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Tommy Mitchell, owner of Rocky Top Log Furniture and Railing, works on a custom log bedroom set for display in their Dollywood store in Pigeon Forge, TN. With less than 2 weeks before the set has to be complete, the rush is on to have it finished in time. View more at *******www.rockytoplogfurniture**** and *******www.logheads****
18 Aug 2011
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Rocky Top (*******www.rockytoplogfurniture****) is America's largest log furniture and log railing manufacturer. View this cool video with some insights into our company, it's people and the furniture and railing we love to make.
18 Aug 2011
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La piscine intérieure ou extérieure ? Pool Cover est une société belge qui vous offre les deux solutions en un seul concept ! Profitez de votre piscine et défiez les conditions climatiques. Une couverture de piscine protège votre piscine des impuretés diverses et en réduit l'entretien. Votre terrasse s’en retrouvera libérée sans aucun rail au sol. Il laisse votre espace libre de toute entrave. La sécurité grâce à différents équipements de systèmes d'accès, tous plus pratiques et plus sûrs les uns que les autres. Fabricant d'abris de piscine téléscopiques depuis 1990, Pool Cover vous garantit un produit de qualité répondant à vos besoins spécifiques, un service conforme aux normes les plus exigeantes en la matière (avant, pendant et..., après) ainsi que le juste prix correspondant à votre projet. *******
30 Aug 2011
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*******www.ttrworldtour**** Snowboarding is now bigger than ever, firmly established in mainstream culture. Snowboarders have become household names and and popularity of snowboarding has surpassed the more traditional winter sports. Most mainstream attention has, up until now, been focused only on a small part of snowboarding – the Halfpipe – leaving out Slopestyle, which is often more accessible to the general snowboarder population. With Slopestyle’s inclusion in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics the format is receiving more attention than ever before, so lets take a look at what slopestyle really is, where it came from and what it takes to succeed. Slopestyle has evolved into a unique format where riders compete to get the highest score over a range of obstacles. This usually includes a range of jumps, rails and boxes. Courses are unique to each event. From slopestyles humble roots, a new breed of snowboarding athletes has risen - through intensive training, riders have learned what it takes to become successful at this ever changing format. With over 300 organized TTR Slopestyle events worldwide, a dedicated Slopestyle ranking and the inclusion in 2014 Winter Olympics, Slopestyle riders are finally set to get the recognition they deserve on a world stage.
24 Nov 2011
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An Importian elimaten of the british rail safety policey is the Fitting of train DATA recorders to locomotives, HST's, and Multiple units.
21 Dec 2011
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British Rail, Network South East , Regional Training School , Waterloo Traction training Stage II Basic Electricity
23 Dec 2011
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Ken Slingerland metal fabrications can build anything out of metal, specialising in using stainless steel. The metalwork items which we produce are things like metal gates, railings and staircases. In addition to building things to order, we offer full on site welding for structural steel. We work in the following areas: Ruislip Harrow London Kensington Chelsea Fulham Wembley Hampstead Bushey Take a look at our website for more information on our services: *******www.kenslingerlandservices******/
23 Jan 2012
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Website: *******MrEnergyCzar**** Is water transport the best transport method post Peak Oil? Facebook: *******www.facebook****/MrEnergyCzar.PeakOil Twitter: ********Twitter****/MrEnergyCzar Video Water Transport Rail Truck Horse World oil supply high embargo demand solar how to alternative fuels global warming Peak Oil crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline reserves strategic reserve prices unemployment fuel finance resource wars middle east war military kunstler heinberg martenson simmons save money powerdown howto Vlog preparing for peak oil solar heating array inverter homestead survival supplies sustainable living permaculture crops tips ideas tools protect family cut Saudi Arabia Libya Iran Yemen Nigeria Syria Iraq tar sands Chavez high gas prices bakken shale ethanol electric DIY Betterplace Russia clean green economy IEA EIA
25 Mar 2012
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*******www.doskosport****/ Give Sight Bracket/BLk a shot; this is Trijicon sight bracket that comes in a professional black finish. This sight bracket is made from aircraft grade aluminum “L” shaped bracket that attaches to an AccuDial mount. Sight Bracket/BLk is tough and will withstand the shock after you fired your prized bow; this sight bracket is ideal for any Dovetail bow sight and rail adapter (BW23-BL) fits to brackets.
