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Oracle aka Mighty Mouse, has done it again. After his consultation videos exposed his scam, he blamed it on hackers and abandoned his discord and wolf pack, but not before going an a maniacal racist tirade.
2 Aug 2019
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Oracle aka Mighty Mouse, has done it again. After his consultation videos exposed his scam, he blamed it on hackers and abandoned his discord and wolf pack, but not before going an a maniacal racist tirade.
2 Aug 2019
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*******www.saintbirgitta**** racist kid brainwashed by crazy extremist islamists koran muhammed faith danger horror child jews arab east
29 Aug 2007
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*******www.saintbirgitta**** racist mickey mouse brainwash palestinian kids in tv exposed muslim islam muhammed propaganda false prophet devil demon pedophile
29 Aug 2007
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IS TRINITY A RACIST AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH OR A "WARM AND ACCEPTING" CHURCH COMMUNITY WHERE ALL RACES ARE "ENTHUSIASTICALLY WELCOMED" Congregants Said Trinity Was "A Warm and Accepting Community." The New York Times reported, "On blogs and cable news shows, conservative critics have called it separatist and antiwhite. Congregants respond by saying critics are misreading the church's tenets, that it is a warm and accepting community and is not hostile to whites." [New York Times, 4/30/07] Religion Historian: At Trinity, "My Wife And I On Occasion Attend, And, Like All Other Non-Blacks, Are Enthusiastically Welcomed." University of Chicago's Martin Marty, a historian of modern Christianity. wrote, "Trinity is the largest congregation in the whole United Church of Christ, the ex-Congregational (think Jonathan Edwards) and Reformed (think Reinhold Niebuhr) mainline church body. Trinity's rubric is "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian." So far as I can tell Trinity shapes a kind of ellipse around these two "centers," neither of which makes sense without the other. This you would never know from the slanders of its enemies or the incomprehension and naiveté of some reporters who lack background in the civil rights and African-American movements of several decades ago — a background out of which Trinity's stirrings first rose and on which it transformatively trades...More important, for Trinity, being 'unashamedly black' does not mean being 'anti-white. My wife and I on occasion attend, and, like all other non-blacks, are enthusiastically welcomed." [Martin Marty, 4/2/07] Keywords: Barack Obama, Racist, Black, African American, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Religion, Christian, Faith, Race, Africa TRINITY TENETS ARE "TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM SCRIPTURE" AND EMPHASIZE "COMMITMENT" TO GOD, COMMUNITY, FAMILY, WORK, SELF-DISCIPLINE AND SELF-RESPECT Obama Says Black Values System Must Be Understood as a Whole. "Obama said it was important to understand the document as a whole rather than highlight individual tenets. 'Commitment to God, black community, commitment to the black family, the black work ethic, self-discipline and self-respect,' he said. 'Those are values that the conservative movement in particular has suggested are necessary for black advancement...So I would be puzzled that they would object or quibble with the bulk of a document that basically espouses profoundly conservative values of self-reliance and self-help.'" [Chicago Tribune, 2/6/07] Obama Says Argument Against "Middleclassness" Taken Directly From Scripture. "In his published memoirs, Obama said even he was stopped by Trinity's tenet to disavow "middleclassness" when he first read it two decades ago in a church pamphlet. The brochure implored upwardly mobile church members not to distance themselves from less fortunate Trinity worshipers. 'As I read it, at least, it was a very simple argument taken directly from Scripture: 'To whom much is given much is required,'' Obama said. [Chicago Tribune, 2/6/07]
28 Jan 2008
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Marcos Baghdatis, Criminally Racist VITRIOL, HFC Hellas Fans
29 Jan 2008
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VIDEO RESPONSES WELCOMED AND ADDED AUTOMATICALLY. Don't interrupt the political opposition while they are making mistakes! Obama throws his 'racist' grandmother under the bus again! Obama has clearly shown himself to not be the 'Uniter' that he campaigned as. He shows his true stripes here and the reason why we shouldn't elect him. He has now officially been marginalized. So much for Obama H. Christ. BTW, My analysis at the end keeps it simple, so I am not debating that. You are free to form your own opinion on Obama's comments! This video obtained the following awards on March 22nd, 2008: #45 - Most Discussed (Today) #4 - Most Discussed (Today) - News & Politics #94 - Most Responded (Today) #44 - Most Viewed (Today) - News & Politics #46 - Top Favorites (Today) - News & Politics #28 - Top Rated (Today) - News & Politics
26 Jun 2008
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Jagex racist they name the cleaner sanchez
22 Dec 2010
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FF-CC cosplay Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
3 Jun 2008
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** Amy Winehouse chats to photographers outside her London home. She apologises for a video of her singing a racist song (which can be viewed here - *******www.mrpaparazzi******/post/2954/Update-Amy-Winehouse-The-Racist-Video.aspx) She also says that Blake is her James Bond and reveals the name of her new album.
9 Jun 2008
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Paramore eBay scandal involving ex-step dad. Meg White joining Raconteurs??? Amy Winehouse a drug addict AND racist??? NIN gives away music. Roxwel gives away Lollapalooza tickets! NEWS!
17 Jun 2008
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Racist Barack Obama kicks his white grandmother to the curb in trying to justify his spending over 20 years in an anti-white,racist church, Trinity United Church of Christ. His 20 year anti-white racist pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright & Michael Pfleger
16 Apr 2009
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