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snopes****: Quixtar a scam? Think again.. All the wealthiest people in the world have created networks. What is quixtar? It's a virtual domain, you can't be in it, it's just a tool that people use. Like a cell phone; you can throw it at someone or you can call someone. Quixtar is used by many educational programs and has models that people try to capitalize with it (marketing, sales & assets). Some of the most successful are built upon the asset model. Why? They teach people how to run an actual business and duplicate. The power? You can create a network of prosumers. This is key! Everyone in the world is a consumer, not many are profit-sharing consumers (aka prosumers). Since the rise of the first PC in 1981 and the rise of the internet in the 90's, people are realizing that they can buy things online and cut out middlemen in the process. The result? People that have the ambition are creating massive amounts of wealth by educating others how to make money as well. Need proof? Come check out the students at UW-Madison and you'll be amazed at how many students make just as much money part time as you do working full time. The problem today? Most people are too busy making 40k a year to make 100k. Anyone can make money, but do you make a difference?
9 Feb 2009
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