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ugly...Guy records himself as he pulls off his entire toenail
6 Oct 2007
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theguitarlesson**** Learning solo guitar techniques will open up a whole new world in your playing. You'll soon be able to play great riffs and licks by practicing the lead guitar techniques I teach you in this guitar lesson. Practice them a lot, and soon they'll become second nature. You'll be able to apply your lead guitar skills to scales, and instantly make up your own solos. After watching this video guitar lesson, you'll - learn how to play hammer-ons - learn how to play pull-offs ...
16 Apr 2009
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Beyoncé was pulled off stage by an over-excited fan while performing in Brazil, but managed to stay on track and eventually keep singing.
16 Sep 2013
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This bungee jumping guy may have almost had a heart attack after his friends pulled off a terrifying prank on him, just before his jump.
14 Jun 2017
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This Emotional Commercial Only Aired Once Before It Was Pulled Off The Air – Watch It Here Even though it’s been over 15 years, most of us can remember September 11th like it was yesterday. It was a time of great sorrow for our country, but also a time of patriotism and unity. Americans from all walks of life came together to show the world that no matter what happens, we are a country that stands together. American brand Budweiser was no exception to this patriotism, airing a commercial so emotional it brought grown men to tears. The patriotic commercial shows Budweiser’s signature Clydesdales making their way through New York City. They pass the Statue of Liberty, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and finally pause in a park overlooking the city’s skyline. The commercial ends on an emotional note, showing the Clydesdales bowing their heads in respect – a tribute to where the Twin Towers once stood. Watch the video below to see the original version – it’s sure to make you feel proud to be an American. What do you think ?
4 Sep 2018
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Mega dank wheelies, stoppies, manuals, epic front wheelies & pulling off insane moves without touching his partner.
6 Jun 2019
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Kid on a bike is pulling off a jump off a ramp but fails and faceplants into the ground. Cries are going to follow soon!
9 Jul 2019
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This gymnast pulls off a rather amazing trick. It can be doubted if someone else can pull off such long air times.
4 Nov 2019
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30 Jul 2007
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An old couple tries to switch lanes on the highway at about 15mph and end up cutting off a speeding biker.
25 Oct 2008
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*******www.Oginski-Law**** Avastin was touted to be the miracle cure for breast cancer patients. It had been proven to choke off the blood supply of the tumor in other types of cancers and had been approved for breast cancer treatment. Avastin happened to be the most popular and best-selling cancer treatment drug for breast cancer. The FDA recently pulled the drug off market because of recent studies that confirmed that the risks far outweighed the benefits. Patients who are on this medication suffered significant side effects and complications. Despite that risk, there are still breast cancer patients who believe that it offers some benefit. Recognizing that possibility, the FDA said that this medication can be prescribed by a doctor “off label.” What that means is that there are significant risks associated with the medication and doctors can still prescribe it for their patients as long as they recognize significant potential for suffering injury. Continuing to take this medication will be an extremely expensive proposition. Your health insurance company will likely no longer pay for this medication that costs almost $100,000 per year. According to news reports, Medicare will continue to make payments for the medication, but it is unclear for how long they will continue to do so. Watch the video to learn more. To learn even more about how negligence and medical malpractice cases work in NY, I urge you to explore my educational website *******www.oginski-law****. If you have legal questions pick up the phone and call me at 516-487-8207, or send me an email: lawmed10yahoo****. I can answer your questions; that's what I do every day and I welcome your call. The Law Office of Gerald Oginski, LLC 25 Great Neck Rd., Suite 4 Great Neck NY 11021 lawmed10yahoo**** 516-487-8207
21 Nov 2011
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This is an artistic way to fool a person in an art class. She actually fell for it in the moment of a hurry.
21 Nov 2018
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