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NeuroTherm announced today that they have acquired the Smith & Nephew PLC (NYSE: SNN; LSE: SN) Interventional Spine Pain Management assets from Smith & Nephew's subsidiaries. The acquired product line includes several innovative interventional spine pain products including the CDS Discography System, SPINECATH™ & ACUTHERM™ Catheters and a full radiofrequency product line. NeuroTherm will also be a distributor of the TRUCATH™ Injection System within the Interventional Spine Pain market.
8 Apr 2010
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Radiofrequency ablation is a procedure used to treat Barretts esophagus. In a 45-minute procedure a balloon and a catheter with ablation electrodes are passed into the esophagus through an endoscope. Then in a very quick burst of radiofrequency energy, the lining of the esophagus is quickly treated. The patient typically requires 3-4 of these treatments over time. The outcomes are quite effective. For more information, call: 1-800-MD-SINAI.
13 Apr 2010
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19 Apr 2010
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Radiofrequency electromagnetic leakage fields from plastic welding machines. Measurements and reducing measures. Eriksson A, Mild KH. Abstract Operators of unshielded plastic welding machines are often exposed to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic leakage fields that substantially exceed all present occupational standards. Measurements show that the Swedish ceiling values (SE = SH = 250 W/m2) in many cases are exceeded at distances up to 1 meter from the electrode. To reduce the stray fields to an acceptable level at the location of the operator, RF field suppression devices should be fitted to the machine. We have studied the strength and the extent of the RF leakage field under various operating conditions and also investigated different methods for reducing the leakage field. The following measurements have been performed: E- and H-field strengths as a function of distance from the electrode, and as a function of load/tuning; the time dependence of [E]2 for various combinations of tuning and welding times producing a welding seam with the same strength; isopower density curves for SE and SH = 250 W/m2 with different types of RF emission control devices fitted to the machine; the RF voltage between the electrode and the welding table and the RF voltage on the machine casing. By decreasing the RF power and increasing the welding time the field strengths at the location of the operator can be reduced to levels below the ceiling values. The RF voltage between the electrode and the welding table ranged from 800 V up to 2100 V for the different plastic material that was welded. The RF voltage on certain parts on the chassis could be as high as 200 V. In order to reduce these voltages and the stray fields the machine should be equipped with a "large capacitive shield" in cases where this is possible. TAG AND KEYWORDS City of Abbotsford * Village of Anmore Village of Belcarra Bowen Island Municipality City of Burnaby City of Coquitlam Corporation of Delta City of Langley Township of Langley Village of Lions Bay District of Maple Ridge City of New Westminster City of North Vancouver District of North Vancouver City of Pitt Meadows City of Port Coquitlam City of Port Moody City of Richmond City of Surrey Tsawwassen City of Vancouver District of West Vancouver City of White Rock
17 May 2011
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Dr. Amita showcases how Microneedling Radiofrequency treatment works wonders on acne scars, pits, pores, stretch marks, and other skin scars. In Micro-needling technique, certain degrees of thermal energy is used, which regenerates new collagen within the dermis layer of skin giving it a smoother texture and facial-like glow.
22 Oct 2018
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22 May 2013
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22 May 2013
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14 Jun 2013
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17 Jun 2013
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22 Jun 2013
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1 Jul 2013
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Andrew D. Blaufox, MD Pediatric Electrophysiology Schneider Children's Hospital . Associate Professor Clinical Pediatrics Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Residency: Mount Sinai School of Medicine . Fellowship: Mount Sinai School of Medicine & Medical University of South Carolina
22 Nov 2008
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21 May 2013
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18 Jun 2013
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*******www.emfnews****/store/ The cell-phone industry has continually insisted there is no proven link between cell phones and health problems. But patents for protective devices to reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by the brain suggest that Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola believe otherwise. The big three have come up against multimillion-dollar legal actions by people claiming their health has been damaged. The $100 billion a year mobile phone industry asserts that there is no conclusive evidence of harmful effects as a result of electromagnetic radiation. The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association hired Dr. George Carlo to head up a $28 million research program into possible health effects from cellular phones. The research showed an increased rate of brain cancer deaths, development of tumors, and genetic damage among heavy cell phone users. Dr. Carlo has since broken with the cell phone industry to become a vocal critic, and coauthored a book called Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation researcher at the University of Washington, in Seattle, Dr. Henry Lai, showed microwave radiation from mobiles caused genetic damage similar to that found in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's sufferers. To quote Dr. Lai, “It is difficult to deny that RFR at low intensity can affect the nervous system.” Dr. Lai submitted his research to the Stewart committee showing that radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RFR) can penetrate into organic tissues and be absorbed and converted into heat. The microwave oven is a familiar use of RFR. Another scientist, Dr. Hyland, who is based in the physics department at Warwick University and at the International Institute of Biophysics, in Neuss-Holzheim, Germany says that the body is an electro-chemical instrument with exquisite sensitivity and the kind of radiation emitted from mobile phones has an impact on the stability of cells in the body. *******emfnews****/Lifewave-Cellphone-Matrix-Shield-Test.html
8 Aug 2012
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Electromagnetic radiation danger bluetooth emf emissions mobile phone cell phones and cancer wireless devices electrohypersensitivity cordless phones safe. Cell phone radiation shield wireless phone radiation cordless phones brain tumors radiation effects electropollution cell phone cancer electromagnetic. Emf radiation effects dect cordless phones cell phone radiation protection products wireless device biopro emf protection qlink bracelet cell tower radiation. Cell phone radiation reduction health risks of cell phone towers power lines reducing cell phone radiation cordless phones radiation radiation cell phones. Emr exposure cell phone tower health risks cell tower location lowest radiation cell phones cell phone antennas cell towers cell tower locator cell phone. Radiofrequency health risks of cell phone towers radiation cellphone dangers microwave transmitter cell phone danger cordless phones harmful wireless device. Cell phone tower health risks cell tower land cell phone brain cancer cordless phones brain tumors electrical radiation protection cell phone dangers ehs. Cell tower radiation mobile phone radiation emf protection electrohypersensitivity safer headset technology electromagnetic radiation cordless phones danger.
5 May 2013
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