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About Bed Life
Rap Español del artista rapero conocido como "KALIZMATIKO" extrae de su disco conocido como "En el bar de mi memoria" "Un brindis por la crisis".
23 Mar 2017
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yo man this is kid cook im a new artist out of florida just got into the rapping game bout three months ago and im trying to make a change to the game- i belive that i have a unique voice and talent and i dont sound likr many of todays rappers- i like rapping about life and what goes on it it also rapping about my struggles- acourse i get off topic every once in a while i dont really care about the money i just want to be heard and known for my talent you can check my out on youtube at cook613--for right now im kinda pausing on my career i got into some trouble tht i have to deal with so im not really able to go to the studio, but ive already written my first mixtape im just wainting for me to be able to go to the studio- from the songs ive posted thus far my talent has greatly gotten better im more lyrical now and i dont use the "n" word anymore in my i said im new at this but i have so much passion in my life i want others to be able to know that there not the only ones that have gone through tough time...lifes a bitch but in the end we still get through-kid cook
19 Dec 2011
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