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Step aside Lil Wayne, T.I., and Soulja Boy, Barack Obama and John McCain are getting into some gangsta S***. One will win the election, but which one will win the rap battle? Who will put on for their party best, the Democrats or Republicans? Obama or McCain? The winner will be decided by you, the viewer, so support your candidate now! The premiere is coming soon.
3 Nov 2008
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A white boy rap battles a chollo.. Beat: *******royaltyfreeinstrumentals****/ Thank you, have a nice day :)
6 Aug 2009
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This is a satirical translation of a freestyle rap battle. Ben Ryan Freestyle Rap Battle Fight Artie Shaw Translated Translation Hydrogen Boost Satire Satirical Fake Funny Comedy Humor Translate Hip Hop Rapper Math Dose LOL ROTFL Brawl Punch
22 Dec 2009
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Ben dempsey vs georgie wolferstan howick college rap battle
6 Mar 2010
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Kids Rap battle gone wrong! Kids Rap battle gone wrong! WOW DID THIS NIGGA JUST TALK ABOUT YOUR MOTHER LOL :P The best kid freestyle raper...Even better then lil wayne!
28 Nov 2010
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Intense rap battle between the best around. who won? you be the judge!
25 Apr 2011
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Download this song: ******* Click to tweet this vid-ee-oh! *******clicktotweet****/d0UB1 Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History. Cast Nice Peter: ***********/nicepeterToo EpicLLOYD: 
***********/epiclloyd Epic Wolf: *******youtube****/GreenScreenAnimals and starring KassemG, as KassemG. ***********/KassemG
 Written by: Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins, Greg Owen with special dis lines by Aaron Krebs and Derrick "Baby Astronaut" DeMaio Beat Produced by Allrounda Productions *******youtube****/allroundacinema *******www.allrounda**** *******www.soundclick****/heatupbeats Audio mixed by: Rafael Serrano 

Directed by Dave McCary:
Assistant Director: Patrick McIntyre
 Edited by Sean Barrett and Nice Peter:
*******youtube****/seanbarrett Behind the Scenes edited by: Marc Chester
 Director of Photography: Jon Na
 *******youtube****/jonnamean Art and Costumes by: Mary Gutfleisch *******youtube****/marydoodles Assistant Art Director: Natalia Fedner Makeup and Hair: Ceciley Jenkins *******youtube****/Ceciley Produced by Mickey Meyer for Maker Studios, Venice, CA.
 Production Coordinator: Atul Singh Production Assistants: Chris Miller & Jose Mendoza Okay, I think that's everybody. and you. see you soon, - nice peter
19 Nov 2011
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**PLEASE Click 'LIKE' & Add To Favourites If You Enjoyed This Video!!! Make sure to check out the KOTD website at - *******www.kingofthedot****/ World Domination 3 tickets on sale soon - *******www.kotdstore****/ Canibus VS Dizaster, went down on June 9th and will be known as the biggest rap battle of the modern era. This was a clash between two very respected and feared artists on a stage where a star's presence and ability to rap with conviction will prove that these are the best of the best in an arena fit for only the most resilient and unique rappers. Canibus, known best for his gutsy shots at L.L. Cool J and other famous artists will attempt to dethrone the current battle rap juggernaut, Dizaster. There are few battlers that can show up in any venue and lock it down, gaining fans and haters at every event. You're about to witness Hip Hop history, classic footage of 2 of the top spitters the world has to offer. Written by: Zachery A Schick Hosted By: Organik, Gully TK, Christian 818, Lush One, DJ Skee and Poison Pen Sponsors: *******www.kingofthedot**** ******* *******www.skeetv****/ WORLD DOMINATION 3: GLOBAL SUPREMECY - AUGUST 10TH, 11TH AND 12TH, 2012 DON'T MISS OUT ON THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL RAP BATTLING EVENT IN THE WORLD FOLLOW THE KOTD TEAM ON TWITTER: OrganikHipHop RexKOTD GullyTK RyanPVPKOTD ScottJacksonBB SketchMenace ddubbkotd LushOne Christian818_ Malathion01 AvocadoIsGod KingFlyKOTD NorthANomix JayHommy ReverenceNS max_grootenboer jesblaze_416 MsLauraTarsi Ustream commercial beat by Muneshine THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
30 Jun 2012
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The rap was going in a fluent metal hard-core way buy suddenly the other guy may be the teacher ruined it in the middle of the rap battle.
1 Feb 2018
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7 Nov 2006
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words are mightier than fist in this bloody battle
11 Aug 2007
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ginger kid and little chav trying to rip it out of each others mums.. and kinda failing i think.
25 Mar 2008
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