popular dives in Puerto Galera. It is definitely a favorite amongst BADLADZ Scuba Diving dive staff! The skill level for this dive is ADVANCED. It is a perfect opportunity to do your PADI Advanced open water certification at BADLADZ Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera. It is excellent for deep, wreck and wreck penetration dive training. Cheers, Sean
20 Mar 2017
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