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WeedRazer and WeedRaker are the best tools available in the market to cut and remove your lake and pond weeds. The WeedRazer is the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly lake weed cutting tool. The WeedRazer is V shaped with razor sharp blades which can shear and slice water weeds like lily pads, milfoil, and hydrilla with ease. The WeedRazer can also cut cattails. Weighing less than 8 pounds, and is light enough to toss 30 feet or more, yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom of lake and pond. The WeedRazer slices the lake and pond weeds at their base, with little resistance, unlike tools that drag and tear the water weeds. The Weed Razer clears a path of 4 feet wide with each throw. Using the Weed Razer is a simple 4-step process: 1.Give it a toss 2.Let it sink 3.Retrieve with a short, jerking actions 4.Repeat The WeedRaker is a light weight lake rake designed specifically to remove floating lake and pond weeds. The WeedRaker is the perfect match to the WeedRazer, it quickly and easily removes cut water weeds from the water’s surface, which reduces weed re-growth! The Weed Raker is the longest and widest aquatic lake rake available in the market. The Weed Raker also does a great job removing roots plus organic matter at the bottom of your ponds or lakes that fuel weed re-growth! The Weed Raker has a four section handle that snaps together giving you up to 11' feet of reach. It features a 37" inch head and 8", high strength composite tines. Weighing less than 7 lbs., the Weed Raker is also designed to be tossed into the water with a simple underhand motion and retrieved via 43' of nylon rope
19 May 2009
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11 Oct 2009
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www.weedrazers**** Weedrazer clears a path 4 feet in a 1 toss. Razor cuts the lake weed and pond weed at the base. WeedRaker is the longest, widest & deepest lake rake in the industry. WeedRazer can cut Hydrilla, Milfoil, and even cattails with ease.
27 Oct 2009
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we are Dead Reputation... *******adeadreputation.tumblr**** Produced by: Delirious ********soundcloud****/delirious-ente... deliriousbeats Nasty Nexus ********soundcloud****/nastynexus ********www.facebook****/nexus714 nastynexus Directed, Filmed, and Edited by: Zach "Rake..." Rabago Shot by: Dom Chavez and Andrew "McChillin" McMillan K.P Development & Promotion *******
3 Apr 2013
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How to rake, blow and bag leaves, it can be back breaking work and very time consuming. For many years and even today many people still use a tarp to move those piles of leaves. But when you think about the time spent transporting the filled tarp to empty it and the time spent moving the same leaves over and over to make the large piles, it's just way too much work. We should be making several smaller piles that fit into a 50 gallon bag. Rake the leaves creating a circle while pulling the leaves toward you. Make all the piles then bag all the leaves. Bring all the bags to the final destination and you’re done. You just cut your time and labor in half! Now if need to in-bag the leaves in back of a truck, curbside or the woods just grab the bottom of the bag and turn it upside down and the leaves will easily fall out. In this video, a 50 gallon bag was filled in under 30 seconds.
15 Jul 2017
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Here is my first tutorial how to open a lock without key! The lock i'm going to open is a Master lock nr 130! The tools I use is a tension wrench and a finger!
21 Jan 2007
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Happiness lays just outside the orphanage fences?
22 Mar 2007
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see how i open a simple lock using a tension wrench and a so called finger.
22 Feb 2007
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Bam Margera and Jackass crew invade April's kitchen
13 Dec 2007
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FORE! Johnny Knoxville sets a tee up on Bam's crotch. For more info go to jackassworld****.
13 Dec 2007
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Steve-O drinks beer off of the longest fingernails. It’s Miller time. For more info go to jackassworld****.
13 Dec 2007
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Snake charmers memorize a Cobra on a fellow Jackass member. For more info go to jackassworld****.
13 Dec 2007
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Preston Lacey (the beast) holds Beauty (Wee Man) hostage on top of a Port-A-Potty while the Jackass crew attempts to attack him with remote control airplanes. For more info go to jackassworld****.
14 Dec 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - A 14 year old community member sent in this top five list. He'll go a long way, with a determination and work ethic this strong already. Hopefully, his tips will help the rest of you who are looking for ways to make money, but are too young still for "traditional" jobs.
7 Mar 2008
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James talks about music, architecture & fashion. *******beathrasher****
11 Apr 2008
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*******www.ilovedrseuss**** This is my second video ever doing Dr Seuss book reviews. Let me know in the comments section what you think! I'll be doing a new book at least twice per week. Check back often to see what I've got!
10 Oct 2008
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