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DICOM workstation - "We provide excellent DICOM Viewer and PACS Viewer for change image file. Find software for DICOM QA Station and DICOM To CD with affordable solutions from www.dicomworkstation****.
28 Feb 2009
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This is a test video with Kantar QA Long description
3 Mar 2011
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Right from the inception of a project to requirements gathering to Functional testing to deployment, every phase of your product QA lifecycle is defined, along with the relevant informational artifacts (test plans, test cases, test results, and product quality metrics, among others) that are produced.
19 Jun 2018
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Check out this video to know how Cigniti Test Advisory & Transformation Services can help CIO and QA leaders to transform their QA Organization to be market relevant.
23 Jul 2018
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QA supplies scope for both dedicated overall performance teams that conduct tests when an item is stable. The team will be well aware about new versions and functions that they are able to measure the operation hazards. If the programmers present a brand new feature which doesn't have any effect in overall performance, software qa services are all adequate.
6 Aug 2018
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Since the software quality assurance landscape is rapidly changing and confronting significant modifications, QA and testing professionals are increasingly confronting new challenges related to improved comprehension, handling, and embracing different sorts of QA testing. Growing usage of agile testing has compelled associations to adjust their creation and QA plans to fulfil their customers' desires.
7 Aug 2018
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Testing techniques are divided into 2 groups, and such types specify what applications are most ideal for your test. In applications, medicine, mechanical engineering, and forensics “on-destructive" testing is advised, which preserves the integrity of this sample immediately after testing. You can also hire best Software Qa Services via various online resources.
10 Aug 2018
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An independent software QA services companies offer a complete range of quality assurance and testing services. These providers give a comprehensive roadmap for developers regarding the tools and processes to be utilized for testing and quality assurance, making it accessible for the Dev team to track the defects and make necessary updates.
17 Aug 2018
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We specialize in BA Training and QA Training with the primary focus on getting you a job! First and foremost, we job train. Not only do we cover the theoretical aspects, we help prepare you for interviews and provide job support even after you are hired. That’s our guarantee.
21 Sep 2018
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This TCoE testing trend is a departure from the past when business process testing and software quality assurance were supervised on a "coincidental" project premise – or in no way. Nowadays business condition, one of the greatest difficulties for organizations is contracting spending plans and extended cost pressures. Projects groups are depended upon to convey superb IT solution with negligible attempts and less time, with fewer resources to give an early rate of gainfulness and more unassuming time to promote. These troubles are putting unprecedented pressure on QA roles and responsibilities in software testing. With time common QA process has ended up being ineffective to handle and resolve these complexities, so organizations are right now working on making independent Testing Center of Excellence.
9 Oct 2018
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The continuing era of mobilization and business digitalization brings the new software development technologies in Healthcare Digital Apps require the latest trends in automation testing, so in this video, you will get familiar with top 5 emerging QA trends assisting the healthcare digital applications. In order to take benefits of the most software testing trends in healthcare apps, an association needs to address various issues. These incorporate, mobile healthcare strategy, security requirements, digital data management, and government regulations.
18 Feb 2019
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This video is a complete overview of how to build a good QA process in agile environment. Agile software development developed as a practice to set up an approach that encourages adaptability, speed, and collaborative effort. With Agile testing, solutions advance with a comprehensive approach and with cross-functional collaborations.
14 May 2019
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