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To create designs in the sarees, first the design is been made in a computer and then that design is punched into thick cards and then this card is loaded into the Jacard in conversion of design to punch card Arni handlooms are well known for the durability of the colours used in the yarn. The mixture of colour gives the durability. Usually Arni handlooms are made in silk.The count used in weaving gives the softness and hardness of the fabric
29 Jul 2011
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Handloom is a simple machine used for weaving in which no power is used. In wooden vertical-shaft looms the heddles were fixed in place in the shaft. The warp threads pass alternately through a heddle and through a space between the heddles (the shed), so that raising the shaft raises half the threads (those passing through the heddles), and lowering the shaft lowers the same threads—the threads passing through the spaces between the heddles remain in place. Handloom weaving is done by interlock-weft mechanism. Handlooms are very much sort after in the textile industry. India has a variety of Handloom products according to the area where it is weaved. This video is pertaining to Handloom weaving in Handloom designs in computer punch cards
17 Sep 2011
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Remembering Steve Jobs. Plus, the Apple iPhone 4S announcement, Samsung Galaxy Nexus full specs are revealed, and Infinity Blade 2 for iOS.
7 Oct 2011
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*******lord-abnev**** brings to mind how Albert Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” To solve a problem you’ve obviously helped to create, you need to start with a new and fresh mind. For example, a woman thinks, “If I can change my job, my life will be better.” Possibly. But life doesn’t usually work that way. That woman is likely doing and thinking the same thoughts as always. Nothing new or fresh gets in. If you want to effect a change, get outside yourself and look at the situation with fresh eyes. See how you might assess your problem using a different mindset. Try these six ways to think with a different mind—and nudge your genius into action: 1. Break patterns. You find yourself walking or driving home only to jolt alert and wonder how you got there. The road is so familiar you followed it automatically. The same thing happens in your mind. Your mind’s neural pathways are like roads connecting bits of information. You learn something by connecting the bits. Then you do it over and over until following that pathway becomes automatic, which enables you to effectively give a speech or swing a golf club. Patterns are rarely easy to break, yet breaking a pattern is a splendid way to find a new solution to a recurring problem. Grocers entice us to overspend by stocking their stores in a pattern designed by shrewd marketing executives. But smart shoppers impose their own buying patterns, purchasing nonperishables first so their frozen foods won’t melt on the way home. Break old thought patterns by trying new ways of doing a familiar task. Go to an unfamiliar coffee shop to brainstorm ideas, and you may discover fresh solutions. 2. Seek new patterns. The concept for today’s computers originated with hole-punch patterns used to weave ornate jacquard fabrics. On the huge early looms, holes punched in a paper pattern allowed hooks to penetrate and grab the thread at assigned positions, creating the intricate weave. Early census takers tweaked this pattern to create hole-punched cards, which recorded details about immigrants entering the United States. Later, IBM expanded this pattern to extraordinary levels. Likewise, I use my nurse’s diagnosing pattern (assessment-diagnosis-intervention-evaluation) to successfully tackle issues in my business. This process of incorporating techniques and patterns from one discipline to creatively solve problems in another can result in ingenious solutions that might otherwise never occur. 3. Change a small action or behavior. Instead of going immediately to your computer when you get to the office, if that’s your habit, stop instead to write out a short list of what you want to accomplish. Then power up. Changing an action, even a small one, will often change your thought process. Shake up your internal genius and discover sensational new possibilities. 4. Challenge your obstacles. Let go of the notion that you don’t have enough time, energy, money or discipline to do what it takes to succeed. Ask yourself frequently, “What beliefs, ideas and activities are obstructing my progress? What must I change to abolish these obstacles?” My biggest obstacle is believing I don’t have enough time. When I challenge that thought I magically make more things happen. 5. Become your own other voice. Law school taught me to think of both sides of a problem, like boxers who anticipate an opponent’s every punch. The more you anticipate opposing ideas and their impact, the better you can strategize for success and avoid tactical blows. Successful attorneys spend as much time in the mind of their opponent as they do in their own. Whether it’s a career issue or a personal problem you’re resolving, practice being your own other voice. 6. Question every assumption. Another Einstein quote I like is, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Being the most computer-illiterate person in my office, I have no preconceived notions about what software can and cannot do. I think with an entirely different mind than our techs. Many times I ask them to make the software perform a certain way. After they tell me all their preconceived assumptions for why it can’t, I shrug and tell them to do it anyway. Two days later the software is usually working exactly as I envisioned. A questioning mind is more likely to get answers. Beginning today, think about which mind you have working before you tackle a challenge. Your problems won’t disappear, and you may not find a solution instantly, but by keeping the possibilities in play, you allow your brain to easily hit upon a solution later. I’ve had to slip out of my yoga class to jot down ideas because I’ve had “Eureka!” moments in the middle of a pose. You may never think like Albert Einstein, but new patterns, new thinking and new behaviors will nudge the genius within you.
19 Jan 2010
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ARNI is located in the district of Thiruvannamalai in the state of Tamilnadu which is one of the most important Silk centers in Chennai. Arni, the city of silk fabrics is accessible from Vellore also. The main occupation of the people of Arni is in the field of Agriculture, Weaving, Growing Honey-bees and Poultry Farms. Arni is popular for its silk-weaving community.The town is also well known for its Paddy and Rice Business. To create designs in the sarees, first the design is been made in a computer and then that design is punched into thick cards and then this card is loaded into the Jacard in the loom, so that according to the designs and the holes in the card, the needles will pull and put the threads which will create designs in the saree while weaving. Jacard is a box like structure at the top of the loom which contains needles which will read the punch card of designs. The weavers are into this profession traditionally. None of the weavers are trained but they have acquired this unique skill hereditarily from their ancestors. The art of weaving is passed on by way of vision and practice. There are no theoretical explanations or training for weaving. For more Details and information please log onto *******www.unnatisilks****/weaversworld.aspx
5 May 2011
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*******www****buysell****/listings/Profile/?q=670226&l_ibwlp=1 Business Description Located in one of Fort Worth's strip mall. Full topping bar. Very Simple to run, currently 4 employees. $109k worth of equipment included with sale Very colorful, cheerful ambient, modern look and design, clean appearance Yogurt sells for 47 cents per ounce, average ticket is between $6.49 to $6.99 Store is open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 10pm and closed on Sundays. Current marketing plan includes punch card royalty, monthly draws, advertizement in school and donations. Monthly rent is $3,299 for 1275 sq ft. Client front space is 675 sq ft Lease is a 7 year term with an option of 5 years. There are some great stores around to attract customers. Aldelo POS system included Perfect for owner operator.Franchise look without the cost of the buildout & no royalties.Plenty of parking available. Small Seller financing may be available.
31 Mar 2012
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