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Are you wondering why does a guy pull away? Discover why men suddenly disappear in relationships inside this video…
28 Jun 2018
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15 Oct 2010
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That prank was uncalled for, but it was the classic pull away from the chair when he isn't looking prank done by these two fighting kids.
14 Aug 2019
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This dog was so jealous of her owner’s stuffed dog when she was petting him that it bit the stuffed dog’s neck and pulled it away.
15 Nov 2017
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A dude pulling away the chair on which his friend is sitting.
31 Jul 2006
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Kroeger and Hall Capture First Place Titles in 28th Annual Foot Locker Cross Country Championships National Finals SAN DIEGO, December 9, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- Kathy Kroeger of Franklin, Tenn., and Chad Hall of Big Bear Lake, Calif., won the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships (FLCCC) National Finals at Morley Field in Balboa Park in San Diego, Calif., today. The girls' race began with a large group of 20 runners holding close through the first mile. Four-time FLCCC National Finals qualifier Marie Lawrence of Reno, Nev., made a move after the first mile and the rest of the field gave chase. The lead group became more defined through the second mile when Kroeger and Aurora Scott of Chesapeake, Va., set the pace. Kroeger opened up a lead with half a mile remaining and increased her distance from the pack to about 30 meters, finishing in 17:29 to become the South Region's first female national champion since Erin Keogh in 1986. Scott, who pressured Kroeger through the second half of the race, finished second with a time of 17:36, while Emily Sisson of Omaha, Neb., finished third in 17:56. Scott (South) and Sisson (Midwest) are both 2006 FLCCC Regional Champions. In the boys' race, the excitement was intense as it came down to the final seconds between Hall, a senior at Big Bear High School and Steve Murdock of Clifton Park, N.Y. The race opened up with the entire field staying together and several of the top finishers vying for the lead. Northeast Regional Champion Craig Forys of Howell, N.J., took an early lead on the hill just after the first mile, but the pack quickly reconvened on the downhill. Staying together through the halfway point, Murdock attempted a move by breaking away two meters from the pack, but again, the group came back together and continued to battle for the win. In an exciting finish, Hall and Murdock were neck-and-neck through the last 400 meters, until Hall managed to pull away in the final stretch to claim victory in 15:20. Forys pushed it through the final 30 meters to pass Murdock for the second place finish in a time of 15:24. Murdock finished third, just one second behind Forys, with a time of 15:25. The runners competed in ideal race conditions under sunny skies on a dry course. The temperature was in the mid-sixties for the girls' race, and slightly warmer for the boys' race. The Foot Locker Cross Country Championships is comprised of four regional 5K races, which took place across the country in the Midwest (Kenosha, Wis.), Northeast (Bronx, N.Y.) and South (Charlotte, N.C.) on Nov. 25, and the West (Walnut, Calif.) on Dec. 2, culminating in the National Finals here today.
