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Many people run behind the shadows and forget to make sure of the truth of things. Sometimes you will be chasing shadows when you are unaware that the real thing in within your reach. People have come up with so many theories over this video.I think this pug is really cute. That’s it. Ignorance and stupidity are not the same thing. The unknown we can forgive ourselves for, by learning. The stupidity comes when we are offered the chance to understand, but turn it down.. That's why the real or more precisely sensitive reality is a partly constructed. Would this dog has the same reaction if he sees water's shadow without the noise of water, the specific smell water has for him? Likely not. Suggesting that even this dog made use of existing, categories, he has an idea of water, he knew the noise water produces and he reacts to water's shadow as it were real water.
21 May 2018
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31 Jul 2018
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This pug here is receiving its shots. It looks absolutely petrified & is making the noises whenever the needle approaches it!
13 Jun 2019
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