11 Apr 2012
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Treppenwerk is a Calgary, Alberta owned and operated business, we service clients around the globe! whether you need a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit, or would like us to custom design your Staircases - we can meet the specific needs and visions of what you have in mind. We have an extensive inventory of stair and railing parts and our state of the art facility allows us to manufacture custom parts in iron or any species of wood, and in many different custom specification. 31, Cortina way SW Calgary Alberta (403)710 3123 T3H 0B6 *******, Cortina way SW Calgary Alberta (403)710 3123 T3H 0B6 *******
6 Jun 2012
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The House of the Dead 4 review. Classic Game Room reviews THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 for PlayStation 3 from Sega. Break out your PS Move and prepare to shoot zombies in this familiar, fun entry in The House of the Dead arcade shooter on rails series. CGR House of the Dead 4 video review features The House of the Dead 4 gameplay recorded from PS3 using the PlayStation Move controller to act as the old school light gun in the shooter on rails which was originally released in 2006 to the arcades. Blast zombies, unlock the House of the Dead SP mode, play as G, waste more zombies and dual wield for that extra mayhem. The House of the Dead 4 is a solid, fun, on rails shooter than fans of the series should enjoy.... sadly it does not have a Sega Dreamcast release.
24 Jun 2012
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Area 51 review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Classic Game Room reviews AREA 51 for Sega Saturn from Midway, the awesome, cheesy light gun shooter on rails video game released to the arcades in 1995. CGR Area 51 video review features Sega Saturn shooter gameplay recorded with Sega Saturn, Area 51, Sega Stunner and old school CGR television.
28 Jun 2012
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*******www.nikiglasstudio**** Niki Design & Glass Studio creates customized pieces that will enhance your walls, rooms, counters and floors based on the client's choice of colour, texture, thickness, size and design. We create original custom designed doors, stained glass windows, shower enclosures, frameless glass railings, glass sinks and much more. Beauty, simplicity, elegance and function for your home or business are essential components for Niki Glass Studio.
5 Jul 2012
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The House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut review. Classic Game Room reviews THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD OVERKILL EXTENDED CUT for PlayStation 3 from Sega. Shoot some mutants! Use the Playstation Move controller to aim and waste hordes of baddies in this hilarious shooter on rails for PlayStation 3 PS3. CGR The House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut video review features House of the Dead PS3 gameplay recorded from Sega's Playstation 3 release, The House of the Dead Overkill. PS Move support works well (as well as the Wii version did) and provides accurate controls and fast aiming for this awesome, hilarious shooter on rails.
8 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews SPACE HARRIER for Sega Saturn, the Japanese release in the gold packaging which looks fresh-tastic. It's time to wreck the Fantasy Zone in your fancy pants by shooting aliens in this awesome, classic shooter on-rails from Sega. This CGR review has video game gameplay from the Sega Saturn version of Space Harrier from Sega which runs fast and smooth on the amazing Sega Saturn.
17 Jul 2012
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Die you stupid dinosaurs, die! Make these overgrown lizards extinct for the 2nd time in DINO STRIKE! Classic Game Room reviews DINO STRIKE for Nintendo Wii, a light gun style shooter on rails where you waste dinosaurs in 15 minutes than asteroids do all millenium. Played with the Wii Zapper, Dino Strike is a shooter-on-rails arcade style gun game with a fun, cheesy style and challenging gameplay. 1-4 players can blast dinos together, or one player can dual wield two guns for double the slaughter. Weapons include a pistol, shotgun, machine gun and explosive crossbow. It's like Land of the Lost meets House of the Dead and Dino Strike delivers the arcade style gunning action. This CGR review of Dino Strike has Dino Strike gameplay on Nintendo Wii published by Zoo.
17 Jul 2012
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