12 Dec 2006
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Mysterious Ball Lightning Created in the Lab By Ker Than LiveScience Staff Writer posted: 23 February 2006 08:56 am ET Ball lightning is one of the most mysterious phenomena in nature. Now scientists have created a laboratory version of the eerie floating orbs using technology taken from a common microwave oven. The work could help scientists figure out how the lightning forms in nature and lead to practical applications that harness its power. In the wild, the little bundles of energy are typically only a few centimeters across, although some have been reported to be the size of beach balls or larger. They are closely associated with regular lightning and thunderstorms and have been seen in many different colors. Witnesses report hissing sounds and an acrid ozone odor when the lightning balls appear. The vivid apparitions normally hover or float around for only a few seconds before vanishing suddenly, either silently or with an explosive bang. Although people have known about ball lightning for centuries, scientists have yet to come up with an explanation that accounts for all of the strange properties. Microwave drill Eli Jerby and Vladimir Dikhtyar from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel created a laboratory version of ball lightning using a "microwave drill." The device consists of a 600-watt magnetron taken from a domestic microwave oven and uses a powerful microwave beam to bore through solid objects. The researchers aimed the beam through a pointed rod and into a solid object made from glass, silicon and other materials. The energy from the drill created a molten hot spot in the solid object; when the drill was pulled away, it dragged some of the superheated material along with it, creating a fire column [video] that then collapsed into a bright fireball that floated and bounced [video] across the ceiling of the metal enclosure. "The fireball [looked] like a hot jellyfish, quivering and buoyant in the air," Jerby said. The glowing object measured just slightly over an inch across and lasted only about 10 milliseconds. The work was detailed earlier this month in the journal Physical Review Letters. Glowing fluff balls The composition of the laboratory lightning ball still needs to be verified, but it appeared to resemble those found in nature. "Our experiment confirms to some extent the theory that ball lightning originates from hot spots in the ground created by normal lightning," Jerby told LiveScience. According to one popular theory, ball lightning forms when lightning strikes the ground and vaporizes mineral grains in the soil. The vaporized nanoparticles could then link together into chains and form a fluffy ball of silicon that floats on the wind. The particles react with oxygen in the air and release light as they burn. Jerby thinks that his laboratory lightning balls could one day find practical uses in industry. "My imagination leads me to speculate on applications like 'bulb-less' light sources, coating and deposition or energy production," he said.
25 Jan 2007
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This is a reflex test. A friend has one hand near the edge of a table. You have to push your forehead against the resting hand. The hand will pull away very quickly and you have to pull your head away before you hit the table. No one gets seriously hurt - unless you're an idiot and you smash the bridge of your nose. Either way, you're still an idiot.
25 Apr 2007
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What people do to have fun.... Very funny! Guy gets pulled away by car...
10 May 2007
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www.BgreenTV**** HELP US SAVE THE PLANET MAKE A ECO FRIENDLY VIDEO TODAY OR SUBMIT ONE YOU FIND AND HELP US SAVE THE PLANET I am Willow the Earth Keeper Cat. The 2007 Pharmaceutical Clean sweep is only days away! The third annual Earth Keeper Clean sweep is Earth Day eve - Saturday April 21 from 9 a.m. until 12 noon local time at free collection sites across Michigan's pristine Upper Peninsula. The Earth Keeper Team is collecting old and unwanted pharmaceuticals of all kinds at dozens of drop off sites across a 400 mile area of northern Michigan. I have been thinking a lot lately. Wow what a big task. Can we do it. Should we do it. It seems unsurmountable - but the Earth Keepers are diverse, dedicated and hardworking - every team member brings something to the effort and each Earth Keeper gives their all. On Earth Day 2006, we collected 320 tons of old computers and cell phones in only three hours and all were recycled. We even had old fashioned horses pulling loads of the modern computers that were now out-of date. That was pretty ironic modern computers turned to junk being pulled away by old fashioned horses. But sometimes I want to just crawl under my blankets. And escape from all the world's problems. You know that feeling. The worlds problems are just too big for me to fix. Pollution, global warming, and all that stuff. It is very scary. But then I look in the mirror and remember one person - or in my case one cat - can make a difference. So I have been collecting all my old and unwanted pharmaceuticals to drop off at one of the Earth Keeper collections sites on Saturday April 21, 2007 from 9 am until high noon across northern Michigan.. Anytime you feel you need to hide under your covers. Remember Willow the Earth Keeper Cat says you can make a difference. The world is at stake. I am Willow the Earth Keeper Cat. Recycle! Earth Keeper related website addresses are: The Cedar Tree Institute: *******www.cedartreeinstitute****/ The Superior Watershed Partnership *******www.superiorwatersheds**** The Lake Superior Interfaith Communication Network: *******www.lakesuperiorinterfaith****/ --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Aug 2007
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Super high speed photography of drag racers pulling away.
26 Sep 2007
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This conductor is pulling away excess chairs, and grabs one that belongs to someone without knowing it. Ouch!
23 Jan 2008
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